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Cycling Weekly May 14, 2020

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Published by TI Media Limited Cycling Weekly is the UK's only weekly special interest magazine focusing on the cycling market. It is the best source of breaking international and UK news, race reportage, reliable fitness advice, trustworthy product reviews and inspirational features for British cyclists. Always a great read, Cycling Weekly inspires you to ride your bike more!

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start line 14.05

This week’s issue is all about optimisation – how to make small improvements to you and your kit to eke out a bit of free speed. In the build-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics this was dubbed ‘marginal gains’ by Dave Brailsford and his team. It’s a great slogan, and as an approach it was taken to the limit by the GB squad with a multi-million pound budget, but in fact it was nothing new. And for some gains you don’t need a massive budget. As our feature on drivetrain efficiency reveals you can gain a few watts back with a can of WD40, an old rag and some chain lube. That’s right, cleaning your chain improves its efficiency. But we all knew this, right? I can’t be the only one who…

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deignan eyes women’s paris-roubaix

Lizzie Deignan is “hoping for some kind of result” at the inaugural women’s Paris-Roubaix after it was added to the WorldTour calendar in a revised schedule unveiled by the UCI last week. One of the sport’s five Monuments, the men’s race has been in existence since 1896, but there has never been a women’s version. This year’s edition is scheduled for Sunday 25 October and will take place before the men’s race, the traditional spot taken by the junior men’s event. “It’s brilliant, such a surprise,” former world champion Lizzie Deignan told CW. “It’s a good move for women’s cycling, it’s important and shows that despite the pandemic, when everything is up in the air, there is still progress being made.” The race will be the penultimate event in the revised calendar, which…

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my view

CW news editor With coronavirus disrupting life as we know it on the planet I thought my ability to be surprised had been maxed out. Then the UCI last week put out a revised calendar that includes an inaugural women’s edition of Paris-Roubaix, a move which is comfortably the most pleasant surprise of the year so far. It’s surprising because until now Paris-Roubaix organiser ASO has a, shall we say, ‘patchy’ record of support for the women’s side of the sport, most notably with its somewhat perfunctory approach to building La Course into a major event. Indeed rumour has it that Specialized was several years ago happy to invest in running a women’s edition but ASO didn’t bite. Well now the US company, and scores of others, have got just what they…

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obituary ian white 1946-2020

Ian White was a national time trial champion and competition record holder, who would go on to be a motorcycle pilot in some of the biggest races in the world. Born in London, White lived much of his life in Yorkshire, before moving recently to North Wales. He broke the national 50-mile competition record in 1970 while riding for the Clifton CC, clocking 1.47.34 in his club’s 75th anniversary event at Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. However, his record only stood for a matter of minutes, with team-mate John Watson bettering his time by almost four minutes on his way to winning the same event. Three years later, he won the National 50 and 100-mile Championships, as well as the British Cycling Individual Time Trial Championship staged at Catterick, again in North Yorkshire. Then in 1975 White…

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how to tackle the cw max watts challenge

Doing a sprint effort might seem simple, you just go as hard as you can. And as your anaerobic energy systems only last a few seconds it’s not going to take long. So there’s not much to it, right? Wrong. Going flat out for a few seconds is simple, hitting your peak power is more complex. Power isn’t just about putting force through the pedals, it’s a combination of force and speed, meaning revolutions per minute (rpm) come in to play. If you sprint at 90rpm you won’t get anywhere near your max power. You’ll be putting out force instead. Getting your revs right means entering the sprint at the correct speed and in the correct gear as it’s best not to change gear during the sprint. We’ll come back to that…

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up the cycling revolution!

The UK is at a crossroads for cycling. It can go one of two ways: back to its sub-par norm or a drastic improvement. It makes sense for the average Joe to use their bike. Compared to public transport, there’s a fraction of the risk of exposure to Covid-19. Then there’s the added benefit that riding a bike improves physical and mental health. I’ve yet to meet a person who feels worse after riding their bike. To be fair to the government, it recently announced a “£2 billion package for cycling and walking”. Bike-only streets, protected bike lanes and a “bike tube” network are all ideas that are getting thrown around. We’re a long way from the benchmark of the Netherlands, but Rotterdam wasn’t built in a day. What would I do to…