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claudio rivas makes the pga tour latinoamérica a unique option

“I tell parents they’re going to be amazed how much their son develops as a person.” In this issue we go deep on the PGA Tour’s premier event, the Players. Dean Knuth, who created the Slope Rating system for the USGA, calculates what normal golfers would shoot on TPC Sawgrass in tournament conditions (brace yourself), and our undercover survey of pros asks whether the event should become a fifth major (a not-insignificant number say yes). In a rare photo dug from our archives, we glimpse the early transformation of a snakeinfested bog to the Stadium Course, and our final page is a tribute to that greatest digger of all, Pete Dye, who left us this year at 94. Head to Ponte Vedra this March to take in the Players and you’ll notice…

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COURSES TPC Sawgrass Enjoy an immersive tour of the Stadium Course, home of the Players Championship, in our “Every Hole at TPC Sawgrass” video, as well as a sneak peek of the exclusive tour-pro range. EQUIPMENT Hot List TV Need help finding the right clubs for you? In a new video series, our equipment experts Mike Johnson and Mike Stachura answer common questions and discuss the clubs that made our 2020 Hot List. The Mikes are geeks so you don’t have to be. INSTRUCTION 70th Anniversary We’ve been helping golfers improve since 1950, but does our instruction advice endure? To find out, we put some old concepts to the test—like why is former tour player Frank Beard swinging a feather in this ’74 photo?…

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Pitch Perfect “When I was on the first tee at Augusta, the shaking…” JUSTIN VERLANDER can handle more pressure than most. The Houston Astros ace has won two Cy Young awards, a World Series, pitched three no-hitters and surpassed the 3,000-strikeout mark. “If I’m in front of 100,000 people, put a baseball in my hand and I’m comfortable,” he says. Yet put him on a golf course and he feels butterflies. “With golf, if there are five people and a ball on the ground, I’m like, Oh, God,” he says with a laugh. The most nervous he has ever been was the first time he played Augusta National. “When I was on the first tee at Augusta, the shaking… I don’t know if I’ve experienced that anywhere else,” Verlander recalls. “It’s pretty intense.” Verlander, 37,…

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still puring the ball after all this time

SERGIO GARCIA turned 40 in January. This is noteworthy for two reasons. First, he’s been on the PGA Tour longer than recent tournament winner Matthew Wolff has been alive. Second, Garcia is still competing at a level that makes him a threat to win. “He’s one of the greatest ball-strikers I’ve ever seen,” says Golf Digest Teaching Professional Jim McLean. Garcia was a top-25 performer on tour in strokes gained/tee to green and strokes gained/approach the green in 2019, two key statistics that verify his ability to consistently work the ball any way he wants. “And he’s got all the power he needs to compete,” McLean says. “The way he loads, creates width and unleashes all that energy in his signature downswing has always been impressive. Last year he averaged well over 300…

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poses designed with golfers in mind

MANY OF MY CLIENTS who play golf have asked me if they should be doing yoga. My short answer: Sure, why not? Yoga is great for improving flexibility and strength, while relieving stress. But my longer answer is that if you’re interested in enhancing your golf game at the same time as those yoga benefits, there are better moves you can do. In fact, I’ve built a whole program for Golf Digest Schools that was yoga-inspired but is much more sport specific. The “Better than Yoga” videoseries is at To give you a taste of what it’s all about, turn the page for four exercises that look like yoga, feel like yoga but are supercharged poses for golfers. Give them a try. They’re a great warm-up if you’re playing…

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can a club expel you for playing too much golf?

Join a private club and you’ll probably see him the next time you drive in the parking lot. ‣ The lifer. ‣ Usually retired (and almost always a man), the lifer is ready to tell you all about what a travesty it is that new members like you are paying a quarter of the initiation fee he did—while simultaneously extracting enormous value from his dues by getting ready to play his sixth round of the week while using a pull-cart and discount balls he bought online. ‣ Granted, listening to grousing about the new assessment for grillroom renovations is easier to endure when the lifer is paying the appropriate dues. That concept of economic fairness came up for a challenge recently at the venerable and exclusive Sunningdale Golf Club, southwest…