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April 2020

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mamba quest

Prakash Amritraj’s monthly fitness column is among this magazine’s most valuable editorial real estate. For the past year, the former tennis pro and media personality has been pushing us to discover and define our inner code – by tapping into our physical, mental and spiritual reservoirs. His column this month, a tribute to his fellow Angeleno, the late Kobe Bryant, is his most inspired to date. Everyone knows Kobe was bestowed with unnatural talent and physical gifts; but what distinguished him from other NBA superhumans was a combination of unique qualities, broadly defined as the Mamba mentality. In his piece, Prakash skilfully unpacks the pillars of the code, and shows how this mindset extends and applies well beyond sport into life. It’s the adherence to these principles that enabled Kobe…

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how would you describe 2020 so far?

Arun Janardhan “GLAD THE FIRST QUARTER IS OVER.” WHO: Mumbai-based writer-editor who tweets @iArunJ, but is mostly too lazy to do it. WHAT: “The 2020 Business Special”, page 71; “Feelin’ Good”, page 60 My Life in a Book: “Ease and Glory: How to get the best out of life without trying.” Bhanuj Kappal “THE END OF TIMES.” WHO: Writer based out of Mumbai who has a cat, a vinyl addiction and a penchant for picking fights on the internet. Instagram @bhanujkappal WHAT: “Keep Baulin’ Baulin’ Baulin’”, page 94 First Impressions: “The Baul Festival was a fantastic example of the sort of grassroots, do-it-yourself cultural event that is becoming increasingly rare today.” Neha Chandrakant “UNNERVING YET HOPEFUL.” WHO: Fashion photographer who is also a biotechnologist. Instagram @nehachandrakant WHAT: “Play it Cool”, page 28; “Blaze of Glory”, page 29 The Most OTT Outfit: “An oversized organza…

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play it cool

Blaze of Glory Here, the style additions to make to your wardrobe this summer. Get in TIE-DYE PSYCH Remember when Bob Marley posters were stuck on your wall and cool dudes like Johnny Depp and Lenny Kravitz were your spirit animals? What they all had in common was a love for feel-good, tie-dye boho clothes. Coords that you need to wear in the modern era like a confident entrepreneur – and less like you’ve not showered in days. FACE OFF If you’ve lost touch with your inner artist, your interior showman, the 1990s rapper that sits in your soul, we’re here to help you with the coolest, most expressive tees and shirts on the market. It’s all you need to relive your best days and wear your heart on your sleeve. WHITE WASHED Excuse us if we’re…

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next in line

“There are many designers and everyone has talent, but not all have a strong selling point that becomes their shtick,” designer Stanzin Palmo says. Perhaps, having a strong USP is what puts Palmo’s two-year-old, Ladakh-based label Zilzom front and centre. A contemporary mash-up of men’s and womenswear built on Palmo’s roots, childhood and culture: Sea buckthorn, hoopoes, the Himalayan desert weaved on to the kind of louche robes and waistcoats that everyone from Diplo to Ranveer Singh would wear shirtless to bask in the summer sun. It explains why Palmo won The Showcase in February – a platform that provides breakthrough opportunity to emerging designers – at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour that travelled four Indian cities and scouted the biggest and best of fashion. That Palmo came out on…

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class apart

Your personal style in three words? Classy. Simple. Fitted. Your daily get-up? A classic V-neck T-shirt in white with sky blue denims. A style rule you always follow? It’s extremely important for me to dress right for the occasion. Nothing more, nothing less. The first suit you bought? It was actually given to me when I worked for SpiceJet. It was just as perfect as I thought a suit would be. Style lessons you learned after coming into the spotlight? Never under-dress. Focus on your footwear as much as the entire look. And don’t go too overboard with colours, unless you can really pull them off. What’s your fitness routine? I’m doing a lot of cardio and CrossFit at the moment to shed body fat and get toned. At home, I do planks, jumping jacks, crunches and basic yoga. Your biggest indulgence? Peanut-butter…

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gq eye

HYPE JUST IN Alessandro Sartori’s been shifting hard gears at Ermenegildo Zegna; consistently keeping the Italian house known for tailoring and textiles – the good stuff that takes a discerning eye to truly enjoy – relevant for today’s hypebeast. After pushing hard on sustainability and sports luxe, and splashing the Zegna logo on jumpers, Sartori’s teamed up with leisurewear label Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo. The slick collab follows a new path of masculinity: Androgynous, easygoing clothes to wear day in and out and share with your partner. SUMMER HAZE After a successful first run with British trailblazer designer JW Anderson, Uniqlo’s back for Round 2 with the lightest, coolest, most affordable, stylish striped shirts and printed tees to wear this summer. Clothes so happy, you’ll want Sunday drunches to ON THE RUN Just when…