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Gadgets & Gizmos July 2018

From the Internet to the iPod, from cell phones to laptops, technology rules the lives of urban Indians. Gadgets and Gizmos, a monthly magazine, cuts through the techno-babble by simplifying complicated technology into easy to understand information bytes that readers can use in buying and planning their technology. It uses its state-of-the-art test lab to put the latest gadgets through the toughest drills and then pronounces its verdict for readers. Because technology should make life simpler, not more complex.

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microsoft announces surface go

EXPANDING ITS SURFACE LINEUP, Microsoft has announced the launch of Surface Go. Marking a new entry point for the Surface devices, the Surface go is a compact, 10-inch tablet starting at $399. The Surface Go seems to be designed to take on the recently launched student-focused Apple iPad 9.7inch with Apple Pencil support that can be connected to all kinds of Bluetooth keyboards. Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, in a blog post says it is the smallest, lightest and most affordable Surface yet. “We had to ask ourselves what people want and need from a 10inch Surface. The answers seem obvious – lightweight, productive, and accessible to more people.” The Surface Go is a 10-inch tablet weighing 520 grams and is 8.3mm sleek. It features a custom-built high-resolution PixelSense Display that…

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duolingo launches hindi language course for english speakers

THE US-BASED online language learning platform, Duolingo, has launched Hindi language course for English speakers. The course will be available on the web starting Thursday and will come to iOS and Android platform in some time. Launched in India in 2014, Duolingo has over 10.1million users in the country. Claiming India to be one of the top 10 largest markets worldwide, the company states that globally, Duolingo has approximately 8.6million Hindi speakers learning English on their platform. For the Hindi learning course, the company has been working for last one year, with nearly 1,52,000 people signed up to be notified once the course becomes available. This is an interactive platform, where users have to answer questions to move forward. Instead of long sessions, there are five-minute sessions that one can take on-the-go.…

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google rolls out morse code on gboard for ios

GOOGLE IS HELPING PEOPLE learn how to type in Morse code. The search giant has rolled out Morse code on Gboard for iOS and is making improvements to Morse code on Gboard for Android as well. For this, earlier this year, Google had partnered with developer Tania Finlayson, an expert in Morse code assistive technology, to make the code more accessible. Dating back to 1800s, Morse code is a communication system where words can be spelt out and communicated using dots ‘.’ and dashes ‘-‘. For instance, the most common distress signal recognized by internationally is SOS, which is created using three dots, three dashes, and three dots. This isn’t just meant for people who know how to use Morse code. Google has also created a game on Android, iOS and desktop…

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corning gorilla glass 6

FOCUSING ON IMPROVING the durability for the next generation mobile devices, US-based Corning has released Gorilla Glass 6. Capable of surviving multiple drops, the market leader in cover glass for consumer mobile devices claims Gorilla Glass 6 to be the most durable glass to date and is two times better than the Gorilla Glass 5. According to a recent Toluna consumer study report, on an average, people drop their phones seven times a year, with more than 50 per cent of the drops occurring at 1 meter or below. Corning has improved cover glass performance by developing and engineering an entirely new material to address the challenge of multiple drops. During the lab test, on an average, the new Gorilla Glass 6 survived 15 drops from 1 metre onto rough surfaces.…

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mojave for mac

It’s not just iPhone but Macs too will be receiving a software update later this year. “macOS Mojave is a major update that introduces powerful new features Mac users, from consumers to pros,” says Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. Dark Mode MacOS Mohave will introduce Dark Mode. Users will be able to switch to Dark Mode to transform their colour scheme. This dark theme puts focus on user content while controls recede into the background. The Dark Mode is available in all built-in Mac apps, including Mail, Messages, Calender, Photos. Apple has also introduced a new Dynamic Desktop where the picture changes with the time of the day. It has also released an API for developers so that they can implement Dark Mode in their apps too. Desktop and…

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rebooting ios

THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY of the iPhone turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. iOS 11, the heart and brain of the iPhone, was far from perfect. Infested with bugs, it slowed down many older generation devices, bricked a few new ones and spoiled experience of many. Now, Apple is looking to fix things with iOS 12 — expected to be launched later this year. The focus of iOS 12, says the company, is enhancing performance, and new features come later in the priority list. We installed iOS 12 Public Beta to test the waters. Here’s what we found. Performance improvement: The primary focus of iOS 12 is enhancing the performance of the older devices that had suffered due to iOS 11. We tested iOS 12 Public Beta on iPhone…