Harper’s Bazaar Bride



History has seldom been kind to brands, especially those that have retained a sense of old-world charm. But in the case of jewellery makers Kishandas & Co., the balance between traditional craft and modern aesthetic has come almost naturally. Pratiksha Prashant, daughter-in-law of master craftsman Krishnadas Harikishandas, who now takes care of all the marketing initiatives of the brand, elaborates on the singlemost important guideline that the Krishandas forefathers have cherished and abided by for years—build customer trust and expand knowledge. “For 145 years our family has held the knowledge of gems and Hyderabad’s culture of jewel making. Jewellery making for my family is more of a passion than a business. The story dates back to four generations of jewellers, featuring Harlochandas, his son Harkishandas, his son Krishnadas, and the present generation sons—Nitin and Prashant. The Krishnadas family had an enviable clientele, which included members of the Nizams of Hyderabad’s court, his nawabs, their generals, and senior ocers. He built his business bit by bit on trust and knowledge. This elite clientele of the titled, celebrated, decorated, and rich gentry of Hyderabad has proven to be the ultimate testimonial of the family’s jewellery design skills. This family has always been held in high esteem for their expertise, sense of aesthetics, and integrity,” she says. Over the years, Kishandas & Co., has become the go-to jewellery house for works that boast of classicism and a rich heritage and Prashant feels that these attributes have become the hallmark of the brand. At the launch of the brand’s new store, she also stressed on the legacy attached to it. “The new store was originally the house where my father-in-law came to from Charminar in the early 80’s. He was very sentimental of the house and he said he made real major decisions pertaining to business at this place. This house is very close to all of the members since every corner has a memory. When we decided to have a luxury boutique store we thought the old home would bring luck for us as well as warmth for the customer. The store imbibes the legacy and culture of Kishandas.” she concludes.