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ed’s letter

As we put this issue to bed, lockdown restrictions – in NSW and Victoria, in particular – are finally beginning to ease. However, the 5km radius rule still applies for many Australians, and here at Cyclist that’s the one restriction we’re really interested in seeing consigned to history. Don’t get us wrong, Picnic Day was great and all, but what we truly want is to head out for a ride that takes in some roads outside of our collective local government areas. Take, for example, our Melbourne-based reviewer, Nick Squillari, who instead of taking a brand-new set of Cadex 36 Disc wheels (page 26) out to his usual testing grounds in Kinglake, in this issue had to settle for a slog around the slightly more suburban Kew Boulevard. Cycling may be…

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shimano’s perfect dozen

Every time a new version of Dura-Ace is released, it’s tough to decide its headline feature. The R9200 series is no different, although its update from 11-speed to 12-speed and the latest ‘semi-wireless’ configuration are arguably the two largest talking points. But there are plenty of other features about Shimano’s newest groupsets to get tongues wagging. For instance, Dura-Ace R9200 and Ultegra R8100 will only be offered in electronic versions. It’s likely you’ll never see a Dura-Ace or Ultegra badged groupset with traditional gear cables ever again. (expect the price of bikes to continue an upward trajectory and more 105 to be seen in the bunch). Shimano has also improved (disc) braking performance, unveiled a new wheel collection, and updated its chainring and cassette collection, bringing it up to speed with modern…

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absoluteblack hollowcage

$999.99, AbsoluteBlack’s HollowCage is a bold new take on a part of the bike most do not consider – the rear derailleur cage and its jockey wheels. There’s a lot going on here, so it’s hard to know where to start. According to AbsoluteBlack, the HollowCage shifts better than anything on the market, it’s quieter, it saves watts, it improves the drivetrain’s aerodynamics and it makes your bike look cooler (the lower lockring is available in five different colours). AbsoluteBlack says there are many attributes housed within the HollowCage that create these improvements to your bike but, let’s face it, at the price tag, it all comes down to how it looks. (Honestly, how many times have you been beaten in a sprint or hill climb and thought: ‘my rear derailleur cage…

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cadex race handlebar

RRP $469.95, The Macquarie Dictionary defines a handlebar as, ‘the curved steering bar of a bicycle or motorcycle in front of the rider.’ Cadex’s Race Handlebar nailed the brief, and we love it. Everyone knows Cadex is Giant’s parts brand, and many know that Giant is a world leader in carbon manufacturing for bicycles. The company has used its knowledge in carbon to lay up this exquisite handlebar in a one-piece moulding process. A monocoque design means no bonding is required, making the bars lighter and stronger. The Cadex Race Handlebar is available in sizes ranging from 38-44cm, with 72mm reach and 125mm drop for all but the 38cm bars, which are 68mm and 120mm. These bars weigh 160 grams (42cm), which is about as light as road handlebars get. They don’t come…

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cadex 36 disc

Watching finals footy in September, one thing stood out: the mullet is back. It’s like Mum always said: ‘Wait long enough and it will come back into fashion.’ Mullets. Flared jeans. Chunky sneakers. And while Kim Wilde and Billy Idol have not – to my knowledge (and dismay) – made a roaring return, we can now add Cadex to the list of 80s revivals. Initially, ‘Cadex’ was the model name for the first Giant carbon fibre frames, debuting in 1987 and at the forefront of the movement pushing carbon as a primary material for framesets. Retired with the advent of Giant’s ‘compact’ road frame design Total Compact Road (better known as TCR), the Cadex name was shelved. Disappeared – like many once popular bands or trends. The better part of two decades…

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dt swiss grc 1400 spline 48

Anyone looking for a way to make their bike feel more alive should know that wheels are one of the best places to get a performance upgrade. Well before the age of special chain waxes, oversized jockey wheels and fully internal routing, dropping a set of high zoot wheels into your bike was a guaranteed performance improvement. I was once told that the best bike for gravel was whatever bike you are riding right now. I love this grassroots sentiment, however I think most of us would prefer to look at something new and special. And in terms of gravel-specific wheelsets, the DT Swiss GRC 1400 Spline 48 are quite special. They are the top-of-the-line gravel wheels from DT Swiss selling for $3,249, which could net you a complete gravel bike…