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Creative Machine Embroidery Fall 2020

Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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a note from the editor

Dear Readers, I’m a summer girl at heart, but nevertheless there’s something so delightful about fall — the cool, crisp weather, the colors of the turning trees and, of course, Halloween (the sewing holiday!). I freely admit that all the traditional fall motifs speak to me in a big way, so I’m always super excited to share with you all the projects in the fall issue. The 2020 issue doesn’t disappoint. Fall is a great time to start playing around with fun textures… like faux fur, for example. It’s tricky to embroider on, but when done right, the effect is spectacular. Learn all the tricks from expert Katrina Walker on page 32, along with instructions for making a foxy faux-fur pillow that’s somehow cute and elegant at the same time. There are few…

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tips & tricks

FLUFFY CLEAN-UP Cut leftover batting into 3” or 4” pieces and use them to easily clean lint and threads from cutting mats. Voni, email TULLE TIME Use matching tulle as a topper when embroidering towels. It allows you to view the design as it stitches out and it tears away easily. Irene, Facebook POLY AWESOME Always use polyester thread when embroidering heavy-use items, such as bath towels. It’s more resistant to bleach for future laundering. Carol M., email WALK THE LINE When hooping a project larger than the hoop, use a cutting mat to keep everything straight. Utilize the mat lines to align your project and the hoop. No more angled pieces. Wendy W., email SANITIZER SURPRISE Clean up spray adhesive residue using hand sanitizer gel. It quickly softens the glue and wipes off in a flash. Carol E., email Send your sewing and embroidery…

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must haves

1. If you are looking for the perfect complementary thread combination for your embroidery design, this Foolproof Color Wheel Set will help you pick a pleasing palette every time! Create total tonal harmony not only in your embroidery designs but also in your fabric and outfit selections — just spin to find hundreds of color combinations that work together effortlessly. ($19.95; ctpub.com) 2. Have a favorite little embroidery that you want to see every day? This Rectangular Jewelry Box fits a 6" x 2.75" piece of fabric so that every time you reach for that special piece of jewelry, you see a little something personal too. You can embroider a name, a motif or anything else, and it’s available in a wide range of colors to coordinate with whatever you choose. It…

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needle book

MATERIALS Materials listed are enough to make one 23/4”x3”x3/8” needle book + 4”x7” rectangle each of low-volume quilting cotton, coordinating quilting cotton & batting + Two 21/2”x5” rectangles of felt + Stabilizer: mediumweight tear-away & fabric-like water-soluble + Embroidery or masking tape + Two 8” lengths of 1/4”-1/4” ribbon + Thread: bobbin & embroidery + Chopstick or point turner + Hand-sewing needle or strip of fusible tape PREPARE • Download the Needle Book designs free from sewdaily.com/go/ CMEfreebies until Oct. 31, 2020. Load the first design onto the machine. • Wind one bobbin with bobbin thread and another with a color that matches the low-volume fabric. Install the bobbin with bobbin thread into the machine and thread the machine with the first color. EMBROIDER • Hoop a piece of tear-away stabilizer. Place the hoop onto the machine, and embroider step one to stitch the…

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hoopless embroidery

WHAT'S IN A NAME? Despite the name, hoopless embroidery does in fact require a hoop. Hoopless embroidery is the process of embroidering something that can’t be hooped in a traditional manner. Most embroidery machines use a two-part hoop consisting of an inner ring and outer ring. The traditional method of hooping involves placing the fabric and stabilizer between these two rings and then tightening the outer ring to secure the fabric for stitching. In hoopless embroidery, the fabric or project to be embroidered isn’t placed between the two rings of the hoop. Instead, the stabilizer is hooped and the fabric is attached to the stabilizer. WHEN NOT TO HOOP? Due to size or shape, some items can’t be hooped, such as collar points, baby onesies and bibs, pockets, hats, potholders or napkins (A). Occasionally, hoopless…

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perfect placement

• Print a paper template from the embroidery design file download (1). If a PDF isn’t included in the design download, contact the designer to request a scaled design image. • Roughly cut around the shape. • Cut a horizontal and vertical slit along the center markings and fold back two opposite edges (2). If no center markings are provided, note how the design orients when loaded onto the embroidery machine. Place an acrylic ruler with intersecting lines over the printed design. The intersecting horizontal and vertical lines helps you visualize the center. Note the height and width, and then find the center by marking the exact halfway point of both measurements. Once marked, cut a vertical and horizontal slit. • Place the paper template in the desired position over the fabric. • Use…