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Forbes Africa is the drama critic to business in Africa. The magazine helps readers connect the dots, form patterns and see beyond the obvious, giving them a completely different perspective. In doing this, it delivers sharp, in-depth and engaging stories by looking at global and domestic issues from an African prism.

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South Africa
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the future we are faced with

THERE’S PESSIMISM IN THE AIR, LITERALLY. A new decade has just begun and there’s pandemonium over a planet-ravaging virus spreading faster than the news on it. Conferences are being cancelled, business travel is taking a back seat, and airlines are cutting back operations. In an article, Forbesreports global aviation monies to fall by at least $5 billion in the first quarter of 2020, with the expected impact on the industry to be greater than the 2003 SARS epidemic. The globe’s peripatetic tribe of corporate travelers are either reigning themselves in or companies are cancelling business trips. The suitcase is changing its character and turning into glorified first-aid kits with reinforcements to keep the virus at bay. This includes industrial hand sanitizers, Betadine throat gargles, face masks, gloves, wet wipes and ubiquitous clinical literature…

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do we ‘compromise’ to adapt or do we truly change?

IN 2019, I WITNESSED A MAJOR change in my television viewing habits; I took to Netflix with a vengeance, almost like playing catch-up for time lost. A movie I enjoyed recently was The Two Popes, an intense film with key lessons in dealing with ideological differences, confessions and forgiveness. It does not matter who you are but seeking forgiveness and then atoning for your sins is a blessing. The banter and fervent exchanges between the two Hollywood legends in the film is captivating. Anthony Hopkins, as Cardinal Josef Ratzinger and finally Pope Benedict XVI, makes an important statement when Jonathan Pryce, playing Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and finally Pope Francis, refuses to be nominated for Pope: “Not wanting to be a leader qualifies you the most to lead”. It’s a very…

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new billionaire ghost writer

MACKENZIE BEZOS was not fussy, which was helpful, as there was no time for fussiness at Amazon headquarters in early 1996. She shared her office with a junior employee in a space that doubled as the company kitchen. For 12 hours a day, as workers squeezed by to use the microwave, she presided over the accounting. At night she headed to the warehouse to pack orders. She “was a huge contributor,” says Mike Hanlon, Amazon’s seventh employee. “She really is a talented person in a way that I think gets lost when you’re the billionaire’s wife.” The mystery around MacKenzie, 49, seems carefully cultivated. She largely slipped into anonymity after Amazon’s early years and has granted no interviews since January 2019, when her split from husband Jeff became public. The couple finalized…

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vigilance against the virus

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 14 years, the world’s biggest smartphone conference, Mobile World Congress (MWC), was cancelled last month. This multi-million-dollar Barcelona-based event shut its doors due to fear of the novel coronavirus (also called 2019-nCoV) which has led to shops across China shutting their doors and cruise ships docked and quarantined. “The cancellation of MWC is not just a big blow to major players who had planned their most significant product launches of the year but also for startups and small to medium enterprises who would have invested a big chunk of the marketing and sales budget into establishing a presence at MWC,” explains Arthur Goldstuck, a technology analyst and World Wide Worx founder and CEO in South Africa. While most of the Hubei-born coronavirus-related deaths have occurred in China,…

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mining s plans to clean up its act and plug the power gap

LIKE A DUMP TRUCK on a mine, the four-day Mining Indaba in February in South Africa spilled forth a torrent of topics that kept nearly 7,000 delegates talking for four days: gold; power; precious metals; Ebola; risk; an investment battle in a boxing ring; battery metals and a bishop from Birmingham looking for a bounty. Pardon my alliteration, but it was a remarkable week if you looked behind the scenes. Deals emerging, within weeks from the Mining Indaba may be few and far between, but in the next few months there is likely to be action. Mining Indaba old hands describe the networking gathering as a catalyst that ushers in deals, albeit in the long term. In recent years, many thought the Mining Indaba was mirroring the cloud over South Africa’s once…

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an exclusive urban oasis

When it comes to the evolution of unparalleled hospitality in Johannesburg, luxury has a new location at one of Johannesburg’s most exclusive addresses. Whether you are an avid local or international traveller, looking for leisure or a business base, the Houghton Hotel has something to suit your needs. This urban oasis, with a unique and personalised offering, makes guests feel right at home in a modern, contemporary space. The Houghton Hotel prides itself on providing unforgettable experiences for all types of travellers; making every effort to ensure that the hotel exceeds expectations, enveloping guests in a luxury experience that lingers long after check out. An exceptional lifestyle resort situated on the sprawling expanse of a signature Jack Nicklaus golf course, in the leafy suburb of Houghton, one of the oldest and…