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November 2019

Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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I recently returned from a week on the Pacific atoll of Christmas Island. This small island in the middle of nowhere is one of the fishiest places on earth. Inside the vast lagoon, swarms of bonefish, GTs and triggerfish swim the shallow flats and provide exciting fishing on fly and lure. Just offshore there’s an untapped fishery for sailfish, yellowfin, wahoo, and who knows what else... The island has been on the radar of travelling fishos for over 30 years and is widely known as one of the best places on earth to target bonefish. Americans and Aussies frequent the island and help keep the fragile economy ticking along, employing guides and service staff across the fishing lodges on the island. Being a guide is a prestigious job in these parts. Just like…

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fishing world

Editor Scott Thomas Ph: (02) 9213 8278 scottthomas@yaffa.com.au Field Editors David Green, Greg Finney, Sami Omari, Dave Rae, Chris Cleaver Technical Editor Mark Williams Marine Biology Editor Dr Ben Diggles Environment Editor John Newbery Foreign Editor Martin Salter SA Correspondent Jamie Crawford NT Correspondent Peter Zeroni VIC Correspondent Martin Auldist Staff Photographer Shane Chalker Illustrator Chris Palatsides Contributing Writers Ben Caddaye, Michael Tweedie, Zac Panaretos Mark Frendin Publisher & Sales Manager Chris Yu Ph: (02) 9213 8270 chrisyu@yaffa.com.au Advertising Production Luke Buckley Ph: (02) 9213 8216 lukebuckley@yaffa.com.au Marketing Manager Lucy Yaffa Marketing Specialist Simon Ancone…

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battle tactics

I made a long cast up onto a shallow flat. The tide had filled the edges of the sand flat, and in the narrow window of water I knew there was a good chance that a few big flathead would be hunting whiting in the shallows. It was an experimental trip, where we were trying to perfect a few new tactics in preparation for an upcoming tournament. The lure was a Mega Bass eel, a strange looking articulated lure that had so far proven to be a completely fish free purchase. We’d already caught a couple of monster flathead, and it was time to put this expensive piece of Japanese plastic to its final test, but my confidence in this lure was very low. I retrieved the lure in a series…

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major changes to queensland fisheries regulations

THE Palaszczuk Government has announced some major changes to Queensland fishing legislation effective September 1, 2019. These include a number of changes to rebuild snapper, pearl perch and scallop stocks. Which are all considered depleted by the Queensland Department of Fisheries and Agriculture, with stock levels reportedly under the nationally recommended 20% biomass level. Changes for recreational fishers include: • A new annual seasonal closure for snapper and pearl perch from 15 July to 15 August. • Increasing the size limit of pearl perch from 35cm to 38cm. • Removing extended charter catch limits for snapper and pearl perch. • New boat limits for mud crab, prawns, snapper, black jewfish, barramundi, Spanish mackerel, shark, tropical rock lobster and sea cucumber, which hold the operator of the boat responsible for ensuring no more than 2 times the possession…

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why have bag & size limits?

Regulations involving size, bag and possession limits are one of the main tools used to manage recreational fisheries. The goal of such regulations is to help ensure healthy and sustainable fisheries for future generations. Size limits are imposed to allow fish to reach maturity and complete their breeding cycle while bag and possession limits help ensure species aren’t overfished and that everyone gets a fair share of the resource. It’s important you have a good understanding of relevant bag and size limits before you head out for a fish. Taking undersized fish or exceeding your bag/possession limit can result in pretty hefty fines – and ignorance is no excuse! Information about bag and size limits in NSW is widely available across a range of digital and traditional media formats. Probably the easiest and most…

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what’s new

STORM 360GT BISCAY MINNOW AND 360GT BISCAY SHAD DESIGNED with long casting and fast winding in mind, but still at home fished slowly in shallow and deep-water situations, the 360GT Coastal Biscay Minnow features a slim, supple body rigged to a tapered jig head with a fixed hook. An additional chin eyelet gives the option of adding an assist hook or blade. The weighted head and body combination allow you to cast further and fish deeper. The subtle paddle tail kicks with life-like action and incredible vibration, even at slow speeds. The Storm 360GT Biscay Shad swims with a significantly enhanced life-like action to that of most other baits. The super subtle body is fixed to the head by a free- swinging screw and VMC hook that rest perfectly hidden within the…