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Highly respected within the industry by both publishers and development studios alike, games™ has proved itself as one of the most esteemed and trusted magazines in the field. The soaring production values and highly knowledgeable team have already secured four industry awards, and the unflinching and unbiased opinion has elevated the magazine’s status to one of the most trusted in the business. At a massive 180 pages and with dedicated sections for retro gaming, market news, and recruitment, games™ is the easily the most comprehensive videogame magazine on the market and the perfect choice for anyone who takes gaming seriously.

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If there was one element of the PS4 Pro announcement that surprised me above all others it was not the colour contrast of HDR, the impressive upscaling of games to 4K or our first look at Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay (as excited as I was). It was the lack of an ultra high-definition Blu-ray player. Now, I don’t own any UHD Blu-rays and I had no plans to buy any. I’m perfectly happy streaming movies through Netflix and other subscription services these days, but the surprise I felt wasn’t about what I wanted from the console; it was about what I expected from a Sony gaming machine with its great legacy of using the PlayStation as a Trojan horse for new media formats. The PlayStation helped to solidify the grasp of multimedia…

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where is vr’s killer app?

“Perhaps the greatest proof of what VR could actually achieve though is Resident Evil VII” Hardware is only as good as its most attractive game. Potential will take you some of the way and perhaps even give you a solid launch, but without a game to pin it around it won’t amount to much. It’s the reason why the Wii was a massive success and Wii U hasn’t been: one had experiences that really drew players in and the other has some great games, but nothing that’s captured the imagination. With their intimidating price points, VR headsets have so far been impressive, but have not made themselves essential. PlayStation VR offers what could be the best compromise of price and quality, hopefully breaking through that affordability barrier for many of us.…

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psvr in the balance

BATMAN ARKHAM VR •The good: Great visuals and voice acting. Feels like you’re really becoming Batman. •The bad: Designed around a stationary player, so movement is warp-based. There is also limited scope for gameplay. FARPOINT •The good: Great FPS immersion with PlayStation VR Aim Controller, looking down the sights really works. •The bad: A relatively by-the-numbers FPS experience with loading of new areas every couple of minutes. DRIVECLUB VR •The good: The best cockpit view for a racing game you’ll ever experience as you look for the apex of a turn. •The bad: Playing with anything other than a steering wheel is going to break immersion pretty badly. ROBINSON: THE JOURNEY •The good: Great visuals and stunning scale from Crytek’s sci-fi dinosaur exploration experience. •The bad: Limited interaction to climbing at the moment and turning is incremental, not full 360 degrees. PLAYSTATION…

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making a mobile hit

“The first game from Mountains will be something fans of Monument Valley will enjoy” What lessons do you feel you learnt from the success of Monument Valley? I think you learn more from your failures than your successes. Monument Valley was in many ways a validation rather than a learning experience. I guess I learned what you do with success – stay humble, give back, use success to do good things. I think Monument Valley also retrospectively gave our team a purpose – to make games for people who don’t usually play games. What do you think made Monument Valley such a success? It was a perfect storm of circumstances. The team was established, yet ‘rebooted’ with a few new hires. This created an interesting tension in the team, between foundation and disruption, between…

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beautiful ios games

ALTO’S ADVENTURE •A straightforward enough endless runner with the added twist of downhill skiing, tricks, escalating obstacles and upgrades to earn. It’s one of the more exhilarating titles in this genre. SUPERBROTHERS: SWORD & SWORCERY EP •One of the great modern pixel art titles and the reason why Capybara Games is on the map for many gaming fans. This point-and-click RPG has a great sense of humour and fun story. YEAR WALK •A mysterious and sometimes rather terrifying experience, Year Walk makes great use of a fixed camera perspective and panels of movement to enhance its puzzle-like navigation. TENGAMI •Styled like a pop-up book and set in a classic Japanese fairy tale world, Tengami plays with the form by solving puzzles as if the game were really a book, pulling, turning and revealing secrets. ADVENTURES OF POCO ECO •Part-puzzle…

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is super mario run too little, too late?

Over 30 years on from the release of Super Mario Bros. and yet the sight of Shigeru Miyamoto introducing a new Mario game never ceases to bring a smile to our faces. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia or that we never really grew up, but that’s the way it is. Miyamoto and a new Mario title are enough to see decades of gaming, cynicism and talk of 4K gaming drift away, for us at least. But is Super Mario Run a little too late to the party? Fans and industry analysts alike have been screaming for years that Nintendo needed to let go of its much-respected commitment to first-party exclusivity with characters like Mario and bring them to the hugely successful smartphone world. As more and more titles have found success with…