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the 78th annual father of the year awards

ALL-STAR DAD CONTEST CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! Do you know a Dad who is a real “All Star” to his children, his family and his community? If so, nominate him today as the National Father’s Day Committee searches for America’s #1 “All-Star” Dad. Every Dad is special. But does your Dad or another Dad you know demonstrate such important attributes as dedication, love, unselfishness, support, and community service on a regular basis? If so, he could be the Father’s Day Committee “All-Star” Dad for 2019. GO TO ALLSTARDAD.ORG TODAY AND SUBMIT YOUR ESSAY…

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An airplane is a flying vehicle that makes it possible to depart from New York City and, in only six hours, arrive in Los Angeles with the flu. Flight is possible because of the presence of wings, finlike structures that keep the aircraft aloft and also prevent it from using most parking spaces. The person in charge of the airplane is the pilot, the member of the flight crew responsible for turning on the autopilot. The hub where passengers go to be most effectively inconvenienced is called the airport. Before boarding an airplane, passengers must surrender all of their stray dimes and half-empty water bottles to the TSA, the agency tasked with making sure terrorists don’t lose their creativity. Although Leonardo da Vinci was obsessed with inventing a flying machine, the modern…

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JAY FIELDEN Editor in Chief MICHAEL HAINEY Executive Director of Editorial HELENE F. RUBINSTEIN Editorial Director NICK SULLIVAN Fashion Director EMILY POENISCH Entertainment Features Director MATTHEW MARDEN Style Director BRUCE HANDY Features Director JOHN KENNEY Managing Editor KEVIN SINTUMUANG Culture and Lifestyle Director RYAN LIZZA Chief Political Correspondent BOB MANKOFF Cartoon and Humor Editor MAXIMILLIAN POTTER Editor at Large JEFF GORDINIER Food and Drinks Editor ASH CARTER, ERIC SULLIVAN Senior Editors AMY GRACE LOYD Literary Editor ADRIENNE WESTENFELD, Assistant Editors BRADY LANGMANN ART RAUL AGUILA Design Director C. J. ROBINSON Design Assistant REBECCA IOVAN Digital Imaging Specialist PHOTOGRAPHY ALIX CAMPBELL Chief Photography Director, Hearst Magazines JUSTIN O’NEILL Photo Director FASHION TED STAFFORD Market Director ALFONSO FERNÁNDEZ NAVAS Fashion Assistant COPY ALISA COHEN BARNEY Senior Copy Editor CONNOR SEARS, DAVID FAIRHURST Assistant Copy Editors RESEARCH ROBERT SCHEFFLER Research Editor KEVIN MCDONNELL Senior Associate Research Editor NICK PACHELLI Assistant Research Editor WRITERS AT LARGE ALEX FRENCH, STEPHEN RODRICK CONTRIBUTING EDITORS ALEX BELTH, LEA CARPENTER, LUKE DITTRICH, CAL FUSSMAN, DWIGHT GARNER,…

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fake news: style edition

We didn’t need a leaked memo from Goldman Sachs announcing a new, more relaxed dress code to know that the Chicken Littles of men’s wear would use this as an opportunity to once again declare the death of the suit, as if cowed by the Brooklyn School, which has made normcore with a touch of lumberjack the look of choice on the F train. But for those of us who pay attention to style trends as minutely as those who study the markets, it’s a prediction about as accurate as Paul Krugman’s when he said Donald Trump’s election would trigger a recession in perpetuity. The occasion for a suit may get redefined and the number of times you wear one in a week may change, but the suit is not the…

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environment higher ground

In a 1972 catalog for Chouinard Equipment, future Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and his then climbing and business partner, Tom Frost, explained why they had stopped producing the steel pitons that launched their company. “No longer can we assume the earth’s resources are limitless; that there are ranges of unclimbed peaks extending endlessly beyond the horizon,” they wrote. “Mountains are finite, and despite their massive appearance, they are fragile.” The company’s aluminum wedges enabled climbers to move more quickly, without breaking or scarring the rock. The decision revolutionized climbing and marked the beginning of Chouinard’s career as an ethical entrepreneur. He switched Patagonia’s apparel line to organic cotton in the mid-1990s, a choice not motivated by profit—the move cost the company millions in the short term—but by his desire to have…

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alternate multiverse

Legendary Entertainment commissioned Jeff Lemire to adapt Black Hammer, his ongoing deconstruction of the superhero genre. Meanwhile, Hulu has optioned Lemire’s Sweet Tooth, featuring a man-deer named Gus. Husband and wife Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick’s production deal with Legendary Television could mean adaptations of DeConnick’s Bitch Planet (think Orange Is the New Black … in space) and Fraction’s Sex Criminals (The Twilight Zone by way of Judd Apatow). Brian K. Vaughan’s hilarious Y: The Last Man follows the life of Yorick Brown, the only survivor of a “gendercide.” Set to debut on FX next year, Y will star Barry Keoghan (the weird kid from The Killing of a Sacred Deer) alongside Diane Lane, Amber Tamblyn, and Imogen Poots. Grant Morrison’s magnum opus, The Invisibles, about an occult group on a mission…