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Highly respected within the industry by both publishers and development studios alike, games™ has proved itself as one of the most esteemed and trusted magazines in the field. The soaring production values and highly knowledgeable team have already secured four industry awards, and the unflinching and unbiased opinion has elevated the magazine’s status to one of the most trusted in the business. At a massive 180 pages and with dedicated sections for retro gaming, market news, and recruitment, games™ is the easily the most comprehensive videogame magazine on the market and the perfect choice for anyone who takes gaming seriously.

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It seems only right that we should kick off 2016 proper with what is without doubt the most exciting advance in the gaming industry coming this year: the arrival of VR. We’ve offered our verdict on VR once before and obviously we’re excited by its potential, but what it needs now is for some of that potential to start proving itself. In steps EVE: Valkyrie to make the case that the headset revolution is something you need to get involved with. I remain a precariously perched fence-sitter in the debate over the likely success or failure of virtual reality as a consumer experience. The tech is impressive and powerful, the development teams behind some of the titles on the way have great pedigrees and fantastic track records, but is that going…

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what happens when hideo kojima joins forces with sony?

Some will tell you that a picture tells a thousand words, but what would those same people say about a screen grab of Andrew House’s beaming face? Because from where we’re sitting, the president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment is wearing a smile that will sell a thousand consoles; maybe more, definitely more. That’s because he’s sat next to the greying fox himself, Hideo Kojima, free of his Konami ties and able to roam wherever his creativity might take him. Which, to be more precise, has been straight into the warm embrace of Sony. “PlayStation’s history is one of game innovation and great new franchises,” said House in a glowing announcement. “Hideo Kojima has been a huge part of that history, and we are therefore delighted that he has…

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reader reaction

With Hideo Kojima leaving Metal Gear Solid behind, we took it to you, the games™ readers, to discuss whether it was a good thing the enigmatic creator is striking out on his own. Here’s what you had to say… Are you happy Hideo Kojima is leaving MGS behind? Yes – time for something new No – I wanted a sequel to The Phantom Pain • “I can’t say I’m surprised, though I would have liked to see a sequel to The Phantom Pain, it didn’t really wrap up in a satisfying fashion.” Nick Sparks [Facebook] • “It’ll be interesting to see what his new team can create without Konami financing him. Though Sony aren’t exactly hard up either.” Alfie Kirk [Facebook] • “I can’t wait to see what Kojima is working on next, I’m sure it…

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your guide to the ultimate gaming setup

• GETTING THE PERFECT gaming setup in your living room can be difficult; there are so many gadgets out there supposedly offering to improve your gaming experience that end up being more hindrance than help. If this is a problem that plagues you on a nightly basis, you should cast your attention over to this feature in Gadget magazine #4. It investigates the best peripherals, accessories and gadgets to help you get the perfect console and PC gaming set-ups. Grab it from the Imagine Publishing shop www.imagineshop.co.uk/magazines/gadget.html or digitally at Great Digital Mags www.greatdigitalmags.com/gadget…

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save money on mmos… move to japan

“ Players want to actually work for their success, not just buy it ” We often hear about how Japan has a culture built upon honour and respect, but it’s not all that often we get to see this first-hand in gaming. Sure, games like Monster Hunter would never let you simply pay for end-game gear – you have to earn it, to deserve it – but it isn’t until you find yourself in a digital world with a largely player-managed economy that you actually see what this means. I got the FFXIV bug hard again over the last few months and recently, a patch dropped that unlocked the next tier for the game’s ultimate Relic weapons. While I’m only just getting back into the game and not even close to these…

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dragon quest builders

• How do you get Japanese players on board with the whole Minecraft phenomenon? Easy – take the idea, chuck in some Slimes and tell players they’ll be exploring the ‘bad ending’ of the original Dragon Quest, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. It’s got a little more structure and a few more JRPG idiosyncrasies than its Western counterpart, sure, but the premise and visual style remains (outside of the series’ familiar characters and monsters, at least), so it’ll be interesting to see how this goes down… and whether or not Square sees fit to try it out on a global audience that already clearly loves the idea.…