All in a Day’s Work
Forget the recovery suite. Using a precise combination of treatments, doctors can give you truly significant results with nearly zero downtime.

Semipermanent Highlighter

Inspired by selfies, the LitLift is a custom combo of Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers injected across the face, right where highlighter makeup normally goes.

THE EXPERT: Dara Liotta, MD, facial plastic surgeon in New York City

THE BEST CANDIDATE: Because the LitLift is more of an enhancement, as opposed to an antiaging treatment, it’s ideal for millennials. Demand is especially high before weddings, galas, and red carpets.

THE PLAN: Liotta begins by injecting Botox into the forehead and below the arch and tail of the brow to smooth and lift the eyes. Next, she injects filler in a thin line down the bridge of the nose and along cheekbones to remove undereye bags and smooth the skin (which makes light bounce off better). Then she moves on to the upper lip and Cupid’s bow, adding filler for a soft, lush effect. Finally, she injects both Botox and filler into the front of the chin to make it appear more defined. It takes a total of about 15 minutes of discussion and 20 to 30 minutes of injecting and sculpting. A little ice beforehand makes pain nearly negligible, and the little red marks fade within a few hours.

THE RESULTS: As the name implies, you’ll look like you’re perfectly lit. The face immediately gains flattering highlights, which get even better when the Botox kicks in about a week later. Its effects last about six months, and the filler up to two years.

THE PRICE: $5,000–$10,000.

Scar Smoother

Fillers and lasers instantly smooth out acne scars and prevent recurrence even after the filler has dissolved.

THE EXPERT: Robert Anolik, MD, dermatologist in New York City

THE BEST CANDIDATE: Tons of people experience adult acne, but this treatment is for those who have gradual “rolling” scars or “boxcar” scars, both of which are marked depressions in the skin. The scarring results from irregularities in collagen when skin is damaged by inflammation.

THE PLAN: To start, Anolik injects filler into the dermis directly below the scar to lift the depression. Hyaluronic acid fillers are best, because they’re a natural substance that’s already part of the skin’s anatomy; Anolik likes Juvéderm, which has softer and firmer versions that can be customized depending on the area of the face. Then he uses PicoSure, a gentle laser, on the entire face to stimulate collagen production all over—including the areas with collagen irregularities—for an even glow.

THE RESULTS: You’ll instantly notice the results of the filler, which lasts for about a year; the laser treatment builds collagen over time, peaking at one or two months. The skin that was scarred is level and smooth.

THE PRICE: Starts at $2,000.

The Everything Facial

First created to resuscitate the skin of TV’s Extreme Makeover contestants, this fourstep facial addresses every layer of the skin by combining multiple transforming procedures (peels, lasers, radio frequency, microneedles, and a HydraFacial) into one 90-minute mega-treatment.

THE EXPERT: Ava Shamban, MD, dermatologist in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica

THE BEST CANDIDATE: Those looking for an instant glow, especially before awards season or special events, like weddings.

THE PLAN: This treatment is all about maintenance: It’s low intensity with no downtime or discomfort, but it still has powerful results. To prep the skin, Shamban administers a mild peel, typically salicylic or lactic acid, to remove dead skin and debris. Then she uses an Nd:YAG laser (which is safe for all skin types and colors) to shrink oil glands and target red and brown spots, evening out undertones and pigment scars and improving acne breakouts. She follows up with a radio frequency device (sometimes combined with microneedling), which heats the skin to 113°F and causes immediate tightening. It’s all topped off with a Hydra-Facial, which plumps the skin with calming serums and hyaluronic acid.

THE RESULTS: This is the ultimate “wow moment” treatment, because when you walk out of the office, your skin looks like glass—glowing and hydrated. Results last about a week.

THE PRICE: $1,249.


Years ago, women booked chin implants for an ideal profile, but the next generation of chin work uses injections, offering a much more natural effect.

THE EXPERT: Loretta Ciraldo, MD, dermatologist in Miami

THE BEST CANDIDATE: Patients with a recessed or weak chin, or those whose chin has a “cobblestoned,” bumpy appearance.

THE PLAN: Ciraldo injects a thick filler—she favors Juvéderm Vollure—deep in the dermis to enhance the chin’s shape and smooth the skin (she skips topical anesthesia because it may increase swelling). She injects the chin in 4 to 10 places—which may sound like a lot, but, she says, she typically uses only one cc of filler for the entire procedure. The filler gives a nice, pillowy look and feels soft to the touch. One secret to avoiding telltale bruises? Don’t talk during the injections.

THE RESULTS: A smooth chin that appears more proportional to the nose. If you ice right after the procedure (20 minutes on, 20 minutes off) for three hours, you’ll likely look untouched by the time you go to sleep—and enjoy the effect for 18 months.

THE PRICE: Starts at $800.