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GoodHomes India

February 2020

BBC Good Homes is India’s leading home and décor magazine that reaches out the contemporary Indian women, who is always on the lookout for inspirational ideas and seeks to experience the best of the international trends and brands. The magazine brand covers a wide variety of areas from home décor, latest trends , to featuring the best in class homes from the country and beyond, etiquette and entertainment insights, presenting a mix of art from different artists , and even covers technology

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“To start with, I’m going to borrow architect Sarah Sham’s words, “Spend less time sourcing references from picture perfect image portals and spend more time exploring the world, and what it has for offer.” She said it! In this age of digitisation, we are glued on to our mobile screens, browsing through hundreds of images, and posts seeking inspiration, solace, gratification…well, the list is endless. Instead, what we should do is pay more attention to what’s more immediate, the people, the structures, the animals… in general the world around you. Why fall prey to second hand information, when you have the access to the original? What’s the need of the hour? In her feature ‘High Priority’ Avril poses this very pertinent question to the leading architects of the country. It’s a must…

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CEO DEEPAK LAMBA EDITOR IN CHIEF RONITAA ITALIA Editor Seema Sreedharan Associate Editor Avril Noel D’souza Senior Features Editor Tina Thakrar Senior Editorial Coordinator Harshal Wesavkar Deputy Art Director Shalaka Shinde Senior Graphic Designer Anushree Kumar Stylist Kamakshee Tewari Brand Executive Daljit Kaur Aulakh Chief Financial Officer Subramaniam S. Head Human Resources Meghna Puthawala Publisher Joji Varghese Experiential Marketing Aakash Mishra Content Studio Vidyut Patra Head Marketing Head Digital Solutions Priyadarshi Banerjee BUSINESS DIRECTOR SUNIL WUTHOO WEST PUNE Ekta Dang ekta.dang@wwm.co.in AHMEDABAD Kamal Rajput kamal.rajput@wwm.co.in BRAND SOLUTIONS NORTH Vice President & Sales Head - Long Format Content Anjali Rathor anjali.rathor@wwm.co.in General Manager Shika Suri shika.suri@wwm.co.in NOIDA/NEW DELHI Atif Shakeb atif.shakeb@wwm.co.in JAIPUR Pushpesh Sood pushpesh.sood@wwm.co.in EAST Assistant Vice President Alka Kakar alka.kakar@wwm.co.in Bijoy Choudhary bijoy.choudhary@wwm.co.in SOUTH Vice President - South & Business Head - Femina Tamil Pravin Menon pravin.menon@wwm.co.in CHENNAI Karthik D karthik.d@wwm.co.in SUBSCRIPTIONS Asha Kulkarni, Manager Marketing asha.kulkarni@wwm.co.in Associate General Manager (RMD) Suparna Sheth, suparna.sheth@timesgroup.com Editorial Enquiries goodhomes@wwm.co.in…

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Someone once told me that for as long as you wish to keep them in your life, whoever they may be, understanding these people – as opposed to changing them – will improve the chances of them wishing to keep you in their life. I take inspiration from this little piece of advice every time I’m about to make changes to anything or anyone in my close vicinity. Even when I’m working with spaces, I reach out to understand before I suggest change. There’s a part of me that holds the balance of the equation in high regard. Understanding before overhaul; acceptance before initiation…it does change the way we look at things, doesn’t it? As a non-conformist, mellowed with the passage of time, I now appreciate the inherent democracy of living with…

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TECH 101 GoodHomes magazine never fails to surprise me, their gadget and appliances article in the January issue is so helpful. However I would love to watch more of the DIY videos for home interior. Having said that, kudos to you! Keep producing such amazing and diverse content. —Anushree Ghanekar, Indore Thank you, Anushree. We are so glad you liked the feature; we hope to keep surprising you with good content in every issue. We are working on a few interesting projects, and promise to come up with interesting content. QUIRKY FEATURES My favourite part of the magazine has always been the HOT RIGHT NOW; you come up with such interesting and fresh content every single issue. I am in awe of the ‘Statement Makers’ in the January issue. Reason being that I am always…

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Have you heard the saying, ‘more is best, and less is a bore’? A maximalist is all about mixing, matching, layering and going big. This is as bespoke as it gets...this style is a visual signature of who you are! PINTEREST While a neutral palette would be perfect for a minimalist lifestyle, a maximalist would find the simplicity boring, almost unbearable. And that’s exactly why we heart this Pinterest grab. YOUR COLOUR-HEAVY SHADE CARD…

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REDEFINING WORK SPACES The Parc range by Bene, with its refreshing colour palette and innovative design breaks the severity of the traditional office space. It promises multifunctional layouts that define different spaces and encourage communication in the office. Muted Elegance The Cocoon Console by Cipriani Homood is the epitome of classic elegance and smart craftsmanship. Brought to India by Ottimo. Soft Landing Handwoven in bamboo silk and wool, this rug by Jaipur Rugs is no less than a work of art! The colour palette is muted but with soft hints of pink and yellow, the design is organic and lucid. We love! Colours of the season and elements of nature — what better way to add freshness to your home than with these elegant cushions from Danube Home. Underfoot HKS Flooring LLP has a twelve hundred square feet…