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Home Journal July 2020

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Home Journal is where inspiration lives. For over 35 years, it has been the leading design and lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong, showcasing standout spaces and inspired living ideas. The monthly bilingual publication is a trusted source of insight and intel – its pages are filled with the latest in interiors, design, and decoration as well as beautifully photographed travel, food, and entertaining features.

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better together

What is great design? This is what we explore in this issue, through our first of its kind cross brand collaboration between the Asia Designers Community (ADC) and some of the most beloved brands. Through our curation, we have paired eight designers with each of these top industry brands encompassing a similar philosophy, and realize that when creative synergy is unleashed, the sky is the limit. Throughout the cover and video shoots last month, we witnessed what true professionals these designers are (I mean professional not only in their careers but also as communicators, presenters and actors) as they spoke of their passions, their ethos, their expertise and how this seamlessly merges with each of the brands they are representing. The result is an explosion of chemistry – with brand products…

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Evoke SHINE BRIGHT Imbue your home with weightless magic with Barovier&Toso’s Padma collection. Inspired by the organic shape of lotus, the dreamlike series of table and suspension lamps evoke elegance and purity through its masterful use of Venetian crystal. Its subtle, variegated chromatic palette shifts from white to citron, aquamarine, rose as exemplified with a total of seven versions. Feel free to choose from three table models and four suspension designs. FURNITURE AND DECORATIVE PIECES COME TO LIFE BEDTIME STORIES Ukrainian design brand FAINA issued a series of bedtime stories "FAINA tales", where the furniture and decoration come to life alongside folklore characters. Written during a quarantine period in collaboration with award-winning children's writer and author of over 30 books, they are designed to help us escape from endless anxiety and worries about the future. A…

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pure sophistication

When it comes to decorating your home, you may find the idea of combining “urban” and “rustic” hard to digest. It is indeed true however that the two seemingly polarized concepts can contribute to a sustainable and alluring scene that exceeds all expectations. To master the style, you should focus on simplicity and utilize recurring motifs such as clean lines and irregular textures. Meanwhile, don’t shy away from blending in edgy vibes and juxtaposing unusual materials to evoke authenticity and a sense of rawness. This elemental feel can be achieved through neutral colour palettes and basic materials like reclaimed wood to add a restful warmth to your personal sanctuary. Feel free to throw in bohemian and vintage statement pieces to enhance that “country-meets-city” look. Flip through the following pages to…

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a legend defined

Since the early 1930s, Kadoorie Hill has been hailed one of Hong Kong’s most exclusive and desirable addresses. Enjoying the rare luxury of privacy beneath lush tree canopies and between low-rise historic houses, all the while being just a stone’s throw away from Hong Kong’s most prestigious school network, a newly unveiled luxury development jointly conceived by CLP Group and Sino Land Company Limited is poised to adorn the neighbourhood with its most majestic landmark yet. St. George’s Mansions, comprising of three conjoined towers and a total of 175 lavish apartments is a perfect nod to the development’s ethos on upholding a rich legacy and historical grandeur. Bringing that timeless vision to life was a name that demands the same prestige. “Robert Stern’s designs are eclectic and contextual with meticulous details…

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natural alchemy

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on,” once quipped the one and only Albert Einstein. Indeed, countless artistic innovations have been spurred by serendipitous exchanges of ideas and for sixteen of the city’s design visionaries and acclaimed brands, abundant imaginative power – not to mention unexpected inspiration – can be gleaned from collaboration with their fellow creatives. In a time when unity remains at the fore of the world’s consciousness, the power and beauty of creative synergy have never been more deserving of the spotlight. Here, Home Journal curates eight of the region’s most beloved lifestyle brands spanning the realms of interiors furnishings, electronics, greenery and textiles – and meticulously matches each of them with a top homegrown designer who interprets its ethos to beautiful effect in these following pages. “DESIGN FOR ME…

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russian roulette

When a young family of four – consisting of a well-travelled couple acquainted with a bustling way of life and their two elementary school-aged boys – decided to build their dream home out in a quaint village in suburban Moscow, they had only one request in mind: the house had to look modern. "They are real citizens of a big city who are always in a rush, so the family nest had to be comfortable, appropriate for the kids and their parents but still stylish," says Alexander Kozlov, who founded Alexander Kozlov Interiors alongside designer Anastasia Blagodarnaya over 15 years ago. Known for their fully bespoke projects around the world that span architecture and interior design, the duo was tapped by the couple to create their residence from the ground up. Perusing…