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FamilyFun February - March 2017

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Every digital issue ( 8 a year) is a wealth of do-able ideas to help you with everything from making a creative sack lunch to planning a birthday party with ease. Look at everything you get ... • Family-favorite recipes that are quick, easy and inexpensive (and win kisses for the cook!) • Fresh ways to turn ordinary activities into extraordinary adventures that kids and grown-ups will enjoy. • Fun, hands-on crafts for Valentine’s Day and homemade goodies for Christmas ... and every special day in between! • Favorite kid-tested, parent-approved vacation ideas ... plus easy ways to preserve your memories for a lifetime. Get all the help and encouragement you need to make every day with your family better than the day before ... say yes to Family Fun now!

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books & boys

When I tell people I’m in a mother-son book club, the first thing they usually say is, “Really? With boys? And they actually, you know, participate?” Yep! Yep! And (mostly) yep! This genius idea was proposed by my friend Yvonne Bibas a couple of years ago when our kids were in third grade. Her son, Ty, wanted to be in a book club like his older sister—and his friends all agreed. Our group is just five pairs, and we take turns hosting (usually every other month). Probably about two thirds of the meeting is devoted to Nerf battles for them and catching up over wine for us. But then we gather around the table for dinner, and the boys pull discussion questions from a bowl. Sometimes they answer pretty thoughtfully.…

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There is a lot of stressful stuff happening in the big world out there , and chances are there’s a lot in your little world at home too. This is called Life. But you know what else is going on ? Laughing and cooking and getting the fluffiest cloud of cotton candy ever for dessert. That’s right, there’s FUN happening too! Tons of it. So starting this month, we’re inviting everyone to join our new #HowWeFun campaign by sharing all the kooky, silly, and just plain happy ways you’re enjoying life—with your kids, your friends, your coworkers, even your pets! Just post your pictures and comments on Instagram and tag us. We’ll regram our favorites online and in the mag, spreading the smiles far and wide. Need a little inspo?…

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seeing double

EXTRA-BIG IDEAS FOR YOUR EXTRA-FUN FAMILY Tip Try it with a friend! Each of you takes one half to add in details—did you make the same things? 1. Fold a piece of heavyweight paper in half, then open it. 2. Mix ¼ cup tempera paint with 1 to 2 Tbs. water for your “ink.” Make a bunch of colors! 3. Dip a piece of yarn into the paint, then squeeze it between your fingers to remove the excess. Arrange the string on one side of the paper with an end hanging off the edge. Add another color, if you’d like. 4. Fold the paper. Place a heavy book on top, then hold it down as you slowly pull out the yarn. Open the paper, then let the image dry. Think about what it might be! 5. Add…

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i couldn’t believe it when i came home to find ...

Our cat Booboo Kitty had polished off a loaf of bread, English muffins, and half a package of corn tortillas. Patty VelosSunnyvale, CA Our dog Teddy waiting in line for the ice-cream man. Eve MahoneyJacksonville, FL Tiki, our Moluccan cockatoo, had locked our cat Sylvester in her cage and was flying around laughing like a crazy bird! Pat and Arlene NevinMount Vernon, WA My cat had gotten into my yarn and woven it around the couch and every table leg! It was a perfect “cat’s cradle” creation! Kathy BooteSpring Lake, MI My Chow Chow had eaten a wedding cake sitting on the dining-room table. Joan Coley MercerChesapeake, VA HAVE MORE FAMILYFUN ONLINE! We want to hear from you! Show us your projects and ideas with #howwefun. @familyfunmag @FamilyFun FamilyFun FamilyFunmag chitchat RAISE YOUR VOICE If you’ve ever been disappointed by the messages girls…

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hang in there!

COOL THINGS TO MAKE AND DO TOGETHER WOOLLY PAJAKI CHANDELIER WHAT YOU’LL NEED □Inner ring of a 14-inch embroidery hoop □8 yards of cotton string □Large child-safe needle □24 paper straws □108 two-inch pre-cut felt circles (find them on amazon.com) or 7 sheets of felt, cut into 2-inch circles □3 yards of pom-pom trim, various colors □4 skeins of yarn, various colors WHAT TO DO 1. Help your child prep all the pieces (this can take a while!): Cut the string into six 42-inch strands. Cut each straw into five equal pieces. Poke holes in all the felt circles. Cut the pompom trim into six 18-inch pieces. Use the yarn to create 7 big pom-poms, 6 small pom-poms, 1 big tassel, and 6 smaller tassels (see details below; we made each group a different color but used two different colors for…

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you’ve got mail!

GUESS WHAT? You can mail anything up to 70 pounds and 108 inches total (length + width), as long as it won’t leak or get crushed in transit. Find guidelines at pe.usps.com. the lesson Any experience with writing boosts children’s language and motor skills. But did you know that it can have a strong emotional benefit too? Letter-writing is great for the “Four C’s”: compassion, connection, creativity, and calm. “When you put a pen to paper, it lights up the parts of the brain associated with creativity and de-stressing,” says Karen Benke, author of Rip the Page: Adventures in Creative Writing . “In this fast-paced world, it’s soothing for children to sit down and get lost in this tactile experience.” Sounds amazing, right? Too bad any mention of writing can sound like work…