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Filmfare September 19, 2017

For over 6 decades Filmfare has been the official handbook on bollywood for their die-hard fans. With its exclusive interviews, classy photoshoots, insider stories, bollywood fashion coverage, movie reviews and special features; Filmfare captures Bollywood's biggest stars & divas at their colourful, candid, beautiful, quirky and even spoilt best

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riding the clothes horse...

Fashion is the opium of the youth. And it’s our films, which dole out that drug. We heard of people getting inspired by Dev Anand’s jackets, Rajesh Khanna’s kurtas and Amitabh Bachchan’s hairstyle in the past. The ’90s heralded a new wave of sartorial elegance. Clothes weren’t sourced from dresswallahs anymore but from designer boutiques around the world. It became fashionable for stars to flaunt that label in films. I guess it was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that more or less heralded that change. And movies haven’t been the same ever since. The Indian economy was opening up; Indian youth were no longer satisfied with the desi stuff and were keen to emulate the stars. If they couldn’t afford the original, a fashion street or a Sarojini market could always…

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f&b fasion and beauty

Filmfare’s Fashion Carnival ...And God created fashion on the first holiday after He completed the world. Human beings have been blessed with an innate sense of fashion and style. The beacon of this talent is held by celebrities. And like all royalty, our Bollywood stars also own this opulent space. So as we roll into September aka the holy month of fashion as celebrated by moguls across the globe, Filmfare presents an exclusive spread of fashion features and articles that chronicle everything and anything stylish under the sun in showbiz. Turn the pages to read the commandments of style as the stars carry it……

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bollywood’s most fashionable

Global Fusion PRIYANKA CHOPRA What’s her thing: Glam goddess 24x7 She’s in love with: Bold lips, bolder silhouettes What we dig: Experimental yet effortless, Priyanka Chopra’s style evolution has been at par with her ascent as a global star. As we speak, she’s strutting down the streets of NYC and inspiring both awe and envy in the hearts of fashionistas around the world. “Whenever I go shopping, I unconsciously look for clothes for PC! She has seeped into my DNA. Priyanka’s personal style is reflective of her personality and her career. She’s never afraid to take risks. She pushes me to think out-of-the-box. That’s why we’ve had a lot of firsts - whether it’s wearing a hoodie on the red carpet or a fluorescent hue. That risks do pay off is something I’ve learnt…

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fashion bible 2017

A for Androgyny, B for Bespoke and C for Couture. We’re not emulating Karl Lagerfeld teaching young fashionistas the basics of sartorial-savvy at ESMOD. We’re trying to encapsulate the entire universe of celeb fashion into a glossary – the entire gamut of st yle jargon, trends and secrets spelled out as simple as ABC. We encourage you to indulge in your wildest fashion dreams and commit more than 7 stylish sins. This exclusive A to Z lexicon has ever ything that Hindi film actors and actresses swear by. There can be no red carpet excellence or film promotion tour madness without these 26 style trends. If it’s made of fabric, if it was conceived in a studio and if it was ever meant to adorn a celebrity body, it’s here…

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fashion poll

FASHION AND FILMS are like BFFs. Intrinsically connected, you can’t achieve superstardom without inherent style. Ask the youth to name their fashion idols and they’d probably list out 10 actors before they get to names like Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. Movies are the medium through which people discover and design their sartorial sensibilities. So asking the final word from the commoners, Filmfare brings you the definitive fashion poll of 2017. Young adults list out their fashion favourites in these categories. Here are the celebrities and films that currently define what’s in vogue. REIGNING QUEEN OF FASHION Seldom does someone’s persona overpower couture. Deepika Padukone is one star who does that. Naturally, then the public has voted for her as the ‘Reigning Queen of Fashion’ in our poll. Giving her tough competition…

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a closet affair

ALIA BHATT If you were an outfit what would you be? Something comfortable like an athleisure outfit, track pants and a nice ganjee with a jacket or otherwise just my favourite pyjamas. Your favourite colour… My few favourites would be – blue, white, beige and nude tones, which look good on me. Black would be another favourite. Favourite designer… Manish Malhotra because he’s so versatile. My favourite international designer is Zadig & Voltaire. I also like the new Gucci collection. A favourite item in your wardrobe… My gym clothes as they’re the most comfortable. A beauty secret… What our grandmothers have been telling us - drink a lot of water! Sleep is important for the skin and so is the goodness of aloe vera. Also, stick to just one face wash and one moisturiser – something that suits you. Finest fashion…