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Inspiration is not something that strikes in some rare, preordained moment, according to Mumbai-based filmmaker and product designer Mozez Singh; “It’s literally all around you; it’s all over the place,” he says. In a debut collaboration with fellow product designer Fenny Ganatra, Singh has launched a series of familiar, albeit whimsical, expressions of furniture, titled You Can’t Sit With Us. The capsule collection has been created for New Delhi-based interior and furniture brand Formus, and comprises 15 pieces that reference diverse elements—from art deco jewellery to stained-glass church windows, and chemical laboratories. “Every piece tells a story that is unique and absolutely distinctive; [the collection evokes] a range of emotions,” he says. The collaboration comes after a longtime association between the two designers, as friends in the interior design circle, which made the partnership a breeze. “In fact, it was all very organic. We have discussions and disagreements, but fundamentally, we have similar sensibilities. In fact, the design aspect of the collection was the easiest part,” says Singh. “The idea is to make something very practical, which we both believe in.” The collection features functional and geometric designs in the form of a sofa, bench, armchair and bar, among others. But as food for thought, there’s the ‘Solitaire’ side table, an arresting circular piece made of brushed brass, with a triangular white quartz top with gold-plated edges. It evokes the ring it takes its name from—modest and classical in its composition, yet contemporary in its style. “It’s as simple as that!” says Singh. “The beauty is in its simple design. Jewellery is the inspiration for a lot of what we do.” In other words, to paraphrase Beyoncé: if you like it, you should make a table of it.