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Home Journal June 2020

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Home Journal is where inspiration lives. For over 35 years, it has been the leading design and lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong, showcasing standout spaces and inspired living ideas. The monthly bilingual publication is a trusted source of insight and intel – its pages are filled with the latest in interiors, design, and decoration as well as beautifully photographed travel, food, and entertaining features.

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art matters

The great spiritual writer Thomas Merton once said: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” I was reflecting this statement as we were putting together this issue - centered around the power of art and how it plays a profound role in affecting our emotions and how we see the world. Indeed, there is no doubt that artistic expression inspires as it engages the heart and mind and has the ability to effect societal change. My tasteful friend, Pak Man Lee recently brought me to the attention of artist Lucien Smith’s work (So Fear Eats the Soil being his current exhibition) and his purposeful community: Save the People - an organization providing a platform for creative inquiry and experimentation. When I viewed the exhibition on…

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NO BOUNDARIES Denmark is known as one of the most desired design countries. For those who plan to visit the alluring nation, be sure to drop by the newly launched multifaceted art gallery Alium in Copenhagen. Housed within a historic building next to Frederiksberg Town Hall, you will be greeted by curated art collections and unique objects crafted by both emerging and established artists, such as Amanda Betz, Annette Hallbäck and Noa Noon Gammelgaard. aliumcph.com ZOOM IN STYLE WITHIN THE ARTSY ENVIRONS OF THE MANDARIN ORIENTAL Entice A WINDOW INTO THE WORLD At a time when we're all on the inside looking out, Mandarin Oriental has created a selection of branded backgrounds for your next Zoom meeting. From London to Paris to Bangkok, inspire your imagination by transporting yourself, and your colleagues, to their stunning…

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colour my world

Take your mind off the complexity of daily life and hold on to the times that bring you happiness. Utilizing colours for a mindfully-designed space is probably one of the most efficient solutions to move toward to a calm and empowered living attitude. According to Dulux Australia’s Colour Forecast 2020, there are four essential trends that make for beautiful interiors with hints of escapism: Grounded, Comeback, Cultivated, and Indulge. Grounded focuses on natural materials that highlight raw beauty - you may punctuate neutral schemes with an accent tone that pleases the eye, say muted lavender and soft blush. As for Comeback, it aims to reignite your innate creativity through unusual combinations of decor and rich hues for an eclectic look; think pairing stark white with red, blue and orange. Cultivate,…

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seamless flow

It’s every design lover’s dream to establish an enterprise with talents who share the same values and passion; what’s even better is when your business partners are your trusted friends. Creative studio Kimu Design – the brainchild of three aspiring designers and long-time friends based in Helsinki and Taipei respectively – is one of the few successful firms that functions just as well as operating on the same continent. Famed for a unique take on modern, refreshing aesthetics, Alex Yeh, Kelly Lin and Ketty Shih are dedicated to imbuing traditional values into all designs they conceive with an aim to “communicate internationally” – to introduce Taiwanese craftsmanship to the world. We speak to the team on their inspiration, collaborative process and everything in between. We founded Kimu Design out of a…

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follow the light

Tracing their history as far back as millennia ago, caves have been – and still are for some – the most primitive and natural homes for human beings. Cocoons made out of earth's soil, their warm hues and unpolished textures evoke an intrinsic sense of security and belonging in the animals and humans who come in contact with them. Nestled on Heping East Road in Taipei's Daan District, a veterinarian hospital that was formerly an old bookstore – where smells of paper remain – has captured in its environment that same mystical connection and organic allure. Inspired by a deep reverence for life, the owner of Chuan Animal Hospital had wanted to conceive a haven in which pet owners and their furry children can go about their various appointments within an…

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change the world

ARTHUR DE VILLEPIN CHAIRMAN AND CO-FOUNDER VILLEPIN “The ability for art to bring people together is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve. It is during these challenging times that we need art, and it is even more important for us – and for Hong Kong – to stay strong and launch the gallery during this difficult moment. We are confident and optimistic about the future of Hong Kong and feel our exhibition with Zao Wou-Ki, with its message of friendship and reconciliation, is now more necessary and meaningful than ever.” “ART HAS AN OPEN EYE ON OUR LIVES; IT HAS TO DEAL WITH REALITY AND THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH” COLLETTE DINNIGAN FASHION AND INTERIOR DESIGNER “Everyone knows me for my feminine aesthetic, for the fabrics and prints and delicacy of my designs. But…