GoodHomes India July 2020

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In the past few months, there’s been a tectonic shift in our lives. Nothing seems impossible anymore. We never thought we would ease into working from home so easily; we never thought homeschooling would become a norm, we never thought our work desk would so easily transform into our conference rooms, and well, we never imagined having virtual parties on Zoom! Our homes have become our epicenter. We will slowly get back to normal. We’ll gradually get back to routine. Albeit, a little different from the Pre-Pandemic days. But our homes will have evolved; evolved into our comfy yet well-equipped workspace, a vibrant and intellectually stimulating space for our children, as the go-to party destination for our families. Our homes have always been our nucleus, but never before has it enjoyed such an…

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Go Vocal for Local It is about that time we revive, support and reinvent the homegrown brands. From designers working in close collaboration with traditional craftspeople to indigenous brands with a strong design voice, this issue will bring together some of biggest names in the Indian design industry, and introduce you to the new players working towards reviving Indian design and giving it a new, strong identity. Calling all style interns — especially those based in New Delhi and Mumbai. Quick! Send us your resume if you’d like the opportunity to work with us. Email:…

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As much as I’ve been a homebody all my life, I’ve also had restless feet for just as long. I like going out – I can do long drives without a specific destination in mind, I enjoy those unplanned evening chats over coffee with my girlfriends, I don’t mind dropping off the laundry, I know all about the grocer’s new home in the village, the neighbourhood chemist knows me by name, eating out is totally my thing, I’m happy to drop the kids off at school myself, I will not say no to running errands over the weekend, I don’t mind working late…I could drive (and have driven) to the sea-face simply to watch the sun go down. I like going out, more so because I like coming back home! While…

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music in my ears

“Sound is the vocabulary of nature.”— Pierre Henri Marie Schaeffer, composer, writer and musicologist SENNHEISER JBL USP: The JBL Live 500BT wireless headphones support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control and delivers powerful, bass-forward audio. BOSE PHILIPS Shopping Guide on Pg 50…

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surrounded by sound

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.”— Albert Einstein, Scientist JBL BANG & OLUFSEN AMAZON BOSE Shopping Guide on Pg 50…

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upcycle queen

The headline of this feature says it all! Sharon Colaco Dsouza is amazingly talented at transforming just about any ordinary item, into a thing of beauty and quirk! So much depth and detail behind every piece and the harder we look, the more we come away amazed with the content and quality! Sharon repurposes discarded guitars into functional shelves or eye-candy storage units; she creates cake stands that are delicate, feminine and befitting of our baked goodies, her honey dippers are stunning creations…and the list goes on. At the core of everything she does, is the vision that it must be functional. Every little trinket or design that comes out of The Keybunch, that’s the name of Sharon’s design atelier, strives towards that goal. I absolutely love the beauty we find all around…