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Cyclist Australia Issue 34

Dedicated solely to the exhilaration of road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind. A celebration of the rides, the travel and the latest gear – we'll show you how to get the best from your ride every time.

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tales from taiwan

“Most recommended” is the line delivered by Ahsien Yen over email to describe a ride affectionately known as Little Wuling. We haven’t met the Taipei local previously, but his list of prospective locations, paired with imagery, gives us confidence he knows the majestic island of Formosa – meaning “beautiful” – well. Off the radar for many Aussies and Kiwi cycling adventurers, in reality Taiwan is a hot spot for the global cycling industry. The Taipei International Cycle Show, a place for manufacturers to showcase brands and products for the coming season, for example, draws thousands of industry and media types to the city every year. For those in the know, Taiwan is a hidden gem, reserved solely for members of the insiders’ club. Until now. Treasure island We’ve been in Taiwan for…

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ed's letter

Ah, that big lap of France. For those of you who remain glued to the couch till the wee hours of the night every July, we feel your pain. Not only are we too suffering the heavy weight of post-TDF withdrawal, but we’re also doing our best to rid ourselves of this jet-lag-like feeling. It’s been a big few weeks. Speaking of big, this time of year sees the majority of the big bike brands (with a stake in the WorldTour) release their new machinery to the main stage. With so many fresh pieces of kit to hit the peloton, you can start to see trends in the releases: faster, lighter, stiffer and more compliant, for starters. On the other hand, the likes of Gerard Vroomen prefer to throw the usual…

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no expense spared

Passoni is to bicycles what Pagani is to supercars. Haven’t heard of Pagani? It produces supercars that manage to make even a Ferrari look dull – cars such as the Zonda R, a 350kmh, 739bhp, $2.6 million-odd hypercar that held the Nurburgring course record until March last year. What was its secret? It was the first car made with ‘Carbotanium’, a composite made from carbon fibre and titanium filament, said to be responsible for its incredibly light and stiff chassis. It’s this concept that Passoni has applied to the Fidia. ‘We started exploring this material five years ago,’ explains Passoni’s Danilo Colombo. ‘We visited the Pagani factory and many other firms in aerospace and defence to discuss the characteristics of the material and develop our own “carbo-titanio”. It is expensive and very…

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fox float 32 ax 700c suspension forks

Before you spit out your single-origin espresso, we haven’t turned into a mountain bike magazine – this pair of suspension forks is actually designed for road bikes (or gravel, at least). ‘Gravel bikes are blurring the lines between road and MTB more and more,’ says Chris Trojer, marketing communications manager at Fox. ‘I think the market is opening up to innovation. A gravel bike offers completely new possibilities for the typical road rider. Suspension on these bikes is just the next logical step in my world.’ The jury is still out on the value of suspension on road/gravel bikes, but this new Fox product has good provenance. It’s based on the company’s MTB-proven ‘Float 32’ air-sprung fork platform, offering 40mm of travel with three-position, on-the-ride tuning, including lock-out. Weighing around 1.3kg, it’s…

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campagnolo bora one 35

There are few words in cycling tech that widen the eyes more than Bora. Campagnolo’s flagship carbon wheelset has been a regular sight on professional podiums and is currently the wheel of choice for Movistar, Lotto-Soudal and UAE Team Emirates. These Bora One 35 wheels (also available in 50mm depth) have all the elements of their flashier cousin, the Bora Ultra, but save money in areas that have negligible speed improvements. First, instead of using Campagnolo’s CULT bearings (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology), the Ones are fitted with USB bearings (Ultra Smooth Bearings), which are also ceramic. Also, these wheels use aluminium hubs rather than the Ultra’s carbon ones. The most significant update for this latest generation of Campagnolo wheel is the AC3 brake track, which stands for All Conditions Carbon Control. The…

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kask valegro helmet

You may have spotted it on the heads of Chris Froome and his Sky team-mates as long ago as the 2017 Tour de France, but only now can you wear it yourself. Yes, Kask’s Valegro helmet is finally available in Australia. The Valegro is favoured by Team Sky riders on hot or mountainous days in the saddle because it’s all about ventilation and light weight. Really light weight, in fact – this size medium weighs just 209g. ‘We used a specially engineered mould to create extensive channels in the underside of the Valegro’s EPS foam,’ says Luca Viano, Kask’s director of product. ‘By doing so, the amount of EPS injected into the mould is much smaller. It means the helmet can be lighter, with better airflow, while being just as safe.’ In the…