GoodHomes India May 2020

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editor's note

If the lockdown has taught us anything, it’s this. It’s the little things that matter -- the aroma of home cooked food or freshly brewed coffee, the blooming flowers in your balcony, your baby’s smile….the list goes on. All this while, in our mad rush to prove something, to achieve something more, we’d forgotten to appreciate these simple joys of life. It is pertinent, now more than ever, to find, recognise, appreciate these simple joys of life. We chose happiness as our theme, not just because it is a universal concern, but more so because the pursuit of happiness becomes the intentional and unintentional driving force for so many if our life’s decisions. It is imperative, then, that we take a pause, sit back and reflect, what actually makes us happy. This issue…

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WRITE TO ME SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW US ON: INSTAGRAM @goodhomesmagazine FACEBOOK @goodhomesmagazineindia TWITTER @goodhomesindia LOG ON NOW Twenty-one days into the lockdown, we seemed to have settled into a, well, unsettling routine that was almost draconian. Our workdays would start at 8.30 in the morning and end almost always after midnight. We were operating like a bunch of wired bots. This wasn’t us. It didn’t feel like us. We definitely didn’t act this way… something wasn’t right. And so, almost a week into the execution of the May issue, all “work” was brought to a grinding halt so we could figure where the bee was lodged in our bonnets. It couldn’t have been a better time to take that pause. Pause, we did. To catch our breaths, so our minds could align with our hearts again; so…

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well-lit living

QA With Nisha JamVwal, interiors architect and our very own expert panellist MAIL US YOUR DECOR QUERIES AT GOODHOMES@WWM.CO.IN AND CC THEM TO NISHAJAMVWAL@GMAIL.COM DEAR NISHA We have very little sunlight streaming into our home, in Mumbai. We don't have balconies, just a window in the hall, due to this, the house has a perpetual gloomy look. The walls are white, but that doesn't really help much. How do we bring the sun into our home, without breaking any walls? — Susan Andrade, via email A 1 MAXIMISE SPACE WITH LIGHTING In ‘bursting at the seams’ cities with small claustrophobic box like rooms, lighting positioned with creativity and ingenuity translates a small space into a sanctuary. A 2 PICTURE WINDOW MIRRORS Mirrors on doors and wardrobes are seamless and reflect light and open spaces. Room-widening mirrors used on…

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perfectly crafted

“The greatest responsibility of the planner and architect, I believe, is the protection and development of our habitat”— Walter Gropius, Architect FOR THE LOVE OF CRAFTS There is magic is the traditional ways of how our ancestors lived their lives. From the ingenious use of materials, to the complexity of technique…our craftsmen are the future. STRAW MARQUETRY Lison de Caunes first discovered the material in her grandfather André Groult’s workshop. After studying book-binding, she returned to straw marquetry and revolutionised the technique using binding tools such as an ivory folding tool that has used throughout her career and still uses today. Shopping Guide on Pg 66…

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the sunny outdoors

THE TERRACE Can’t beat this feeling… the feeling of being on top of this world, with uninterrupted view of the world around you. A microcosm that’s only yours. STYLE TIP Let your personal style spread to your outdoor space for an elegantly cohesive outdoor entertaining environment. You want your outdoor space to feel as luxe and comfortable as your indoor space. Add personal touches like throw blankets, votives or lanterns, and of course, greenery. THE BALCONY It’s the true extension of your living space. Imagine being curled up here with your favourite book and preferred brew. Bliss! STYLE TIP You don’t need to have an expansive balcony to put it to good use. Opt for space-saving furniture, like this wooden armchair. Add colour and pattern through cosy cushions and warm throws. Complete the look with some interesting…

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setting up the home office

THE HOMEMAKER It’s their happy corner; a place where they spend their quiet time, reading, painting, writing…well, whatever makes them happy! THE MILLENNIAL What makes them happy? Technology, functionality, versatility and aesthetics, of course THE BOSS LADY She’s the quintessential diva; a head-turner in every respect. Her home, and her personal space is highly coveted THE COLLECTOR Their space speaks about their travels, experiences, and their inimitable aesthetics THE INFLUENCER Someone who influences our taste in design, food, fashion and travel…ever wondered what their work space looks like? COLOURLAB SOFA POUFS, COR LAB SOFA WORK LOUNGE, PLUSCH. STUDIUM DESK BY GIORGETTI, SOURCES UNLIMITED; BAXTER ARMCHAIR, SOURCES UNLIMITED; CIRCU; PHPINNETTI, SOURCES UNLIMITED; DORIAN FLOOR LAMP, SOURCES UNLIMITED. BEYOND DESIGN; SANJYT SYNGH; PAULINE BETIN, SOURCES UNLIMITED; ANEMOS; LALIQUE; BEYOND DESIGN. MINDTHEGAP; GARDEN TRADING; GEEK BY SIDDHARTH SIROHI BARO…