Golf Digest March 2020

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the right choice

How to find the magical upgrade? I want me some of that. I CUT MY TEETH at Golf Digest working on the Hot List. Thanks to those years plus continued osmosis from our astute equipment editors, Mike Stachura and E. Michael Johnson—a.k.a. The Mikes—during any given golf season I’m confident the clubs in my bag are the right ones. I’m a lucky guy whose office is perpetually littered with the latest gear and smart people to tell me about it. It’s when I dabble in other sports that I’m reminded how confusing shopping for new equipment can be. During the winter I play indoor tennis once a week. Forgive this utterance of a lesser game, but when New York golf courses freeze over, life-size Ping Pong becomes my substitute for zoning in…

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EQUIPMENT Build Your Own Virtual Bag Your search for new clubs starts with this Hot List issue. Need more guidance? Go to and take our diagnostic quiz to further narrow your choices. INSTRUCTION Get a lesson from Butch Harmon Where else can you get a personal lesson from the No. 1 teacher in America? In our new video series at, Butch breaks down the full swing and short game to fix common faults. 2020 SCHEDULE The Year Ahead From golf’s major championships to the Olympics to the Ryder Cup, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the golf season at…

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a singer with range

“I’m so lucky to have stumbled into golf.” IF YOU ENVY professional musicians and the independence their careers afford them, you might want to stop reading here. Ben Rector is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who appeared at No. 49 on our ranking of the best musician golfers back in 2014. His handicap was 13. Since then he has whittled it down to as low as 4. Rector’s secret? About three years ago he got home from a tour and, as often happens, found himself buzzing with energy. “I was bouncing off the walls,” he says. His wife, Hillary, suggested he find a hobby, so he joined the Golf Club of Tennessee, a Tom Fazio-designed course just outside Nashville. Once just an occasional golfer, Rector was suddenly into it. “Before, I was playing with my father-in-law’s…

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stick your short irons

C.T. PAN 28 / 5-6 145 pounds Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) PGA TOUR One victory (2019 RBC Heritage). Joined in 2017. WORLD GOLF RANKING 69th BEST STATISTIC (2019) Scrambling inside 10 yards (93 percent, fifth on tour) IN PRO-AMS, my partners often ask what they can do to improve. My stock answer: Take advantage of your good drives. The funny thing is, I wasn’t doing a good job of listening to my own advice. Despite good results with my irons in 2018, ranking fifth on the PGA Tour in greens-in-regulation percentage (71.2), I was blowing many easy opportunities to get it close. From 125 yards to 150 yards, I ranked 111th on tour in approach proximity. I don’t care if it’s the PGA Tour or your Thursday-night league, you can’t miss from short range and be successful. That’s why I spend a…

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the big spill

IT’S FAIR TO SAY that if Mrs. Ethicist has heard a bad story about your private club in a non-adjacent state by listening to Howard Stern, you’re doing the whole managing-of-your-professional-reputation thing wrong. ▸ Where to begin? Like many bad dates, it started with dinner. ▸ Maryana Beyder and her husband, Igor, were just another couple of members having a meal at Alpine Country Club—a New Jersey country club in the New York City suburbs known for its fine dining. Beyder, a New Jersey real-estate agent who specializes in luxury properties, carried with her to dinner her own display of ostentatious luxury—a $30,000 Hermès Kelly handbag her husband had given her for her 30th birthday. ▸ And, like your new (and similarly priced) Toyota Camry seems to instantly attract stray…

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hold that line

“Imagine the center of the hole shifted toward the high side.” IF YOUR breaking putts tend to miss on the low side, I’d bet your problem is how you look at the putt from over the ball. Most golfers spend too much time staring at the hole, and then putt toward it—after all, that’s where you want to end up. But you have to discipline yourself to focus on the route to the hole, not the hole itself. Try this routine: Read the green from behind the ball, and imagine the first six inches of the putt as a trough aimed where you want to start the ball. When you step in, you can trace your eyes along the line, but make your last look at that trough. If your last look…