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FHM Australia September 2020

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the greatest 80’s action movies you’ve got to see again!

DIE HARD Seen by many as the ultimate ‘80s action film and of course the connoisseurs Christmas movie of choice, the first Die Hard was near perfect. Unlike other movies on this list, our protagonist John McClane was an everyday man, a totally relatable schlub that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is still to this day Bruce Willis’ greatest role and McClane’s cocky charisma and constant one-liners elevated the character to action movie greats. NYPD cop John McClane goes on a Christmas vacation to visit his wife Holly in Los Angeles where she works for the Nakatomi Corporation. While they are at the Nakatomi HQ for a Christmas party, a group of criminals led by Hans Gruber takes control of the building and holds everyone hostage,…

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There are certain things you expect when going into a movie starring Tom Hanks. For starters, he always winds up a hero. Astronaut, army ranger, airline pilot, or even Forest Gump – all earn medals of honor for their acts of valor. He also uses familiarity to his advantage. Audiences needn’t waste time deciphering the character’s moral code, they already know where Hank stands from past films. His trademark is goodwill. In Hollywood, good guys finish first. Cmdr. Ernerst Krause, Hank’s role in the new World War II nautical drama Greyhound, is indeed a good guy, but also a troubled one. Krause is tasked with commanding a Fletcher-class destroyer. Nicknamed Greyhound, the ship is packed with soldiers, canons, radars, and tasked with crossing a dangerous stretch of the Atlantic called the…

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the best projectors ...to get for your home today!

With movie cinemas seemingly closed for a while still, the ultimate movie-going experience might be lost to many. However, with some of the new projectors available on the market today, you can bring the big screen experience right into your home, and watch your favorite films in crystal clear projection. It’s the full one cinema experience without the annoying sticky floors, stale overpriced popcorn and rude fellow patrons. A win-win for everyone. LG HU85LA CineBeam The South Korean tech giant has always prided itself on its screen quality and that pride has shifted over to their projectors as well. The Cinebeam is arguably the best projector on the market, featuring an incredible ultra-short throw that allows for a massive display that is merely inches away from the wall. At 2.2 inches away,…

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rachel michele

HOW EXCITED WERE YOU TO BE IN FHM? I am beyond excited! FHM magazine has always published beautiful content and having the opportunity to be a part of that is truly exhilarating! MODELING IS A BIG PART OF YOUR LIFE, COULD YOU TELL US WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START AND WHAT YOUR JOURNEY HAS BEEN LIKE TO GET TO THIS POINT? I am a fitness coach and have always preached to my clients that body positivity and embracing the skin you are in is not only important, but it is also empowering. At first, I got into modeling because I loved how I felt in front of the camera. With every shutter of the camera my confidence and love for my body and my spirit grew! I have continued to expand my modeling…

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the best skate boarding games ever

SHAUN WHITE SKATEBOARDING The coolest ginger in the world, Shaun White rose to prominence through his insane snowboarding ability, yet that didn’t stop him from making an appearance in the skateboarding world back in 2010. Shaun White Skateboarding is far from a realistic representation of the extreme sport and focused more on easy to pull off tricks and out doing their combos. The story as well is ridiculous, as our fiery redhead finds himself in a world where skateboarding is illegal, and because of this, the color has drained out of the world, leaving all us cool kids to live in monotone black and white. Fortunately Sean White is here to break the rules and bring back color to the world as you skate around, pulling off tricks that magically bring…

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microsoft flight simulator

From the dawn of time, man has looked at birds and thought “damn I wish I could fly”. Through the centuries that dream has mostly become a reality, with flying around the globe now a common occurrence. Unfortunately for the majority of us, that means sitting in economy class, fighting for armrest space, and desperately trying to avoid the strong body odor from the guy next to you. Not quite what the Wright brothers had in mind when they took their legendary first flight. Fortunately for gamers, there have always been solid flight simulators that put you in control of an airplane and allowed you to fly wherever your heart desired from the comfort of your PC gaming chair. The most popular series in this genre has been Microsoft Flight…