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Cyclist Australia Issue 45

Dedicated solely to the exhilaration of road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind. A celebration of the rides, the travel and the latest gear – we'll show you how to get the best from your ride every time.

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ed's letter

A recent article in The Guardian declared that ‘bicycles are the new toilet paper’. In 2019 such a statement would have undoubtedly been considered an insult, but given how 2020 has progressed, it's safe to say we all get the reference – and it's good news for the industry. Since COVID-19 darkened our doorsteps, bike stores that were expecting to have to lay off staff have, in fact, had to ask casuals to pull extra shifts to keep up with demand as bike sales boomed in response to social distancing and isolation measures. Drive through the city on any given day and it's not unusual to see your local bike store with queues out the door. It's funny how things go. On the other hand, due to nationwide travel restrictions, we've had…

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sugar and spice

Factor O2 VAM When someone refers to ‘VAM’, the chances are they are talking about how fast a rider can climb. It is an acronym for ‘velocità ascensionale media’, an Italian term that means ‘average ascent speed’. There is a reason it was coined in Italian – the infamous doctor Michele Ferrari came up with it to measure the performance of a certain American rider. Despite its nefarious connotations, it’s an appropriate label for Factor’s new bike. The brand claims the frameset for its O2 VAM Disc hovers around the kilo mark, making for a super-lightweight rig designed for going uphill fast. ‘It was time to evolve the O2,’ says Factor co-founder and chief engineer Rob Giletis. ‘Rim brakes were still very relevant when that bike came out. There was an O2 with…

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pearl izumi pro kit

pearlizumi.com The perennial challenge facing designers of winter cycling apparel is to incorporate a high level of protection from cold, wind and rain into light and stretchy fabrics while allowing adequate breathability to avoid an unwelcome sweatfest. Pearl Izumi’s answer to this challenge is its exclusive PI Dry technology, which the brand describes as helping to create ‘its most advanced technical outer layers to date’. PI Dry is a hydrophobic treatment that means water will bead and roll off the fabric, and will continue to do so, Pearl Izumi claims, even after 100 washes. Both the Pro AmFib jacket and Pro Pursuit bibtights utilise the PI Dry technology, with three-layer, four-way stretch softshell for a combination of low bulk, warmth, unrestricted movement and decent ventilation. So now you’ll have to come up with…

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selle italia sp-01 boost tekno superflow

It isn’t by chance that the swooping architecture of the SP-01 Boost Tekno saddle’s carbon shell looks like it was taken straight from the panel of a race car. Selle Italia developed the saddle with Dallara, an Italian manufacturer of motor racing chassis, and judging by the retail price we've seen on it overseas, that evidently introduces Formula 1-level costs. Selle Italia says it wanted to incorporate two of its most recent anatomic design concepts into a snub-nosed full carbon saddle to bring their purported performance benefits down to a lighter weight. So the SP-01 Boost Tekno features Selle’s Superflow technology, a large central cut-out to relieve perineal pressure, as well as the brand’s ‘Suspension Link Movement’ feature. That means the left and right sides of the saddle are only attached…

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parcours strade wheelset

The proof that wider tyres can be faster is indisputable, but the caveat is that the dimensions of the rim play a significant role in the outcome. Parcours says its latest Strade wheelset is optimised around tubeless 28mm tyres to be fast-rolling, lightweight and aerodynamic, but also robust enough for off-road use. A key discovery in the company’s research, conducted at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, was that the front wheel is subjected to a much broader sweep of wind angles than the rear, which is shielded by the bike frame and rider. As a result, the Strade wheels are designed as individual products, not identical pairs. The profile of the front wheel is wider (32mm external) and shallower (49mm) to maximise stability and control, while the rear is deeper at…

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it takes two

Matt and I became friends just before Bespoked [the handmade bike show in the UK], I think in 2015. I needed a spray paint booth as mine was out of action, so I went round to his workshop begging to use it. He was like, “Yeah, go for it.” We got on and have been friends ever since.’ It’s Monday morning, the coffee’s on and Caren Hartley is explaining how she came to be in an industrial unit in Mitcham, London, working with fellow framebuilder Matt McDonough. The idea that two people build bikes here is not surprising – there are the requisite decades-old lathes, gas bottles and racks of frames – but what might seem odd is the fact that here are two established framebuilders working together as well as doing…