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Creative Machine Embroidery Winter 2020

Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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a note from the editor

Dear Readers, The holidays are here again, and we’re delighted to offer you a selection of inspiration and projects that we hope will get you in the perfect mood! When the snow starts falling, I always want to cuddle up into something cozy to take the chill off — even better if it’s something embroidered, like the Pines & Peplum sweatshirt with its pretty flannel appliqués. In fact, I just love flannel in general, don’t you? You’ll be able to embroider it perfectly with the tips from our Fabric Foray on page 21. Of course, no cozy time is complete without a cup of something warm. Wrap up your mug in a cheerful felt wrap stitched in the hoop, and plan a few more to give away as gifts. While any winter day…

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coming attractions

Take your garments to the next level: discover multiple ways to upgrade ready-to-wear garments, stitch a stunning statement sleeve and embellish a railroad denim jumpsuit. Create your own unique embroidered spring décor and construct a fabulous tote from vinyl and freestanding lace. All this in more in the Spring 2021 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery, on newsstands Dec. 15, 2020. Check out the SEW & TELL Podcast, featuring the CME editors! Find it on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.…

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tips & tricks

FINE OUTLINE When stitching the final design outline, change the bobbin thread to black. This way, if the outline stitches aren’t quite right, they can be picked out easily from the wrong side without snagging the threads on the right side. Then touch up the design with hand stitching or a fine-tip permanent market. Jan, email CLIP IT When embroidering on ready-made garments, use claw hair clips to keep the excess fabric out of the way from the embroidery area. The clips are inexpensive, come in various sizes and fit around the excess fabric and sometimes the hoop edges. Barb, email SEW SUPPLIED At each of your sewing areas (serger, sewing and embroidery machine), place a small plastic container next to the machine with vital supplies, including scissors, hem gauge, seam ripper, etc. This way, no matter…

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must haves

1. Bring a little bit of magic to your sewing and embroidery projects with the Brother ScanNCut Disney SDX230DX machine, now with more Disney patterns and new accessories. This machine will allow you to create the most stunning and creative custom gifts this season, and with the included fabric mat you can securely place your materials for cutting repeatedly. Disney gifts for all! ($1199; scanncut.com) 2. Everyone loves to snuggle up to their sewing machine with a nice hot cup of cocoa, coffee, tea or even mulled wine. These Holiday Sewing Tumblers will help keep those beverages nice and warm while you are caught up changing embroidery thread colors and cutting out new projects. They also make great stocking stuffers or small gifts for all your sewing friends. ($23.99; my.modafabrics.com) 3. Yes,…

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MATERIALS + 1/8” yard or one 9”x12” sheet of felt fabric + Mediumweight tear-away stabilizer + 5/8” button + Thread: bobbin & embroidery + 5x7 or larger hoop + Embroidery or painter’s tape + Removable fabric marker PREPARE • Download the Mug Cozy design from sewdaily.com/go/CMEfreebies. Load the design onto the machine. • Measure the circumference of the mug that you plan to wrap and add 1 ¼”. Record as the wrap length. • From the felt, cut a strip measuring 2½” by the wrap length. If the mug is significantly taller than 4” and/or the space under the handle is significantly larger than 1½ ”, cut the strip wider as desired. • Hoop a piece of mediumweight tear-away stabilizer and contrasting thread in the machine and bobbin thread in the bobbin. EMBROIDER • Place the hoop onto the machine and embroider step one…

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finishing touches

JUMP THREADS Always trim jump threads before removing the project from the hoop (A). Use curved embroidery scissors to easily clip close to the jump thread. On the embroidery right side, clip as close to the stitching and fabric as possible. It’s not necessary to trim jump threads on the design wrong side. If desired, trim threads ¼” from the finished embroidery design (B). Clipping too close to the design can cut the lock stitches, which causes the stitching to unravel. Once the jump threads are clipped, remove the fabric and stabilizer from the hoop. Always unscrew the hoop screw when removing the fabric; forcing or popping the inner ring from the outer ring can cause friction burns on the fabric. STABILIZER Remove excess cut-away stabilizer with scissors. After removing the project from the hoop,…