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Florida Sport Fishing May/June 2019

The most comprehensive resource for resident and visiting saltwater and freshwater anglers and boaters in Florida and beyond. Each issue is jam-packed with revealing editorials and informative departments complimented by award winning covers, spectacular photography and creative illustrations. Published by fishermen for fishermen!

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South Florida Sport Fishing
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cultivating the bite

I LIKE TO THINK THAT SPENDING thousands of hours on the water has taught me a thing or two about saltwater fishing. However, even with a lifetime of experience it’s impossible to always land on the bite. I’ve come to grips with admitting periodic failure, since we all know not every trip produces a full fishbox or ‘rigger draped with release flags. The aftermath of a dismal day wondering if I should have veered north instead of south, or targeted the surface instead of the seafloor, always leaves me scratching my head in frustration. The good thing is that with the agony of defeat comes the thrill of victory and successful pursuits leave me feeling as though I’m on top of the world. With this confidence, no fish is safe. Constantly chasing…

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can’t stop, won’t stop

LAST WEEKEND WE HOOKED TWO SAILFISH that were very uncooperative. We concentrated on the fish that was closest to the boat, but I was getting spooled and could see my fish jumping 500 yards in the distance. I bumped the lever one click past strike and the line immediately went slack. Surprisingly, the hook and leader came back intact. What should I have done to turn that fish? – John Ashley While today’s modern conventional reels are outfitted with impressive drag systems, taming any fish still relies on your ability to properly tune your drag for the situation at hand. In your case, increasing the drag proved fateful but even if you would have left the lever alone at strike, the situation most likely would have ended with the same pulled…

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a new spin

CATCHING THE GLIMPSE of a free-swimming billfish beneath your teaser is certainly exciting, but experienced anglers understand this is no time to celebrate. Tossing a bait over the transom, getting the fish to switch and planting the hook is a process that demands significant precision, with the best anglers continuing to refine the rigging of natural baits to streamline the process of catch and release. Members of the Hemiramphidae family and part of the order Beloniformes that includes hundreds of additional species of flying fish and needlefish, ballyhoo appeal to a gamut of game fish species and feeding scenarios, with boat sales, marina developments, global tourism, local charter fleets and tackle innovations fueled by this short-lived forage species that’s commonly purchased frozen for a mere $15 a dozen. While there’s no arguing…

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picket fence

WHILE TROLLING HAS ITS TIME AND PLACE, for many South Florida fishermen launching kites is the preferred tactic no matter the season. It’s certainly the most effective means of enticing sailfish when they are congregated over a particular depth or counter, although the coming months yield equally exciting opportunities to hang live baits from the sky as the focus turns to kingfish, dolphin and blackfin tuna. Regardless of target species, a properly rigged kite rod is vital to success. Braided line is the choice for wind conditions up to about 25 knots and most tournament teams are equipped with multiple kite rods spooled with 50 to 80 lb. line. With electric kite reels topped off with fresh braid, anglers must now create a means for a series of release clips to…

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band together

TO FIND SUCCESS IN THE MODERN sport fishing landscape, anglers are often required to invest in a massive variety of expensive equipment. With experience comes wisdom and you’ll soon come to the realization that it’s often the little things that make the most impactful differences. A prime example of this sentiment is the lowly rubber band, which anglers should never leave the dock without. Most people are aware of the many household and everyday uses for rubber bands, and while some of their angling applications are no secret either, chances are most fishermen don’t realize the surprising usefulness of these common commodities in various scenarios as they pertain to sport fishing. It may seem irrational to some that such a small, relatively flimsy loop of rubber can be trusted to serve…

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gear guide

Sea Recovery UltroClear DF Clean, fresh water is a precious commodity and the highly acclaimed reverse osmosis systems from Sea Recovery are trusted by discriminating mariners across the world. Working in conjunction with the Aqua Matic series of watermakers, the UltroClear DF system produces ultra-pure water that’s capable of absorbing and pulling away dirt and debris from all surface finishes. Unit capacities range from 400 to 1,500 gallons per day. • Fully automatic operation • High efficiency reverse osmosis system searecovery.com Dubro Bottle Bit When it comes time to strip your reels in preparation of spooling fresh line, this handy attachment makes the task easier than ever before. Simply drill a 5/16” diameter hole into the center of a bottle cap and fasten the nut onto the threads. Insert the Bottle Bit into the chuck of your drill,…