Knit a staple piece you’ll keep forever – Saskia Thomas’s beginner-friendly jumper



■ Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool, 100% wool, 200g/80m per ball, three (four, four) balls in Mustard Sally (Yarn A), two (three, three) balls in Ivory White (Yarn B), one (two, two) ball in Lilac Powder (Yarn C)

■ 15mm (US 19) knitting needles

■ 12mm (US 17) knitting needles

■ 12mm (US 17) circular needle, 60cm (23 5/8") long

■ Yarn needle


Approx. 6.5 sts and 9 rows to 10cm (4") over stocking stitch on 15mm needles


 st(s) stitch(es) k knit p purl

RS right side

WS wrong side st st stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row repeated) m1l make one st increase by lifting up the horizontal bar before the next st and knitting into the back of it rep repeat

When it comes to fashion, the slower and more considered the making process, the less likely it is to have a detrimental impact on our planet. This super-chunky, oversized dream of a jumper allows you to take control of your wardrobe, making yourself a gorgeous garment that lasts.

If you’ve never picked up a pair of knitting needles before, there’s some amazing tutorials out there – we’re big fans of Wool and the Gang’s easy-to-follow videos at www.woolandthegang.com.


The pattern is written for three sizes – refer to the size chart for specific measurements. The smallest size is shown first, with instructions for the larger sizes shown in brackets where different, i.e. S (M, L). Once the sleeves have been cast off, measure out approximately 1.5 times the sleeve edge in yarn before cutting. Use this yarn to sew the sleeve to the body of the sweater, reducing the amount of ends to weave in.

Front body

Using Yarn C and 15mm needles, cast on 32 (36, 40) sts using the long tail cast on method

Row 1 (RS) (k1, p1) to end of row Rep Row 1 seven times more

Rows 9-24 join Yarn B, starting with a k row work 16 rows of st st, ending after a p row

Row 25 join Yarn A, k2, (m1l, k1) twice, k to last 4 sts, (k1, m1l) twice, k2 [36 (40, 44) sts]

Rows 26-28 k

Row 29 p

Rows 30-31 k

Row 32 p

Rows 33-34 k

Rows 35-36 p

Row 37 join Yarn B, k to end of row

Rows 38-42 (44, 46) starting with a p row, work 5 (7, 9) rows of st st ending after a p row

Shape neckline

Row 43 (45, 47) k11 (13, 15), cast off 14 sts, k11 (13, 15)

Row 44 (46, 48) (WS) p11 (13, 15), leaving remaining 11 (13, 15) sts on the needles for later

Row 45 (47, 49) k

Row 46 (48, 50) p Cast off Rejoin Yarn B to the remaining 11 (13, 15) sts, repeat Rows 46-48 (48-50, 50-52) and cast off

Back body

Work as Front body to end of Row 38

Rows 39-44 (46, 48) starting with a k row, work 8 (10, 12) rows of st st

Row 45 (47, 49) k11 (13, 15), cast off 14 sts, k11 (13, 15)

Row 46 (48, 50) (WS) p11 (13, 15), leaving remaining sts on the needle for later Cast off Rejoin Yarn B to remaining 11 (13, 15) sts, p to end of row and cast off

Sleeves (make two)

Using Yarn C and 12mm knitting needles, cast on 16 (18, 18) sts using the long tail cast on method

Row 1 (RS) (k1, p1) to end of row Rep row 13 times more to form the ribbing

Row 15 (RS) Join Yarn A, k1 (m1l, K1) rep to end of row (31 (35, 35) sts)

Row 16 change to 15mm needles, p to end of row

Row 17 k

Rows 18-21 p

Row 22 k

Row 23 p

Row 24 k

Rows 25-27 p

Row 28 k

Rows 29-30 p

Row 31 k

Row 32 p

Rows 33-36 k

Row 37 p

Row 38 k

Rows 39-40 p

Row 41 k

Row 42 p For smallest size cast off For other sizes rep Rows 41 and 42 twice more, cast off


Sew both shoulders using mattress stitch to form an invisible seam. Next, line up one sleeve against the main body and seam. When the sleeves are attached to the body and the sleeve seams sewn, there will be rows of p mixed with rows of k. To make the rows line up on the sleeve, and for the seam to fit the body, sew the horizontal p bars in groups of two, and revert back to sewing one bar only on a k row. Sew the jumper sides and the sleeve seams using mattress stitch.


Weave in any ends around the neckline into the shoulder seams. Using the 12mm circular needle, pick up 38 sts around the cast off section on the main body as follows: Starting from the centre back neckline working clockwise pick up half the back sts, then 19 along the front before the remaining back half. The front and back sections will both have 19 sts creating an even number of 38 altogether. Make sure the neckline picks up the same stitches front and back, otherwise, the neckline will look odd, and the ribbing will turn into moss stitch. Work 6 rounds of 1 x 1 rib (k1, p1) and cast off in ribbing using one of the 12mm circular needles – this allows the needles to move freely and the sts not to tighten. Weave in any ends to finish.