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Highly respected within the industry by both publishers and development studios alike, games™ has proved itself as one of the most esteemed and trusted magazines in the field. The soaring production values and highly knowledgeable team have already secured four industry awards, and the unflinching and unbiased opinion has elevated the magazine’s status to one of the most trusted in the business. At a massive 180 pages and with dedicated sections for retro gaming, market news, and recruitment, games™ is the easily the most comprehensive videogame magazine on the market and the perfect choice for anyone who takes gaming seriously.

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The debate over CG trailers versus gameplay reveals at E3 reared its head in the games™ office once again and it split the team for some time. For most of the argument I was firmly on the side of show me gameplay or show me nothing at all. For that reason the re-reveal trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 left me a little cold despite my love of the original. But then I saw Michel Ancel’s reaction to the applause and appreciation as he took the stage. Later, I saw people losing their minds as Nintendo gradually revealed a logo for Metroid Prime 4. It was at this point that I began to question my position and think more about why those moments are still so powerful and I think…

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how anthem got us up on our feet

“THESE SUITS GIVE PLAYERS SUPERHUMAN CAPABILITIES AND ARE HEAVILY CUSTOMISABLE SO THAT THEY LOOK AND PLAY HOW YOU WANT.”JONATHAN WARNER, GAME DIRECTOR SHOULDER MOUNTED The shoulder-mounted weapon position seems to be of particular interest and significance. We’ve seen targeted missile launchers and mortar cannons showcased and each appear to have been picked out by the player. POWER OF THREE Similar to how abilities worked in The Division, your class of suit comes pre-loaded with special moves that you can utilise in the field, each mapped to a shoulder button or both pressed together. These can include firing your special shoulder-mounted weapon. ARM CANDY Some concept art we’ve seen would also appear to suggest that the Javelin suits can be customised with special arm upgrades too, presumably giving you unique melee attacks in battle. It’s going to…

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maths effect

DESTINY One of the clearer comparisons to what Anthem is looking to establish in terms of a sci-fi world, loot-based upgrades, co-op shooting and exploration. Bungie is refining its take on this concept with Destiny 2, but Anthem is playing in a similar field. THE DIVISION Since Anthem is primarily a third-person shooter, Ubisoft’s shared world experience shares a lot of tonal and gameplay elements with BioWare’s new game. The co-op demo we’ve seen felt a lot like co-op players in The Division’s early reveals. HORIZON: ZERO DAWN This one is all about world design, not gameplay, as Anthem has a mix of nature and technology that reminds us a lot Guerrilla’s hit RPG. The giant walking robot and the signs of civilization taken over by nature are the key touchstones. TITANFALL People climbing into mechs and…

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shared shooters on the rise

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS • It’s one of the most intense and engaging distillations of a battle royal format we’ve ever experienced and it’s great to see that Early Access fame is translating into a wider release. Can you survive this 100-player maelstrom to be the last one standing? That’s what it’s all about. STRANGE BRIGADE • Rebellion’s take on the shared co-op shooter experience draws a little from survival horror and a little from Uncharted as it brings some character to what might otherwise have been a fairly standard zombie horde experience. It’s leaning on team’s experience with Sniper Elite and Zombie Army series to good effect. FORTNITE • It’s great to see Epic’s horde and base-building shooter step out of its extended beta testing and restate its intentions to blow us away on PC and…

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is the xbox one x worth £450 of your money?

“HERE’S A SIMPLE TRUTH WE UNDERSTAND AS HARDENED GAMERS OURSELVES; MORE IS JUST MORE.”“IF YOU’RE YET TO COMMIT OR JUST BELIEVE IN ALWAYS HAVING THE MOST CUTTING-EDGE GAMING HARDWARE, XBOX ONE X IS CLEARLY THE WAY TO GO.” So, did Microsoft’s E3 press conference get you pumped for its upcoming hardware upgrade and the 4K experiences you’ll get to enjoy? Possibly not if the reaction we’ve seen online is any indication, but it does feel to us like the culmination of a three-year journey with Phil Spencer at the head of Xbox that has seen the company rise from generational laughing stock at launch to real hardware contender today. But let’s look at the console in isolation for a moment first. What does the console formerly known as Project Scorpio have to…

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detroit: become human

FORMAT: PS4 | 4K: YES | PUBLISHER: SONY DEVELOPER: QUANTIC DREAM | RELEASE: 2018 At this point you have to wonder whether David Cage enjoys playing with fire or simply cannot escape it. Detroit: Become Human is, quite frankly, insane, and Sony are insane for going along with it. And honestly, we couldn’t be happier. Detroit is going to change the industry; the nuance in its character animation and capture will raise the bar to an impossible height. The narrative is set to be a sprawling web of decisions and consequences, interconnected in a way that we have never seen before in a videogame. All of this will afford you the freedom and opportunity to construct your own path through this neo-noir thriller, and in a way that is honestly completely…