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Looking Good Yet another reason to eat more fish and seafood: It’s good for your hair! According to Natural Medicine Journal, a lack of omega-3s and other fatty acids in your diet could contribute to hair loss, which affects up to 50 percent of women over the age of 50. Try to eat more tuna, salmon and whitefish, and check out the Thai shrimp curry on page 62. Coffee Break Go ahead—get a refill. A new study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that women who drank two to three cups of coffee a day had about 3 percent lower body fat compared to those who didn’t drink coffee at all. Read about one of the year’s biggest coffee trends on page 22. In Season: Parsnips Carrots get all the attention, but parsnips are…

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Sunny guest-edits next month’s issue. Make sure you check it out! Maneet’s birthday is October 27! You can buy a signed copy of Cook with Me, Alex’s new cookbook, at alexguarnaschelli.com. Try a recipe from the book on page 87. Tune in to Jeff’s great podcast, Come On Over, where he talks food, family, music and more! Listen at comeonover.com. Marcus helped form the Independent Restaurant Coalition to keep small businesses afloat. Donate at saverestaurants.com.…

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i normally get along with my kids’ teachers, but a few years back one of them tried to kill my candy-melt dreams: I was supposed to bring treats to school for my daughter’s birthday and I asked for the class list so I could write all the kids’ names in candy melts and use them as cupcake toppers. (You can melt down the colorful disks and pipe them into pretty much any design.) The teacher rejected my plan outright, saying it would take too much time to pass out personalized desserts, so I revolted by drawing the school logo in candy melts instead. I figured he’d witness my handiwork and regret his decision about the names, but the joke was on me: The cafeteria was about 100 degrees and every…

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1 It’s pumpkin spice season! Add some to your morning toast: Spread with butter, then sprinkle with a mix of sugar and pumpkin pie spice. 3 Soup Saturday! Try this shortcut: Sauté fresh thyme in butter; add 3 cups pasta sauce, 2 cups water and ½ cup cream; simmer 5 minutes. 4 Have a brunch cocktail: Mix equal parts apple cider, ginger beer and bourbon in ice-filled glasses. 6 The American Library Association was founded on this day in 1876. Check out our special fall cookbook section on page 79! 8 It’s the 75th anniversary of the microwave oven! Dress up some microwave popcorn: Coat it with melted chocolate and let set. 9 Freaky Friday! Make squid ink pasta for dinner: Toss with olive oil, salt, chopped parsley and shaved parmesan. 12 It’s Thanksgiving in Canada…

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Hungry for Change This plate is empty for a reason: More than 37 million people in the United States struggle with hunger—and the coronavirus outbreak has made the situation even more dire. In some areas, lines of cars waiting to receive groceries from food banks have stretched more than a mile. One way to help is to support the hunger-relief network Feeding America, which is working to build inventory in food banks nationwide and ensure they operate safely during the pandemic. Donate at feedingamerica.org.…

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These DUMPLINGS aren’t for dinner. Ceramic artist Stephanie Shih was playing around with clay in her Brooklyn studio when she noticed it felt like the dough her Taiwanese-American family used to make dumplings. She sculpted porcelain versions and found an audience hungry for them on Instagram. Since then she has created other pantry staples, like Gold Plum Chinkiang Vinegar, often turning to her followers for guidance. “Social media has allowed us to democratize the art world,” she says. Check out her work @stephaniehshih and in a virtual exhibit at the American Museum of Ceramic Art. amoca.org You can put AVOCADOS in your coffee. Just when we thought the alternative-dairy aisle couldn’t get more crowded, supermarkets in California, Texas and 12 other states have started selling Avocadomilk. It’s made from oats and freeze-dried avocados…