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Golf World October 2019

Golf World is the UK's premiere golf magazine, with unrivalled access to the stars of the US and European Tours. Buy Golf World and every issue you will get: - Unrivalled access to the world’s best golfers - The best, most candid big-name interviews you’ll read anywhere - Guides to the world's best courses: both well-known and undiscovered - Comprehensive information on the biggest events in the golfing calendar Golf World is the authoritative voice on all issues in the game, globally. The magazine caters for the better golfer: the player who wants to improve his handicap with the latest and best advice from leading players and coaches. Golf World is also the home of Top 100 course rankings, where you can discover the best courses and find out how to play them – all rated independently by our experts.

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from the editor

‘Had McIlroy let Koepka dominate him, it could have tilted thebalance of their rivalry irrevocably in theAmerican’s favour’ Like many Rory McIlroy fans, I felt a little anxious for the Irishman when he stood on the first tee of the final round of the Tour Championship at East Lake. One stroke out of the lead, McIlroy was in a great position to close out the tournament and collect the $15 million FedEx Cup bonus. There was just one problem. Rory’s playing partner was Brooks Koepka. Having won four majors in three years, Koepka has transformed into the Goliath of modern day golf, wielding a level of ruthless singlemindedness in the premier events unseen since Tiger Woods at his peak. More than that, the brawny American dished out a real thumping to McIlroy…

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it’s high time we killed slow play

This month’s BMW PGA Championship sees the dawn of a new era on the European Tour. The Tour’s flagship event will see the first trial of a new pace-of-play initiative, designed to tackle the worsening problem of slow play that is angering fans and players alike, posing the greatest threat to golf’s wellbeing. Under Wolff the eagled new system, referees the final hole at will have the 3M access Open to to precise times for each group o , while displays on each sh . tee will show players their position in relation to the group in front. The initiative will be rolled out in full at the start of the new European Tour season in November, including reduced time allowances to play a shot when on the clock and increased…

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the solution?

Ban green books Many players take an age poring over detailed green-reading material. The USGA and R&A attempted to address the situation by limiting the size of the materials, a step that has made little difference. Ban them altogether. Bring back the skill of green reading. “If you can’t read a green, go sell tomatoes,” says Gary Player. Quite right. Allow lasers Bryson DeChambeau took three minutes to hit a 70-yard shot at The Northern Trust, largely because he paced out the entire distance. Caddies spend valuable time calculating distances using sprinkler heads, bunkers and trees. All of this time could be saved with the touch of a button, providing an instant yardage. Introduce shot clocks The European Tour’s Shot Clock Masters is hugely popular with fans and players alike, and scores have actually improved…

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brooks koepka

The 2019 PGA Tour season belonged to one man: Brooks Koepka. The 29-year-old reclaimed his spot at the top of the world rankings, won the PGA Championship, came second at the Masters and US Open, earned more than anyone else on the PGA Tour and finished in the top 10 in nine of 20 starts. He was named PGA Player of the Year and will likely be crowned PGA Tour Player of the Year for the second year running, becoming the first player to do so since Tiger Woods. He also came out of his shell for the first time, speaking candidly on slow play, course setups and the behaviour of his peers, before posing naked for Sports Illustrated’s ‘Body Issue’. “You’re actually getting the real me now,” he says.…

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gear is a personal launch monitor worth it?

Not long ago, a device that could accurately measure what happens at impact and during the ball’s flight was the stuff of science fiction. Nowadays, no self-respecting coach would be without a launch monitor that does just that, and the range at tour events are flooded with them. From lessons to custom fitting, launch monitors have revolutionised golf. They don’t come cheap, though. A top-of-the-range Trackman will set you back around £20k, with a GC Quad not far behind. That puts them out of the reach of most amateurs, which explains the popularity of SkyTrak, a £2k device that offers many of the same features, although not all, for a fraction of the price. Nowadays, you can pick up a super-portable launch monitor for less than £500. But are they…