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Cycling Weekly May 28, 2020

Published by TI Media Limited Cycling Weekly is the UK's only weekly special interest magazine focusing on the cycling market. It is the best source of breaking international and UK news, race reportage, reliable fitness advice, trustworthy product reviews and inspirational features for British cyclists. Always a great read, Cycling Weekly inspires you to ride your bike more!

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Cyclists are a disparate bunch. From roadies to trackies, mountain bikers to time triallists, we all have our own two-wheel tribes. And then there are tribes within tribes, often defined by the tech we choose or the riding we do. But I reckon there’s one thing that unites us all. That’s a long ride in the sunshine. The only thing better than a long ride on a beautiful day is a long ride on a beautiful day when your legs feel fantastic. The kind of feeling you only get once or twice a year when you could ride all day and never tire. But after weeks of lockdown (solidarity to our Welsh and Scottish readers who remain so) and restricted exercise, plus for many an understandable nervousness about going out for hours on…

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strava leaves some disappointed with move behind paywall

Cyclists across the world have reacted with disappointment but also sympathy to Strava’s decision to take large chunks of its platform behind its paywall. Last week the fitness-logging app announced a sweeping overhaul of its service. Major improvements were made to the training and route-planning sections but alongside the roll-out, Strava also moved some features, including leaderboards and segment analysis, under the subscription umbrella. The changes began from Monday, 18 May and were accompanied by a letter from the founders, Mark Gainey and Michael Horvath, explaining the decision. They wrote: “Dedicating Strava to the community [subscribers] is… a commitment to longevity. We are not yet a profitable company and need to become one in order to serve you better. And we have to go about it the right way – honest, transparent…

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readers’ reactions

Mark Jenkins It’s a great app that needs a large team to run and improve it. It costs money to run. So you can’t blame them for reorganising their platform to encourage more to go premium. It’s cheap for what you get. Some people should stop moaning. Dave Pettitt £3.99 is less than three SIS gels. It’s hardly daylight robbery, is it? Why do people these days expect everything to be free? Aemon Atkinson They’re getting too big for their own boots, greed breeds greed. Duncan Fairwood My concern is that by adopting this they drive away so many free users that the community dies and the segment leaderboards become worthless. No point paying if I’m the only person (relatively) logging activities in my area. Not due to renew until next April, so we’ll see what happens;…

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my view

CW news editor As a journalist for over a decade, I’m more than familiar with the bind Strava has found itself in of late. It’s the same one my industry has been grappling with for years. If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re holding the paper magazine in your hand. Every word in here someone had to be paid to write. The photographers had to be paid to take the pictures. The designer had to be paid to make it look stylish. And the sub-editors had to be paid to make the text neat and free of typos. You, or maybe one of your mates, accordingly paid us some money to read it. We appreciate that. A lot. Strava was doing something equivalent to thrusting a magazine into your hand outside a major…

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what has changed?

Training insights Strava introduced greater training insights, such as performance tracking – much like the Performance Management Charts in Training Peaks in 2018. However, it’s now gone much deeper, adding much more analysis. The ‘Summit’ tab is now the ‘Training’ tab. This includes four key areas: Weekly Activities, Training Log, Weekly Intensity and Monthly Fitness. Where previously only running, swimming and cycling appeared here, now all 32 sports types uploaded to Strava will feature. Route planning The new routes features work on the web platform, as opposed to the mobile version, as this is where most athletes plan rides. The map includes three layers: a basemap, global heatmap, and segment explore – so you can plan a route which takes in specific segments. The maps now provide advice on surface type. Subscription changes The key, currently free, features…

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max stedman

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your last session? Six or seven. It was a 10 in terms of route and scenery. If you could win any race what would it be? World Championships. It’s probably one of the more spectacular one-day races. Just because it brings all the nations together. And it’s just you win it, and you get to wear a completely different, colourful, unique kit that shows you were the best in the world on that day, which I think is pretty cool. How are you staying motivated with no racing on? I think, like a lot of guys, I had a bit of a down patch, but then once that expires, you kind of realise why you ride a bike in the first place. I want to race…