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Filmfare August 2018

For over 6 decades Filmfare has been the official handbook on bollywood for their die-hard fans. With its exclusive interviews, classy photoshoots, insider stories, bollywood fashion coverage, movie reviews and special features; Filmfare captures Bollywood's biggest stars & divas at their colourful, candid, beautiful, quirky and even spoilt best

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letter from the editor

Young and restless The promos are out and it’s already a winner. Dhadak seems like a film, which is going to make you fall in love with its leads Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter. By the looks of it, they are poised to be India’s next sweethearts for a long, long time to come. Looks like Dharma has got its hands on the next big romantic pair. Dhadak is a remake of Sairat but the promos carry shades of Dharma Productions, what with exotic locations, brightly lit scenes and a vibrant colour palette. Karan Johar needs to revisit college romance. How I’d love to have him direct the young hopefuls in the near future!Ishaan has proved himself as an actor in Majid Majidi’s Beyond The Clouds. Majidi is known…

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“Ours is going to be a lifelong friendship. It felt like being on set with your best friend. Touchwood! There was a lovely energy on the set during the entire making of Dhadak . Janhvi and I have just been honest and straight up with each other. We’ve been passionate about our work. Also, we’ve been able to share our feelings and our vulnerabilities.” Ishaan Khatter on his special bond with Janhvi Kapoor ■…

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the sunshine girl

“I DON’T BELIEVE I’M A CELEBRITY. I WAS SICK OF MYSELF DURING THE PROMOTIONS. I’D WAKE UP IN THE MORNING, LOOK AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR AND BE LIKE ‘CHEE YAAR... WAPIS NAHI!’ I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING TO EARN THIS MUCH ATTENTION” She walks into the room asking if she can take a one-minute breather. She’s tired after giving a gazillion interviews. Fortunately, I’m the last one. She munches on a sweet and asks for an Americano to get her energy buzzing, all this while feeling apologetic. She may be tired but her face is ablaze. The sparkle of youth and the fire to prove herself is evident in her doe eyes. She may have made her debut with Dhadak but the fact is that Janhvi Kapoor…

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the millennial sensation

“KARAN SIR (JOHAR) HAS INFLUENCED ME GREATLY. HE’S INTELLIGENT, HE’S PERCEPTIVE, HE’S HILARIOUS AND HE’S THOUGHTFUL. HE THINKS AHEAD OF TIME... HE MAKES FILMS WITH HIS HEART” His energy reminds you of Ranveer Singh, his playfulness is somewhat like Varun Dhawan and of course there’s a lot of brother Shahid Kapoor too. Yet, Ishaan Khatter is unique. He grew up in the world of movies and now he’s all geared up to own it. Though an industry kid, he’s worked his way up the alley. After an unconventional but highly acclaimed start with Majid Majidi’s Beyond The Clouds, Ishaan has made a full-blown splash in Hindi movies with Dharma Productions’ Dhadak. Bigwigs are already placing their bets on his unrehearsed spontaneity. Ask him about his journey and…

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chennai express

Filmfare editor, Jitesh Pillaai, actor Trisha and Senior Vice President Jio, Mr TC Sudhir interact with the media Trisha lights the ceremonial lampTo herald the 65 Jio Filmfare Awards (South) 2018, the night that honours excellence in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada cinema, a press conference was held in Chennai on May 29, 2018. The gorgeous Trisha lit the ceremonial lamp and unveiled the nominations in the presence of Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillaai and Senior Vice President Jio, Mr TC Sudhir.Looking stunning in a black maxi, Trisha spoke about her association with Filmfare and her fond memories attached to the awards. The actor recalled the time when she had won her first Filmfare Award. “I won my first Filmfare Award for my Telugu film Varsham (2004). There is this…

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southern sonata

The recently held 65 Jio Filmfare Awards South 2018 was a night to remember. The veterans as well as the debutants of the four South industries descended in droves to honour those, whose work was deemed the best in the past year. The applause was deafening and many an eye turned moist with emotion as the evening progressed... Presenting exclusive details from our special evening... ■…