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Golf World August 2019

Golf World is the UK's premiere golf magazine, with unrivalled access to the stars of the US and European Tours. Buy Golf World and every issue you will get: - Unrivalled access to the world’s best golfers - The best, most candid big-name interviews you’ll read anywhere - Guides to the world's best courses: both well-known and undiscovered - Comprehensive information on the biggest events in the golfing calendar Golf World is the authoritative voice on all issues in the game, globally. The magazine caters for the better golfer: the player who wants to improve his handicap with the latest and best advice from leading players and coaches. Golf World is also the home of Top 100 course rankings, where you can discover the best courses and find out how to play them – all rated independently by our experts.

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from the editor

An eight-month gap between the final flagship event of one season and the first of the next is wholly unsatisfactory. By the time you read my welcome letter this month, there’s a good chance that The Open Championship will be done and dusted, and the most compelling part of the golf season will be over. While it has no doubt been a treat to watch the Players Championship and the four majors roll out over consecutive months from March to July, there’s no getting away from the fact that the rest of the golfing year is going to feel somewhat anticlimactic in comparison. Granted, we still have the FedEx Cup (great if watching a bunch of multimillionaires become even more obscenely wealthy is your thing) and a handful of WGC events…

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the american dream

1 BORN IN THE USA Europe may be dominating the Ryder Cup, having won four of the last five matches and seven of the last nine, but when it comes to golf’s biggest individual events, this is an era of American dominance. Gary Woodland’s US Open victory means nine of the last 10 majors have been won by American players (Francesco Molinari’s 2018 Open win being the only outlier). It’s been more than 20 years since one nation enjoyed such a dominant run, when Steve Jones’ 1996 US Open victory began a streak that saw wins by Tom Lehman, Mark Brooks, Tiger Woods, Justin Leonard, Davis Love III, Mark O’Meara (twice) and Lee Janzen, only interrupted by Ernie Els’ 1997 US Open victory. It’s not just majors where the boys in stars…

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winning swing same power, added accuracy

ADDRESS The first key in any swing is posture at address. There are three balance points: in the neck, the bottom of the spine, and through the knees and feet. The arms should be hanging under the sternum. Gary does a good job in all of those areas. TAKEAWAY Gary’s left arm is passing through the classic ‘left arm and club face parallel to target-line’ position, which indicates a nice, neutral takeaway. AT THE TOP The right arm is supporting the club, slightly above the shoulder plane. That’s a pretty neutral position with nothing untoward. ‘Short and strong’ sums it up. DOWNSWING Gary down-cocks the club hard, more than most, but this is a classic position. The club shaft is running through the right elbow, the left arm close to vertical, moving down and around. All he…

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the chip that won the us open

A high-spinning chip without taking a divot is a great way to control your short shots and get up and down more often. It worked for Woodland on Pebble Beach’s 17th green, and will be a highly useful shot in your short game armoury. 1 The club shaft must be close to vertical at address - not leaning towards the target, as this will encourage digging into the turf. Keeping the heel slightly off the ground helps as well. 2 Setting-up almost as if you are using a long putter helps determine where the bottom of the arc will be. Grip down, almost on the steel, with the toe of the club turned in slightly. 3 Press down with the toe of the club so that the butt end does not ‘travel.’ You…

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major change big four gone too soon?

“WE’VE ALL BEEN FORCED TO BEAT TO THE PGA TOUR’S DRUM” The biggest issue I have with the recalibrated major championship schedule is not so much the eight-month gap between this month’s Open Championship and next year’s Masters – let’s face it, we’ve been accustomed to major season finishing in late summer for years – but the way the golf world has had to beat to the drum of the domineering PGA Tour. If you need a reminder of the machinations that led to the US PGA moving from its traditional mid-August date to May, the PGA Tour desperately wanted to kickstart its season-ending FedEx Cup Playoff series a few weeks earlier in order to avoid an unwinnable TV ratings clash with the NFL in the USA. While the schedule change was presented…