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the winged foot mystique

A rare point of contention at an ultimate U.S. Open test. FIRST-TIMERS TO Winged Foot Golf Club are often surprised to find the practice range is what it is: a single strip of artificial turf with a net towering on an angle above a row of pine trees some 200 yards away, a sign displaying a stern warning of disciplinary action should one hit over it. Up to this point in the experience—the winding entrance past imperial iron gates, a gracious greeting from the busy caddiemaster, the cool smell of history wafting from the metal lockers—every element befits what might be the greatest collection of 36 holes in one place. And so the warm-up strikes some as discordant. Not to worry for the U.S. Open. The ninth and 10th holes of the…

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INTERACTIVE Putting at Winged Foot The greens at Winged Foot might be the finest A.W. Tillinghast ever designed. Take a virtual tour of the 15th green and pick a putt and line to experience how diabolical the greens will be during the U.S. Open. GOLF DIGEST SCHOOLS Digital App With the relaunch of our Golf Digest Schools comes a new app. It’s now easier than ever to organize instruction content and take it on the go. Visit to get a seven-day free trial. GROWING THE GAME African American Golf Expo Golf Digest is the title sponsor for the inaugural African American Golf Expo & Forum, Feb. 20-23, in Atlanta. Job development and diversity are the themes. Learn more at VIDEO ‘Every Hole at Winged Foot’ Experience this year’s U.S. Open site and the 11th-ranked course on America’s 100 Greatest…

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ask golf digest

Q Can a player lay his or her putter behind the ball, letting go of the grip, align the putt and then take a stance and putt? ron lawson, caryville, tenn. Not the way you’ve described it. Rule 10.2.b(3)—the one labeled “No Setting Down Object to Help in Taking Stance”—makes it clear that’s a no-no. Yet there is a wrinkle. You may place a putter that stands up by itself directly behind the ball and use this to make sure you’re aligned. Ernie Els uses one, and it has the USGA’s blessing. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS HERE or on Twitter @GolfDigest using the hashtag #AskGolfDigest…

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looking for daylight

“I was horrible, and I was embarrassed.” ▶ That’s what former NFL running back Reggie Bush says, laughing, as he recalls his first effort at golf. This was just six years ago, when he and his wife, Lilit, put on a golf tournament as a fundraiser for his junior football camp. ▶ Bush didn’t stay horrible for long. After the fundraiser, he started taking golf lessons, and now plays to a 9-handicap, making regular appearances in PGA Tour pro-ams.▶ “It’s competitiveness, it’s wanting to be great, and it’s giving myself something to do post-football,” says Bush, 35. “I’m still an athlete. Just because I’m not playing football doesn’t mean the athlete in me stops. I still have that drive and determination to want to be great at just about everything…

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lily he

LILY HE LPGA TOUR AGE 21 LIVES LOS ANGELES 308,000 INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS “In golf and in social media, I tried to be perfect…. [But] perfection doesn’t exist.” WHEN I STARTED MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT, I was just a regular 15-year-old girl who lived in San Diego, went to high school, had friends and played golf. At the time, I posted what all my friends were posting: selfies, what we were wearing. I liked cultivating an image that wasn’t all about golf, even though my life really was. The assumptions people make on Instagram about how hard I work have followed me through college golf at USC and into professional golf. Though a lot of the things people say to me online are positive and supportive, there are those that always seem to touch a nerve. It took…

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clear the lip

YOU PROBABLY DON’T practice fairway-bunker shots a lot, if ever. And when the ball is close to the lip, the biggest mistake I see amateurs make is trying to change their swing to manufacture a high shot that will clear the lip. My advice? Keep it simple. A fairway bunker is not the place where you want to be shotshaping. For me, nothing changes in my technique when I’m close to the lip. The only difference is, I choose a club that I know will get me back in play. You have to get that right. “My main thought in a fairway bunker is to keep my legs as still as possible.” My technique from here is fairly standard. When building a stance in a fairway bunker, it’s crucial to dig your…