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Hemmings Classic Car

Hemmings Classic Car

December 2020

Each issue is packed with photos and coverage of American classic cars from the Brass Era through the 70's.

United States
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news reports

2021 Amelia Classes THE DIRECTORS OF THE AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE HAVE ANNOUNCED eight special classes for the 2021 show, to be held March 4-7 in Amelia Island, Florida. This will be the event’s 26th running and it will take place at The Ritz-Carlton and The Golf Club of Amelia Island. The staff is confident it will be able to put on the best and safest show possible, regardless of the challenges presented by COVID-19. Here is a brief overview of the special classes for the show: Hispano-Suiza, the Spanish and Swiss marque, ranks among the most respected and revered names at the pinnacle of the auto industry. Its reputation for exquisite engineering made it a favorite of royals, celebrities, and heroes of all stripes. Also recognized from across the Atlantic, there will…

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lost& found

Pup Train OFF AND ON, WE’VE FEATURED AUTOMOBILES BUILT TO LOOK LIKE LOCOMOTIVES. Mostly off lately, since many of our readers pointed out the prevalence of such vehicles in relation to the American Legion’s Forty and Eight programs. This one, though, is a little bit different. We came across it in the Columbus, Ohio, Metropolitan Library’s digital collections, and the brief description shows that it was part of the “Manufacturers and Wholesalers Association Pup Train goodwill tour.” Exactly what that means, we have no idea. “Pup train” seems to be the term for multiple trailers towed behind a truck, but why the Manufacturers and Wholesalers Association conducted this goodwill tour, where it went (not very far, we assume), and what they used as the basis for the locomotive (something street legal, judging…

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international underdogs

YES, PEOPLE COLLECT YUGOS. Yes, there is support for Yugo owners. Yes,I get excited when I see one. Never has a car been more maligned, scoffed at, shunned, and criticized than the Yugo. For those reasons, I am going to say in the beginning what I usually save for the end: Whenever I see a Yugo at a car show, they garner the most attention, and the owner earns the most slaps on the back and congratulatory handshakes. Even with all that attention, you can still buy one very cheaply, probably cheaper than any other classic car. There is a famous comedian who used the Yugo as a large part of his act. He got a lot of mileage out of the Yugo. His act was, and still is, as funny as…

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1940 la salle series 52 touring sedan

SPECIFICATIONS PRICE BASE PRICE $1,440 OPTIONS Radio; heater; spotlight; flexible steering wheel; fog lamps; grille guard; trim rings ENGINE TYPE Cadillac-La›Salle L-head V-8; cast-iron block and cylinder heads DISPLACEMENT 322-cu.in. (currently 346-cu.in.) BORE X STROKE 3.375 x 4.50 inches (currently 3.50 x 4.50 inches) COMPRESSION RATIO 6.25:1 (currently 6.7:1) HORSEPOWER @ RPM 130 @ 3,400 (currently 140) TORQUE @ RPM 270 lb-ft @ 1,700 VALVETRAIN Hydraulic MAIN BEARINGS Three FUEL SYSTEM Carter WDO two-barrel carburetor (currently Stromberg Aerotype); mechanical pump LUBRICATION SYSTEM Pressure, gear-type pump ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 6-volt, breaker-point ignition system, generator EXHAUST SYSTEM Single TRANSMISSION TYPE Cadillac-La›Salle column-shift three-speed RATIOS 1st 2.39:1 2nd 1.53:1 3rd 1:1 DIFFERENTIAL TYPE Hotchkiss; hypoid gears; 93/8-inch ring gear (custom axles) GEAR RATIO 3.92:1 (currently 3.36:1) STEERING TYPE Saginaw worm and double-tooth roller RATIO OVERALL 19:1 TURNING CIRCLE 42.0 feet BRAKES TYPE Hydraulic, self-energizing drums FRONT/REAR 12 x 2.0-inch CHASSIS & BODY CONSTRUCTION Steel body, separate steel X-member frame with deep crossrails BODY STYLE Four-door touring sedan LAYOUT…

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david schultz

During the current pandemic, I’ve noticed that some automobile magazines have published articles in which individuals voice opinions on “the state of the collector-car market.” For me, this has always been misleading, since I’ve never thought of the vintage-car hobby as a marketplace. But I suppose to some of you it is, since cars are bought and sold, and many publications try to keep track of sale prices so we know “where the marketplace is headed.” "And, I don’t believe where the car marketplace is headed motivates most true car enthusiasts to buy or sell a car.,, I haven’t bought my cars with speculation in mind. Most of my best friends in the hobby feel the same way. And, I don’t believe where the car marketplace is headed motivates most true car…

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moving on up

An automotive lift is one of life’s great mechanical luxuries, but the two- or four-post rigs of professional and dream garages aren’t realistic for everyone. A compromise is a low-rise lift, which is more affordable and compact. As the name implies, it goes up just a few feet, but, based on my experience with the BendPak QuickJack, it’s a game-changing upgrade from a jack and jack stands. The main appeal of the QuickJack, compared to other small lifts, is that it leaves the middle of the car’s underside open. A pair of frames go along the edge of the vehicle, in between the wheels, and lift from the factory jack points. Line up the frames, plug the quick-connect hoses to the hydraulic pump, and levitate your car with the control buttons.…