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Home Journal September 2019

Home Journal is where inspiration lives. For over 35 years, it has been the leading design and lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong, showcasing standout spaces and inspired living ideas. The monthly bilingual publication is a trusted source of insight and intel – its pages are filled with the latest in interiors, design, and decoration as well as beautifully photographed travel, food, and entertaining features.

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world of its own

What is life’s ultimate luxury? While many may point to elements such as time or fortune, those who have experienced the ultra-secluded sanctuary of Naladhu Private Island Maldives will surely posit the delight that is unadulterated privacy. Dotting the edge of a pristine aqua lagoon in the South Malé Atoll – one of 26 that make up the Maldives archipelago – is the most exclusive resort from hospitality group Anantara, which lives up to its name of “beautiful little island”. In fact, it is the only resort on the entire coral-fringed inlet of Veligandu Huraa (its sister properties, Anantara Veli Resort and Anantara Dhigu Resort, are across the coast), creating a private playground for the 50-some guests who occupy Naladhu’s 20 beach houses and villas. Beautifully lavish, yet with a rustic Maldivian…

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fashion forward

Fashion and interior design trends have always been ever-evolving – and intertwined. While these artistic expressions share similar perspectives in terms of shape, space and form, they also represent a personal, and even psychological, statement. Trend forecasting expert Mariana Keros reveals that trends tend to start with fashion, then gradually blur the lines between that and interiors – fabrics, colours, patterns and embellishments are some of the key features that you can easily spot. Imbue sun kissed, saturated colours throughout your space if you’re after a warmer ambience, and remember that a demure, sophisticated palette brightened by doses of cheery hues is as delightful as any haute couture creation. Take your pick and translate those desired fashion aesthetics into your home. FOR MORE PRODUCTS AND IDEAS, VISIT HOMEJOURNAL.COM AND FOLLOW US…

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northern star

In 2019, Finland was named the world’s happiest country by the Happiness Research Institute for the second year running. For Finns, living a good life is considered essential, to the point that there’s a famous Finnish saying: “Build the sauna, then the house.” Helsinki, its archipelago capital city made up of 330 islands and 130km of stunning coastline, has thrived in its pursuit of excellence in design, contemporary arts and urban planning since being named the World Design Capital in 2012. There is a renewed waterfront, renovated museums and revived industrial spaces. Fuelled by local creatives, there’s also a blossoming coffee, music and Nordic food scene. All of this – plus easy access to beaches and islands – make it an irresistible place to visit. VISIT Design is a state of mind in…

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fashionably at home

Tory Burch is in a league of her own. She is a designer, empire builder, champion of female entrepreneurs, mother, wife, society maven and style arbiter. To say that everything she touches turns to gold is an understatement. By now we are all familiar with how she built the brand she started in the living room of her Manhattan apartment into a global fashion powerhouse. How, with her ballet flats and bejewelled tunics, she catapulted herself into the realm (surpassed some of them even) dominated by the likes of Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein. And throughout the years, she developed the Tory Burch brand into a complete lifestyle label with a well-defined vision of the woman it targets – a chic, well-travelled woman who loves beautiful things for herself and…

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perfect harmony

“WE BOUGHT THREE MATURE TREES TO CREATE A SHADY GREEN COCOON AROUND US” East and West, old and new, his and hers – these universal dichotomies are elegantly resolved in the charismatic country house of interior design veteran Amanda Clark and her husband, Stephen. Located in the idyllic and verdant Sai Kung Country Park, the English couple’s three-storey village house occupies an exceptional sense of place and showcases an inimitable melange of cherished items collected during Amanda’s 30 years in the interiors business. “I remember the weekend we came back to visit after the demolition work had begun – we really wondered what we had bought!” recalls Amanda, laughing as she reminisces. Indeed, renovating a New Territories village house is no easy feat; it requires a combination of expertise, architectural vision and…

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waves of sound

“THIS PROJECT WAS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO MERGE TWO THINGS I LOVE: MUSIC AND ARCHITECTURE” Inspired by music and the shape of a single sound wave, the Ubud, Indonesia-based German architect Alexis Dornier completed a sculptural, two-storey, concrete house in the Balinese countryside with a dramatic, undulating roof. Located in the village of Mas, about six kilometres south of Ubud, the three-bedroom residence (which goes by the moniker “House O”) was commissioned by a classical composer and musician who wanted a home that would harmonise with the local landscape, with interiors that provided acoustics conducive to musicmaking. The owner is a frequent traveller and when he’s away from Ubud, he opens the house to others as an artist residency. “I love music,” says Alexis, who relocated from Berlin to Ubud in 2013.…