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fighting fish, not enemies

FREEDOM IS A WAY OF LIFE we often take for granted. Living in the United States, we’re privileged to have the freedom to travel where we want, whenever we want. Americans also enjoy the freedom to choose and the freedom to vote. We enjoy freedom of speech, self expression and the right to peaceful assembly. Regardless of gender, religion or race, equality allows everyone in any of the 50 states an opportunity to chase their dreams, however far-fetched they might be. However, we owe these rights and our freedom in large part to the men and women who risk their lives on behalf of our country and our citizens. Today, over one million active-duty military personnel and nearly as many reservists risk life and limb locally and abroad fighting terrorism, fighting…

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changes in latitude

IN 2017, THE BAHAMIAN GOVERNMENT introduced a host of controversial and unwarranted flats fishing regulations that shocked an industry dedicated to conservation and catch and release. With rumors of tourism down across the archipelago, I’ve read several online reports stating the rules have since been suspended pending further review. Do you have any official updates? - Jonathan Craft While the discomforting legislation originally proposed a comprehensive ban on DIY fishing, a revised draft has been executed that clears some of the confusion allowing visitors to walk the flats without offense. However, reports of extreme difficulties in obtaining the new license, and then overzealous and intimidating policing of regulations, are troublesome in what’s supposed to be a tropical paradise where visitors can leave their worries behind. Issued by the Department of Marine Resources,…

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first coast fiddlers

ANGLERS IN NORTHEAST FLORIDA are fortunate to have a very special fishery in their back yard that only occurs when specific conditions align. While most of the state is engrossed with migrating mullet, during the coming months extreme high tides flood marshy spartina flats along the First Coast. With acres of fiddler crabs not normally accessible, redfish and anglers alike are eager to investigate. Highly regarded among those in the know and somewhat of a mystery to others, fall flood tides present the ultimate shallow water sight fishing opportunities, though timing in this endeavor must be impeccable. There’s no showing up to this party fashionably late, or you’ll likely miss the entire event. Unlike other shallow water fisheries where tailing game fish are common occurrences, along the northeast coast of Florida inshore…

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laws of probability

MORE THAN NEARLY ANY OTHER APPROACH or presentation, slow pitch jigging is an intricate system. This is not just a trendsetting technique. Requiring extremely specialized tackle and an intimate understanding of every component involved, the entirety must work in unison to be effective. Although many anglers deploy jigs with pre-rigged hooks, there are many benefits to fabricating your own. Generally, slow pitch jigs are outfitted with two upper hooks and two lower hooks. Hook sizes range from 1/0 to 3/0, though I typically use 3/0 or 4/0 hooks and found this to be the sweet spot for most fisheries in South Florida. At first glance, after a quick joke about our flimsy rods, most outsiders looking in pose the question, “Why are there so many hooks?” Well, the reason is twofold. First,…

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barometer or bust

NO MATTER WHERE IN THE WORLD YOU FISH or what you fish for, maximizing your potential requires an expansive set of skills and a deep understanding of how various environmental factors, direct and indirect, influence the game fish you seek. On this seemingly never-ending list of considerations, barometric pressure and its effects on different fisheries is one of the most puzzling concepts. While the tide, temperature, water clarity and moon phase are known influencers of various Florida fisheries, barometric pressure is a measurement that anglers often overlook. Unfortunately, barometric pressure is more difficult to accurately predict than other important conditions, but it certainly has an effect on game fish behavior and a basic understanding of the concept can be beneficial in making the most of time spent on the water. There is…

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gear guide

Temple Fork Outfitters Inshore Series Website: tforods.com MSRP: $159.95 Specs ▸12 models ▸Lifetime warranty Tailing reds are no match and tarpon are taught a lesson in respect with the all-new Inshore Series from Temple Fork Outfitters. Starting with new tapers and a combination of IM carbon fibers reinforced with an exclusive woven scrim, TFO has engineered the perfect rod for the modern inshore angler. Non-glare, sky blue blanks are outfitted with skeletal reel seats and matching carbon fiber inserts. Premium cork with burl caps and accents are complemented by Fuji’s new corrosion control K-Series guides with FazLite inserts. On top of it all, the new Inshore Series rods are backed by TFO’s legendary no-fault lifetime warranty. Seigler LG Website: seigler.fish MSRP: $400.00 Specs ▸Made in the U.S.A. ▸6.0:1 gear ratio Boasting an impressive 600 yard capacity of 20 lb. monofilament and 6.0:1 gear ratio, the…