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WE DON’T ALWAYS put the defending champion on the cover of our Masters Issue, but this was a foregone conclusion. The work for the cover story began the moment that fifth green jacket was slipped on Tiger’s shoulders, and the burden of a fraught decade lifted off. In the ensuing days and weeks, as the declarations reverberated across Twitter that golf was saved and would never be the same, contributing editors John Huggan and Dave Shedloski, along with GOLFTV’s Henni Zuël, quietly set about interviewing everyone who was close to the action while memories were sharp. This conscientious start was followed with a sustained effort to collect even more voices as the season wore on. Their oral history of Woods’ win (page 70), with contributions from our Daniel Rapaport and…

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GOLFDIGEST.COM VIDEO How Tiger Hits Every Shot From his club positions to his knee flex and posture, learn how Tiger Woods hits various shots through the bag in this new interactive video segment. EDITORS’ CHOICE Best of the Best It’s Year 5 of the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Awards, offering you the best in our sport. We all love stuff that helps us play better and smarter, and this year we have selected more than 275 winners across 30-plus product categories. GAMBLING Golf Digest Picks Each week, our expert betting panel—which includes an anonymous tour caddie—handicaps the PGA Tour event and suggests best bets. Be sure to subscribe to the Golf Digest podcast on Apple podcasts.…

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ask golf digest

Q My friend Ross drove his ball into some sand a worker was towing to another hole, but we didn’t know this until the worker later found the ball (marked “Ross”) and brought it to us. What’s the ruling? PAUL FENTON CHICAGO A If Ross’ ball turned up within three minutes of his drive, he would estimate where it had landed in the cart and drop within one club-length, no closer to the hole, without penalty (see Exception 1 to Rule 11.1b). But if he had already determined the ball was lost and had re-hit from the tee box, he’s now lying three and there’s no turning back (see Rule 14.6). SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS HERE or on Twitter @GolfDigest using the hashtag #AskGolfDigest…

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wave of fortune

EVAN GEISELMAN IS ON THE SURFER’S equivalent of the Korn Ferry Tour. He’s spent the past three seasons grazing the edge but not quite dropping into the World Surf League, where you get the ultimate prize money, endorsements and glory. That dream nearly ended in 2015, when a barrel on Oahu’s famous Banzai Pipeline brought down Geiselman, snapping his leash and slamming him unconscious into unforgiving coral. If not for the immediate and brave rescue by a fellow surfer, Andre Botha, he wouldn’t have lived. “It gave me a better understanding of what to be grateful for,” Geiselman says. “To appreciate my family, my friends, my girlfriend every day.” Part of that renewed love of life involves playing more golf—which pairs nicely with the surfer’s life of traveling to sunny coastlines around…

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jordan spieth

WHAT DOES IT look like in the middle of a swing-restoration project? Jorden Spieth can tell you:"I had gotten long and a little quike, and my grip had drifted very weak," he says of his former swing. "The face was open, and I had to flip it at impact to try to square it." The result? A two-year victory drought and some ugly numbers in the strokes-gained stats that Spieth focuses on. The three-time major winner and his swing coach, Cameron McCormick, have gone back to basics, starting with the grip. “Every year since I was 14, my grip would get weaker during the season, and I had to fix it in the offseason,” Spieth says. “But it got to the point where I just didn’t adjust it back enough.” As mechanical…

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undercover caddie

I’VE BEEN AT AUGUSTA NATIONAL for years, but every day feels like my first. I imagine it’s how a pilot feels ascending into the sky, or when a skipper wakes up surrounded by the blue unknown. Some views never get old. Of course, we’re working, not playing. No Magnolia Lane for us; we enter through a service road. Don’t get me wrong—we’re treated well. The club built us a caddie house not long ago, which has a TV room, computers, even a chef. They let us play the course the day before it closes for the season in May. And because a member, their family or a guest has to be accompanied by staff (which a majority of the time means us) anytime they’re on property—a round, a casual walk, fishing…