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editor’s log

SUCH a NIGHT With any number from which to choose, my pick of this past summer’s evenings might just have to be the first Friday of August. As late afternoon pushed past 5 p.m., the temperature stayed warm, and though the south wind went light, there was still enough to keep the flags ashore flying and to spread ripples across the water. Out on our boat, Scoot, a vintage 16-foot Daysailer, I had the sail cover off, the jib hanked on, the sheets ready, and the main and jib halyards attached. With no chores left, I eased back against the coaming, waited for guests to arrive, and watched the world float by. Just outside the mooring field in what Nahant, Massachusetts, calls a harbor (others might refer to it as a roadstead,…

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FIJI’S DRUA PAST MEETS THE PRESENT Long before Cruising World magazine, before production fiberglass boats or even square-rigged tall ships, there were a variety of different canoe designs sailing the tradewind-kissed waters of the Pacific Ocean. Widely recognized as one of the first bluewater fleets in the history of the world, the multihull canoes of the Pacific covered vast expanses of water as pioneering voyagers and nomadic islanders settled everything from volcanic island chains to tiny, geographically disparate coral atolls. Of these many different canoe designs that sailed the Pacific, few were as grand as the mighty Fijian drua. The drua were revered throughout the Pacific for their incredible size and performance, along with their huge cargo-carrying ability. The largest of them were more than 120 feet long and capable of carrying…

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passage notes

November Gam St. Augustine Sailing south this fall? Join the Seven Seas Cruising Association at its upcoming St. Augustine Cruising Conference and Gam. The event takes place November 12-14 at the St. Augustine (Florida) Shrine Club. The gam will start with an optional Heading South symposium on Thursday afternoon, followed by two full days of sessions on Friday and Saturday and a half-day of activities and sessions on Sunday. The annual general meeting will be held on Saturday afternoon. SSCA gams are a great way to meet other cruisers, learn new skills and have fun. Register at Sailing Green Interested in becoming more eco-friendly on your boat? Each year, Sailors for the Sea, a nonprofit focused on ocean conservation, releases its Green Boating Guide, filled with tips and best practices to make your…

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docking under sail

My wife, Wendy, and I had purchased our little 1986 Catalina C22 in February 2020. It was about a month before the world was thrown into utter turmoil. To say that little boat saved my life during what appeared to be a never-ending quarantine would be an understatement. We decided to start small. My wife had never sailed before, and I hadn’t in 25 years. We bought the boat from the estate of a man named Bill, who’d purchased it from the Boy Scouts of America when they purged their fleet. The Boy Scouts had obtained it new from Catalina in 1986. Third owner of a 34-year-old boat—not bad. I learned all this from Bill’s son, who told me about his father’s love for the boat. I could tell letting go was…

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better coral through quantification

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Peter Drucker may have been writing about business, but his thesis also applies to conserving the world’s coral reefs. Scientists believe that the earth has lost over half of its coral reefs since 1980, and they fear the remaining habitat could be gone by 2100. Enter a new partnership between the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation and NASA’s Ames Research Center that’s targeted at quantifying and qualifying global coral reefs. Some backstory: KSLOF’s Global Reef Expedition spent a decade aboard research vessel Golden Shadow, mapping some 65,000 square kilometers of coral reefs in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. The result is a massive dataset of high-resolution imagery that’s being shared with NASA, with the goal of significantly expanding the agency’s ability…

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new for fall

BIOLITE BIOLITE ALPENGLOW 500 • $80 • BIOLITEENERGY.COM Looking for a new cockpit light—but with a kick? The AlpenGlow 500 is a rechargeable lantern that can provide pretty much any mood lighting you’re looking for. The powerful LED light casts dimmable warm and cool white light, red light, or any single color. It can mimic a candle flicker, or if you’re really feeling festive, there is a multicolor mode. The lantern will burn for five hours on high or 200 hours on low. ICEMULE COOLERS CLASSIC LARGE 20 l • $80 • ICEMULECOOLERS.COM Hiking back to the boat after a provisioning run just got easier. The Icemule Classic is tough and waterproof, and can also double as a dry bag. The cooler will keep things cold for 24 hours, and includes a valve to allow extra air…