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Florida Sport Fishing March/April 2019

The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

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South Florida Sport Fishing
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COVER DESIGNS ARE A HOT TOPIC at Florida Sport Fishing. In the beginning, we exclusively featured work from the best marine artists, including Pasta Pantaleo, Don Ray, Carey Chen, Peter Agardy, K.C. Scott and Dennis Friel. Their brushstrokes melted reality and a number of those early designs remain my favorites. A painting or illustration, whether oil, acrylic, digital or pencil, is a unique interpretation from an individual’s point of view. Some of the portrayals are so lifelike and anatomically correct that they are hard to differentiate from the real thing. And here I am, barely capable of drawing a stick figure. Paintings memorializing majestic game fish in their natural habitat are classic and commonly seen adorning office walls, apparel, boat wraps and much more. No one can argue the mass appeal of…

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wake of the wind

IT SEEMS THAT ANYTIME I FISH TOPWATER a knot develops in my braided line. I’ve tried spooling with fresh line, have changed brands and even experimented with 4- and 8-carrier braids. How do I lessen the frequency of annoying wind knots? – Chris Kline Though bass fishermen largely prefer baitcasting reels for their impressive accuracy, across Florida’s saltwater environments spinning reels are the casting outfits of choice. However, with the inherent design of the fixed spool and widespread preference to fishing with thin-diameter braided main line, anglers are confronted with periodic wind knots. In what would more accurately be defined as casting knots, these often impossible to untangle snarls are the direct result of slack line. While not completely avoidable, the prevalence of casting knots can be decreased with a few simple…

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exquisite anchovies

THE MOST FLAVORFUL AND COMPLEX anchovies are scooped from the Bay of Biscay along Spain’s Atlantic coastline and heralded by culinary creationists across the world. Along the Eastern Seaboard and across the Gulf of Mexico, bay anchovy are the most abundant forage fish, but they are not to be rolled around a caper or tossed in a Niçoise salad. These tiny baitfish effectively foster the marine web. Around the globe there are more than 140 species of anchovy within the family Engraulidae. Similar in appearance to herring and silversides, anchovy are filter-feeders and their gill rakers act like a sieve in straining food items from the water. They rely on small animal matter and, in turn, play an important role in the flux of nutrients up the food chain to larger predators.…

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sticky fingers

SOFT-BODIED LURES OF MANY VARIETIES have become staple artificial offerings amid Florida’s diverse statewide fisheries, though improper storage of these eclectic enticements can cause unnecessary confusion and significantly inhibit their effectiveness and shelf life. With many options available, a collection of soft plastics can quickly turn into a disorganized mess as anglers continue to stock their arsenals in bulk. It’s been sarcastically said that many of the modern lures available online and crowding the shelves of tackle stores are created to more effectively catch anglers than fish, with wildly intricate designs and features that sometimes seem unnecessary. However, the simplicity of imitation soft plastics should not be overlooked, as experienced inshore anglers continue to prove the effectiveness of these versatile fakes. Soft plastics are available in a massive variety of sizes, shapes…

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cleared for landing

UNLESS YOU ARE A PASSIONATE ANGLER, you’ll never know the pain and heartbreak associated with losing trophy fish boatside. It’s kind of like watching your favorite team’s kicker miss the extra point. With the hard work accomplished, all that’s left is to punch it through the uprights. Fortunately, the newest landing nets feature impressive functionality that help anglers avoid an ill-fated end game. Proper fish handling techniques are paramount in securing prized catches as they battle to free themselves from an unfamiliar tether. And while it’s customary to gaff larger quarry that’s destined for the fishbox, landing nets provide anglers with an effective method of controlling sport fish that are destined to be released. With that being said, smaller table fare like blackfin tuna, snapper, tilefish and schoolie dolphin can also…

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gear guide

Havalon Talon Whether you’re steaking a swordfish, slicing bonito for belly strips or skinning snapper fillets, quality cutlery is essential. Fortunately, the new Havalon Talon featuring the Quik-Change II internal locking mechanism allows for the seamless change of blade styles and sizes. Kit includes a 5-inch fillet blade, two 7-inch fillet blades, 3 ½ inch semi-serrated blade and rugged nylon roll pack. AUS-8 stainless steel Quik-Change II locking handle havalon.com $89.99 BOTE Dock Highly stable, incredibly durable and offering 100 square feet of floating fun, the BOTE Dock is an inflatable swim platform that’s perfect for the lake, beach, sandbar or open ocean. Like the award-winning inflatable paddleboards from BOTE, the Dock achieves unsurpassed rigidity using composite drop stitch fibers and military-grade PVC. The textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides ample cushion…