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Highlights for ChildrenHighlights for Children

Highlights for Children August 2019

The experts at Highlights know how to keep kids motivated while they learn. Filled with fiction, nonfiction, Hidden Pictures®, skill-building puzzles, science experiments and more, this read-only digital version of Highlights magazine strengthens reading abilities, promotes creativity, sharpens thinking skills, and helps build confidence. Visit to learn more. Ages 6-12.

United States
Highlights for Children, Inc.
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₹ 423.73
₹ 2,826.77
12 Issues


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fun this month

Summery-Day Scramble Jack has had a fun summer day. Can you put these pictures in order? B Make Sunshine Granola On a sheet pan, spread out 2 cups of oats and 1/4 cup of shelled sunflower seeds. Mix 2 tablespoons of melted butter with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Pour it onto the oat-seed mixture.Sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and mix until all the oats and seeds are coated. Bake the granola for 15 minutes at 300°F.Remove it from the oven and stir. Bake for another 15 minutes. Let it cool, then enjoy! Find the Pictures Can you find each of these 10 pictures at another place in this magazine? 3 Games That Make a Splash 1. With a parent’s permission, set up plastic chairs in a circle around a sprinkler. Play “musical” chairs with water instead…

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highlights for children

Editor in Chief: Christine French Cully Vice President,Magazine Group Editorial: Jamie Bryant Creative Director: Marie O’Neill Editor: Judy Burke Design Director: Patrick Greenish, Jr. Senior Editor: Joëlle Dujardin Associate Editor: Linda K. Rose Assistant Editors: Patty Courtright, Allison Kane Crafts and Activities Editor: Lisa Glover Copy Editor: Joan Prevete Hyman Senior Production Artist: Dave Justice Production Assistant: Susan Shadle Erb Contributing Science Editor: Andrew Boyles Editorial Offices: 803 Church Street, Honesdale, PA 18431-1895. E-mail: submit manuscripts, go to (Writers younger than 16: please use the postal address above.) CEO: Kent S. Johnson Vice President,International:Andy Shafran…

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it’s fun to create!

You’ve been cranking up the creativity, and we want to say thank you. We love seeing the amazing things you imagine! Your ideas for fun, fantastical getaway places really wowed us. We published as many as we could in Your Secret Hideaway (pages 26–27), and we included Axel’s below. I’m still deciding which kooky nook I wish I could visit. In this issue, we invite you to send us shapes made from Tricky Triangles (page 18). If you need inspiration, check out the artwork and poems in Your Own Pages (pages 34–35). The tongue twisters sent to us by two clever readers (page 38) might encourage you to compose some of your own. And Leah Nelson, our featured Gallant Kid (page 11), used her creative talent to help spread kindness. When we hear stories…

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the ballad of a lost ice-cream cone

Ice-cream cone, ice-cream cone, once in my hand, what are you doing down there in the sand? Moments ago, such a fine, tasty treat, now you’re covered in sprinkles that no one would eat. Ice-cream cone, ice-cream cone, sweet on my tongue—one lick, then two, and suddenly f lung out of my grip, and without any sound landing softly right there, upside down on the ground. Ice-cream cone, ice-cream cone, I’m on my knees. Let me try rinsing you off, if you please. Wait, what is this? Oh, I’ve caused a disaster! The water is making you melt even faster! Ice-cream cone, ice-cream cone, once in my clutch—why did you leave me? I miss you so much! Into the ocean, so swiftly you slip. I just hope the fish will enjoy chocolate-chip.…

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the shady tree

“You’ll have to pay to sit in my shade.” One long-ago morning, the hot summer sun climbed to the top of the sky. By noon, flowers drooped. Birds stopped singing. Lan, who walked to visit her grandmother on Sundays, grew hotter and hotter. As she passed an enormous house, she spotted a beautiful tree. Its branches spread wide, and their leaves created a shady space next to the road. Lan sat down in that shade to rest. How nice and cool, she thought. I still have a long walk ahead of me, but I can sit here awhile. Lan was wrong. Less than a minute later, the door of the enormous house opened with a bang. A boy rushed out and shouted, “You can’t sit there! That’s my tree! Chen’s tree!” He wore…

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“kindness travels”

When Leah Nelson was 10, she saw a need for change in the world. “People are supposed to love each other and be kind and show compassion,” she says. “But that wasn’t happening.” One of her hobbies at the time was making loomed rubber-band bracelets. She had a pile of them on her desk. “It came to me that I could tie in something I loved doing with something that needs to be done,” she says. Pass It On Leah decided to hand out her bracelets at a local event. She asked each person who got one to do a kind deed for someone else, to give that person the bracelet, and to ask him or her to pass along the kindness. A note attached to each bracelet said, in part: “In a…