GoodHomes India August 2020

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What is India’s design identity? If you are looking for a single epithet to describe Indian design, chances are you wouldn’t find one. Each state, each region, each village has a design identity. We’ve inherited a diverse design legacy. Over the past few decades, with the rise in new-age technology, mass-produced, machine-made products have taken cognisance, leaving very little room for handmade production. And then there’s the other spectrum, where consumers consider international designs or designers as the benchmark for good design. So this issue, we decided to shine the spotlight on homegrown brands – designers, brands and organisations that creating a niche for themselves in the contemporary context, even as they are rooted in tradition. From individuals who’ve made it their mission to revive the dying artforms of India, to…

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WRITE TO ME SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW US ON: INSTAGRAM @goodhomesmagazine FACEBOOK @goodhomesmagazineindia TWITTER@ goodhomesindia LOG ON NOW All this talk about developing neighbourhoods and watching out for your neighbours makes me happy. There’s a beautiful sense inclusion that has begun to take birth in our minds. Of course, there’s two sides to every coin, and yes, haters will always be haters. But why dwell on the unpleasant when you can focus on the brighter side, and feel far better about it? When the lockdowns were imposed and the outdoors took an ominous turn, as city dwellers, we found ourselves getting familiar with balcony performances and window displays of affection from videos streaming in from around the world. A world that, yet again, was far ahead of us. As the pandemic unravelled, we went through this gamut…

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when working looks good!

WORK IT OUT A desk is a desk, a chair is a chair…but when designed by Solli Concepts, you know you can expect something special. The Corner Walnut Brass work desk is made entirely out of walnut and maple, and was constructed using traditional woodworking methods, without the use of any nails or screws. Its partner in crime, the ergonomic Lumbar Swivel chair, was shaped by hand to fit the users back like a glove. Both belong to the “Work It Out” series and together make a mighty team of form, function and style.…

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the [p] factor

The world of design is as immersive as much liberating. The dilemma of crushing with the start point, moonlighting the journey or flirting with the finish. Whatever we take back home, you have to romance with the idea. The idea of world full of possibilities. If Comma is a pause, full stop is the doorway to the new beginning. Doors and windows have their own roles and either can lead you to whatever you have been waiting for,” says Pankaj Kumar, founder of The P Factor, a small boutique design studio based in Goa. The studio was formed with a goal to create enchanting and peaceful spaces and “giving our clients a luxurious vacation experience at affordable prices.” Pankaj is not an architect by qualification, but a stylist and designer at…

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the all rounders

The thought was to create the same sensorial experience one would feel upon unboxing an artisanal box of chocolates. It was essential to havepieces that worked together and stood on their own as unique. — Jasem Pirani, Co-Founder, MuseLAB They are easily one of the most loved architect duos on the Indian scape of design today. Jasem Pirani and Huzefa Rangwala have the “eager beaverness” of rookie designers, they are always up for a challenge with an effusive smile to greet and the calibre of work that comes out of their studio is easily dubbed as some of the most refreshing, distinct and impressive design narratives seen in a long while. Jasem and Huzefa have been at it since 2012. It’s back then they founded MuseLAB, a Mumbai-based collaborative design hub. It…

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nature’s child

Vaidehi Lilladhar Thakkar grew up in a small town in Kerala alongside nature. She remembers going on long walks along the backwaters and seashore, and spending hours exploring the family’s sprawling backyard. She says, “These experiences were magical! The flowers, the insects, the seashells, even the seeds…were for me treasures hidden in plain sight.” And they stayed with her long into her young adult life…she couldn’t shake off the wonderful symmetry of nature’s creations! “These influences left an indelible imprint and it is probably within these memories that I started to observe design in nature. But I came to think of it as a calling and a potential career choice during my higher secondary.” In course of this introspection, Vaidhei reflects on how everything happens for a reason… “my grandfather taking…