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FamilyFun February/March 2018

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Every digital issue ( 8 a year) is a wealth of do-able ideas to help you with everything from making a creative sack lunch to planning a birthday party with ease. Look at everything you get ... • Family-favorite recipes that are quick, easy and inexpensive (and win kisses for the cook!) • Fresh ways to turn ordinary activities into extraordinary adventures that kids and grown-ups will enjoy. • Fun, hands-on crafts for Valentine’s Day and homemade goodies for Christmas ... and every special day in between! • Favorite kid-tested, parent-approved vacation ideas ... plus easy ways to preserve your memories for a lifetime. Get all the help and encouragement you need to make every day with your family better than the day before ... say yes to Family Fun now!

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big fun

“Because we imagine, we are free.” Posted on February 25, 2017, by @missmelis1112 The Backstory “We had nothing to do on one brisk winter evening, so my husband, the kids, and I decided to ‘get lost’ and have a spontaneous adventure. We often go out and explore new areas. This time we went to the local lake and stumbled upon a huge, skull-like rock. My husband and kids love to build forts at home, so we all worked together to create the wooden structure around the rock. My husband and I rounded up the larger logs and driftwood to build the frame, while the kids found smaller sticks and placed them where they thought best. I loved seeing all three of my kids work together and feed off each other’s imaginations. After it was…

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who was your kid’s first crush?

My daughter was in love with Hans from Frozen, of all people! And she was only 3. Jessica Helinski Columbus, OH My son was head over heels in love with the same girl since preschool and gave her a cupcake ring on Valentine’s Day. We moved school districts last year, and they still write letters to each other! They are too cute! Kerri Anderson Plum City, WI My 6-year-old son completely loved his babysitter! He was heartbroken when she got married. Jennifer Cox Mountain Home, ID When my son was in preschool, he was in love with a girl name Rachel and talked about marrying her. One day I asked if he was going to marry her, and he said, “No, I don’t have a tux!” Mary Fessler Centerville, OH When my son was in kindergarten, he wanted…

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join us in the family kindness challenge

When it seems like there’s nothing but stres sful news in the world, there’s only one thing to do: Spread as much joy as you can! A new program called The Great Kindness Challenge: Family Edition encourages—and empowers— families to not only deepen their connections with each other, but their communities too. The program grew out of an in-school initiative created in 2012 by the Carlsbad, CA-based nonprofit Kids for Peace, led by veteran teacher and cofounder Jill McManigal. She and a group of students brainstormed a checklist of 50 ways to be kind at school during a single week. “It was a way for kids to do something positive to create a culture of inclusion, joy, and respect,” McManigal says. The program was a hit at the three founding schools,…

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the great kindness challenge: family edition

▪ Smile at 25 people. ▪ Take a treat to your local firefighters. ▪ Do a household chore without being asked. ▪ Donate something to an animal shelter. ▪ Take a board game to play at a senior center. ▪ Read a book to a younger child. ▪ Make a thank-you card for your librarians. ▪ Entertain someone with a happy dance. ▪ Create a family gratitude jar. ▪ Cheer for every player on both teams. ▪ Deliver a special gift to a child in the hospital. ▪ Make a new friend or welcome a new neighbor. ▪ Send a card or gift to a military family. ▪ Walk or pet an animal-but ask first! ▪ Go a full day without complaining. ▪ Hold the door open for someone. ▪ Learn to say "thank you" in a new language. ▪ Embrace your family with a big hug. ▪…

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winter flicks

February 9 PETER RABBIT The classic nursery story is brought to life with a mix of animation and live-action. The bunny with no pants battles Mr. McGregor to win the love of their next-door neighbor. Expect lots of attitude and hijinks from Peter as he stops at nothing to prevail. February 16 EARLY MAN Go on a journey back to the beginning of time in this hilarious stopmotion animated movie. Your whole tribe will love watching as the cavemen and women, led by main character Dug, compete in a soccer game to save their home from being taken over by Lord Nooth and the Bronze Age City. March 9 A WRINKLE IN TIME After Meg Murry’s scientist father goes missing, she and a friend embark on a fantasy adventure through time and space with help from celestial beings…

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presidential sweets

For Abe: Start by drawing a face on a vanilla wafer using a black edible marker. Use one square of a chocolate bar as the top of the hat, and a thin slice of chocolate as the brim. Place mini chocolate chips around the rest of the circle for the perfect beard. Secure all the features using a toothpick dipped in frosting. For George: Again, start by using a black edible marker to draw a face onto a vanilla wafer cookie. Cut mini marshmallows into pieces to use for George’s hair. Then for the collar, flatten and cut another mini marshmallow. Place a mini chocolate chip in the center. Secure all the features with frosting applied with a toothpick.…