GoodHomes India September 2020

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How easily we transitioned into the New Normal. But the question that bothers me is will we ever go back to what is actually normal? I think we all know the answer. And just like we accepted the new normal, we’ve silently accepted the fact that the world as we knew it has changed forever. There’s caution in the air, but we are also a lot more conscious – about everything we do. And maybe, that’s one positive that’s come out of this entire experience. For now, this is our reality. Life happens, no matter what! The festivities might be a bit toned down this year, it might lack the glint and glimmer of the previous year. But festivities there will be. We are gearing up for house parties albeit just with our…

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It has been almost six months now that the whole world has shifted based home. Home has always been where the heart was and will be. Now it’s also where the work and the friends are. As the whole country is slowly crawling back to life, and we see some degree of normalcy returning to the face of our neighbourhood, I can’t help dwelling on the choices we’re making, and will be making – for ourselves, our children, our families and society at large. Mindful is our middle name…conscious is an extension of who we are becoming. At least that’s something I’m choosing to believe, because I refuse to accept that these last few months have been spent in lockdown the world over, in vain. This slow unravelling of our spontaneity,…

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suck it in!

“There is no getting away from it: You have to clean.”— Anthea Turner, Television Host PHILIPS USP: With the Philips Bagless Vacuum PowerPro Compact, compact design meets king-size performance. Enjoy thorough cleaning throughout your home thanks to PowerCyclone 5 technology and MultiClean nozzle. EUREKA FORBES USP: Introducing the Euroclean Dynomite. The powerful cleaner not only removes dirt and dust, but also traps harmful micro-organisms and dust mites. The Dynamic Suction feature ensures intelligent air flow dynamics, and superior suction. PRESTIGE USP: The Prestige Typhoon handheld wet and dry vacuum cleaner makes cleaning hassle-free like never before. With multiple features, it helps you clean the floor, be it wet or dry and the blower function lets you clean hard-to-reach corners with amazing ease. Shopping Guide on Pg 44…

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art with food

For Aashna Arora, a life without design would be like a spoon without a fork. And when you think about the legacy she is in the process of creating with XAKA Retail, her thoughts become all too pertinent. “Every time I would pick up a pencil to sketch, I would always find myself starting with sketching a spoon. That’s when I knew I had a connection with cutlery. And that’s how XAKA came into play.” XAKA brings to the table (no pun intended) a cutlery and tableware that elevates the dining experience into an elaborate affair. Aashna takes great pride in bringing a fine dining flavour to our daily meals. Says the Creative Director, “The brand is a concoction of luxury, design and functionality. I aspire to create lasting designs…

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masters of ceramic

NANDITA ARON Founder, The White Hill Inspired by the forest Every ceramic tableware design that comes out of The White Hill is inspired by Nandita’s time spent in forests. “All that we do is largely inspired from my time in Himachal and wildlife sanctuaries. The White Hill is a journal of sorts.” This soft-spoken conservationist believes that food brings friends and families together, and so do the great outdoors. I focus on stories from experiences and build narratives steeped in the present that allow us to take a step back.— Nandita Aron, Founder, The White HillMy mind is always conjuring up visuals that I try to convert into ceramic.— Meenakshi Varma, Founder, Oriri Studio MEENAKSHI VARMA Founder, Oriri Studio Colours and play Meenakshi’s brush with pottery started off as a stressbuster. “Even though I loved it, I thought…

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