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Highly respected within the industry by both publishers and development studios alike, games™ has proved itself as one of the most esteemed and trusted magazines in the field. The soaring production values and highly knowledgeable team have already secured four industry awards, and the unflinching and unbiased opinion has elevated the magazine’s status to one of the most trusted in the business. At a massive 180 pages and with dedicated sections for retro gaming, market news, and recruitment, games™ is the easily the most comprehensive videogame magazine on the market and the perfect choice for anyone who takes gaming seriously.

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Pokémon fever has returned, and while I was always keen to see how Pokémon Go would be received and assumed that the usually rabid fanbase would flock to it, I couldn’t have dreamed it would be to this extent. Pokémon Go is a true gaming phenomenon, and like many such phenomena in recent years, it sits in that gap where you might even feel you could question whether it is really a game at all. It lacks many features and functions of classic Pokémon titles, but at its core it has the most important element, the one that made so many of us fall in love with the series from the start – it makes you want to find and collect Pokémon. All the other bells and whistles of augmented reality, Gyms,…

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kojima on the future

“ It’s getting closer and closer to me being able to make what I imagine ” Famed video game designer Hideo Kojima sat down with Mark Cerny to discuss 30 years of evolution in the industry and the staggering ambition behind the Metal Gear creator’s latest project, Death Stranding. There isn’t another entertainment medium on the planet that has undergone such rapid transformation as that of the video game industry. Thanks to huge advancements in technology over the last three decades, gaming has undergone something of an evolution. In almost every area of design and execution, developers are free to create – bound only by their imaginations. At Develop 2016, we were able to see two legends of the industry engaged in conversation. The first was the PlayStation 4’s lead architect Mark Cerny,…

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how is production on death stranding?

Of Hideo Kojima’s first game post-Konami, we've actually got very little information. The teaser trailer ended up asking more questions than it gave answers, but then that’s no surprise, the developer has always been a master of misdirection. Despite Kojima and Cerny engaging on a world tour to visit studios and hunt for the right technology to build this project, he is still yet to settle on a game engine - though it looks as if Norman Reedus is in for the long haul, The Walking Dead actor looking in fine form with his photorealistic reproduction at E3 2016. “Right now we’re choosing an engine. We should have a decision soon,” admitted Kojima. “We’re making many experiments, this new title that we are making has many unique aspects – some can’t be…

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“we don’t talk about indie anymore”

After three years of ID@Xbox what are you most proud of? I think the relationship we’ve built with the development community. It’s fair to say that three years ago the relationship wasn’t the same as it is today and I think we managed to show the community that we mean business and we’re serious about ID@Xbox. We keep expanding, we keep using resources to do things with ID and we’re not moving away from it. Quite often people are praising us on Twitter; there are some people who are complaining about us on Twitter and that’s fine. It’s just that constant dialogue. I mean, I have a lot of air miles as you can imagine. We travel to as many events as possible because the feeling is that, if you close yourself…

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why i love... half-life 2

“It was one of the first games where physics really affected the gameplay; I had such fun with the gravity gun” PAUL WEIR, SOUND DESIGNER & AUDIO DIRECTOR, HELLO GAMES “This might be a boring answer, but I love Half-Life 2. It wasn’t the first game that had physics, but it was one of the first where physics really affected the gameplay; I had such fun with the gravity gun. The whole branching narrative structure in it is, still now, incredible. The number of responses that the characters have based on your actions is just mind blowing. The quality of the sound design I was always very jealous of, and the scope, it was a massive game as well! Half-Life 2 overshadows so much of the work that followed it… where is…

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forza horizon 3

“We have taken the Horizon festival to Australia. It’s the largest, most diverse, most beautiful and most fun open-world we’ve ever built ”RALPH FULTON, PLAYGROUND GAMES CONCEPT The excitable relation of the Forza franchise. Party hard and fast in some of the world’s hottest cars under the Australian sun. INFORMATION Details Format: Xbox One, PC Origin: UK Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Developer: Playground Games Release: 27 September 2016 Players: 1-4 Developer Profile Playground Games has worked solely on the Forza franchise while booting its own spin-off of the series, Forza Horizon, in 2012. The UK-based developer is made up of industry veterans who have worked on other notable racing series such as the Colin McRae franchise and the F1 titles. Developer History Forza Horizon, 2012 [360] Forza Horizon 2, 2014 [Xbox One] High Point Injecting fresh life and a new take on a popular racing game franchise.…