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the taste of travel

Last year during a work trip I stopped in San Francisco to visit my friends Gretchen and Howie. They suggested we go to a small Burmese restaurant—it was just a few blocks from their house and a good place to go with their two small kids. I love these friends, but food isn’t their thing. And picking restaurants based on kid-friendliness didn’t bode well. But I zipped it and kept my expectations low. Oh man, was I wrong. I was blown away. The next day I flew back to Vermont, but I couldn’t get the salads, tossed right at the table, pungent with dried shrimp and spiked with hot peppers, lime and fresh herbs, out of my mind. A few months later Burma Superstar, the eponymous cookbook about another San Francisco…

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have apron, will travel

The Farm Cooking School, Titusville, NJ Founded by Gourmet magazine alumni, this school is on a historic, working New Jersey farm (with a big red barn, of course). March class offerings include: French Brunch, Winter Produce and World Flat Breads (among many more). From $75. The Pantry, Seattle, WA Classes at this Seattle hot spot sell out—in days—and are led by chefs from around the country. March options span The Modern Jewish Bakery to Malaysian Street Food to Seafood of the Pacific Northwest. From $90. Blackberry Farm, Walland, TN This foodie vacation destination in East Tennessee has long been on our Editor-in-Chief’s wish list. (One day, Jessie!) The 68-room luxury resort and restaurant offers activities like fly-fishing, horseback riding and spa treatments. Visit in April for a 3-day Cheese Geek event, part of…

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the big facebook question

The best would have been meeting Julia Child, cooking and drinking wine in her Paris kitchen. —Pamela Bisson Mainville Anthony Bourdain! Anywhere remote. Because the company, alcohol and snarky humor would make the best night ever. —Gail Durkin Bobo Jacques Pépin…wherever he may be cooking! —Cathy Shuler Giada De Laurentiis. Florence, Italy. I would love to taste her Nonna’s ‘Sartu di Riso.’ It’s a beautiful recipe. —Phyllis Di Zeo Ina Garten, with both our husbands in the Hamptons! I have all her cookbooks and would love to be in her kitchen, cooking those great recipes!! —Audrey Book Esar Alex Guarnaschelli. I would love to go to any one of her restaurants and just watch her cook and listen to her amazing stories. —Brittany Anne…

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trending now

Spring Dinner Fix Try our seasonal dinners for busy weeknights, like Grilled Pizza with Prosciutto, Corn & Basil or Rainbow Buddha Bowl with Cashew Tahini Sauce. 30 Days of Meal Prep Every day in April, get meal-prep recipes and tips to make life easier: salad mixes that keep all week, make-ahead lunches, and more. Easter Brunch Wow your brunch crowd with festive recipes like our Carrot Cake Cheese Ball (right), Giant Cinnamon Roll Cake or Bunny Butt Cake (yep, it’s adorable!). IAN KNAUER; GABRIEL BOONE PHOTOGRAPHY; BEALL + THOMAS PHOTOGRAPHY; DEVON O’BRIEN…

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build-your-own flagel buffet

ADD IT Not a fish fan? Here’s another option for your spread: add sliced deli meats, like Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh, which are free from artificial preservatives. SPONSORED BY OSCAR MAYER Veggies ◻ Avocado ◻ Caperberries and capers ◻ Cucumbers ◻ Microgreens ◻ Pickled beets ◻ Radishes ◻ Red onion Spreads ◻ Cream cheese ◻ Cultured butter ◻ Goat cheese ◻ Honey Other Toppers ◻ Smoked fish, such as salmon, trout and sablefish ◻ Lox ◻ Snipped fresh herbs 4 Combos to Try ◻ Cream cheese + smoked trout + radishes ◻ Goat cheese + smoked salmon + red onion + dill + microgreens ◻ Cream cheese + avocado + capers + microgreens ◻ Cultured butter + smoked sablefish + radishes + microgreens HELEN NORMAN; STYLING: FRANCES BOSWELL (FOOD), AYESHA PATEL (PROPS)…

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5 ingredients

ALL ABOUT THE BASS Flaky white barramundi (aka Asian sea bass) has a respectable amount of omega-3s (667 mg per 4-oz. serving vs. 147 mg for mahi and 1,127 mg for wild salmon). And farmed barramundi is rated a Best Choice by Seafood Watch. Find retailers at Roasted Barramundi with Asparagus Gremolata ACTIVE: 25 min TOTAL: 25 min Serve up this fish with some roasted new potatoes. They’ll need to cook for 20 to 25 minutes. Start them on the bottom rack of the oven while you prep this recipe and then cook the fish and asparagus on the middle rack when you’re ready. 1 pound asparagus, trimmed1 pound barramundi (see Tip) or mahi-mahi, skinned and cut into 4 portions2 tablespoons lemon zest4 tablespoons lemon juice, divided½ cup chopped fresh parsley1 large clove garlic,…