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Florida Sport Fishing January/February 2019

The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

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queens of the sea

AROUND THE COUNTRY, WOMEN OF ALL AGES represent the largest emerging market within the recreational sport fishing industry. If the trend continues, one day in the not so distant future there may be just as many women on the water as men. According to a recent study by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, 45 percent of new participants are women. Additionally, women have become the fastest growing demographic in the fly-fishing sector. The increase in female participation is largely due to a number of key factors. For starters, leading manufacturers looking to improve their bottom line now produce a wide array of fishing tackle and related accessories designed solely for females. Lighter and more comfortable gear is a huge morale boost for women, as many wives and girlfriends have been…

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I AM HAVING TROUBLE FINDING FISH in Florida. I can pattern bass like a pro in my home waters of Ohio, but a job transfer landed me in Tampa and it is a struggle deciding where to fish. I don’t have much saltwater experience and to me every stretch of shoreline looks fishy. How do I find likely areas where snook, redfish and trout will stage amid such extensive mangrove habitat? – Tom Bartilles It should come as no surprise that consistent success across saltwater environs is dependent on knowing where and when to fish. In many freshwater venues, large and smallmouth bass are highly predictable. The best anglers can observe, identify and pattern both repetitious behavior and seasonal movements that are influenced by changes in water temperature and available daylight.…

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imitation crab

AS MANUFACTURING MATERIALS AND PROCESSES continue to evolve, leading lure designers are mastering new ways to mimic live forage in precise size, shape, color and action. Amid a plethora of potential forage, crustaceans represent the most species-rich group of marine animals, with many different types of crabs routinely encountered across Florida’s intertidal ecosystems. With any lure, factors like size, weight, action and color are all worthwhile considerations, regardless of venue. Additionally, anglers must be aware of the natural forage present in a given area before choosing the right offering. In coastal shallows around Florida and throughout much of the world, various crab species are consistently preyed upon by a myriad of predators. However, the availability of live crabs in bait shops is not always a sure thing, and procuring these crustaceans…

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MONOFILAMENT FISHING LINE HAS LONG been a crucial component to successful sport fishing. However, making the proper selection amid the dizzying array of choices available to the modern angler is not as simple as one might imagine. Among the many factors that must be taken into consideration, color is one of the most crucial depending on the target species, water clarity, depth and presentation. Whether stealth is a priority or you need to see every line in the spread from a distance, the color of your fishing line matters. While some anglers with minimal experience may simply default to clear monofilament for use in every application because of its inherent transparency, different situations call for specialized tackle and rigging, and this is certainly the case when choosing monofilament main line. To…

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lick the spoon

THE MASSIVE SELECTION OF LURES accessible to today’s inshore anglers is truly remarkable, with options available for almost any scenario encountered atop the shallows. While manufacturers continue to successfully produce extremely lifelike imitations, the simple spoon has remained relatively unchanged and is still one of the most trusted offerings among experienced inshore anglers. With so many lures available that look, swim, feel and even sometimes smell exactly like the forage species they are intended to mimic, it seems somewhat bizarre that something as archaic and unshapely as a metal spoon is one of the most effective offerings an angler can use. Though these versatile artificials do not feature intricate details such as eyes, fins and convincing color patterns, metal spoons in gold, silver and bronze have a distinct reputation for enticing…

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gear guide

Edson ComfortGrip Strips Website: edsonmarine.com MSRP: $25.00, $29.00 Specs ▸Suitable for 1- to 1-1/4 in. diameter tubing ▸3M adhesive The classic finger grips on the Edson PowerWheel you’ve come to love can now be applied to a variety of curved railings and tubing ensuring you always have a comfortable, non-slip hold. Available in 8 and 12 inch variants, these high-quality santoprene ComfortGrip Strips are backed with 3M adhesive to provide lasting durability amid the harsh marine environment. Ideal for boarding handles, grab rails, swim ladders, tiller steering, gaffs and much more. Ballyhood Banchee Supreme Website: ballyhood.com MSRP: $99.00 Specs ▸Length: 11 in.▸Weight: 48 oz. Although the Banchee Supreme has remained unchanged for years, this heavy hitter is still one of the most productive wahoo lures available. Shocking at first sight, this massive piece of chrome-plated brass is adorned with quadruple mylar skirts, nine…