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Home Journal October 2020

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Home Journal is where inspiration lives. For over 35 years, it has been the leading design and lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong, showcasing standout spaces and inspired living ideas. The monthly bilingual publication is a trusted source of insight and intel – its pages are filled with the latest in interiors, design, and decoration as well as beautifully photographed travel, food, and entertaining features.

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Tatler Asia Limited
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a new renaissance

As we celebrate the brand’s anniversary during these unusual times, I think it’s essential to draw upon history and lessons learnt to really rediscover our purpose for the future. This is a renaissance, a revival of what’s essential and meaningful so we can do better. We ask ourselves, what does it mean to be a design media nowadays and what can we do with this position and privilege? Home Journal’s niche has always been a bi-lingual master at storytelling, by bringing out the beauty of each project we are tasked with, each with a human touch, and offering informative solutions. As we have evolved from our print product to embracing the multi-functional aspects of digital and social media, we need to bring forth designs and issues that are important, and the…

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THIS JACK & JILL PENDANT IS THE MODERN SOLUTION TO ANY SPACE BLAST FROM THE PAST Transport back to another decade with Marc Wood Studio’s contemporary lighting designs. Excelling at blending exquisite craftsmanship and unmatchable aesthetics, the British lighting brand founded in 2017 by designer Marc Wood delivers timeless illuminating essentials that celebrate tactile materiality. Taking inspiration from his Czech heritage, glass remains the prominent material in Marc’s works, including his latest offering: The Rosa collection. marcwoodstudio.com Indulge MIDAS TOUCH In celebration of Lane Crawford’s 170th anniversary this year, the luxury department store offers an exclusive capsule collection from Italian atelier Fornasetti. Exquisite flora, fauna and wildlife are whimsically depicted through shimmering gold in Coromandel collection, while Tema e Variazioni series comprises eclectic reimaginations on wall plates and everyday objects. lanecrawford.com.hk EXPLORE HOW TRADITIONAL ART FORMS ADAPT…

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classic twist

Curate a room with a distinctive edge and refreshing ambience while retaining that sense of elegance. A bespoke aesthetic is all about reinventing inspiration extracted from the past, injecting a modernized perspective and developing the design to create that timeless appeal. Think soft, sultry curves that evoke vintage charm while providing comfort, superb craftsmanship as well as organic structures that seamlessly connect with the ever-evolving nature. Opt for a neutral colour scheme and warm wooden tones to for a versatile backdrop that can be layered upon to work well for both formal occasions and pared down for casual gatherings. Think shades of taupe, cream, whites and beiges for the background, and then weave in hints of bronze or copper for a dazzling pick-me-up. HJ FOR MORE PRODUCTS AND IDEAS, VISIT HOMEJOURNAL.COM…

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transcend time

Raised in Hong Kong, with a masters degree in architecture from Harvard University, Chi Wing Lo is an academic and multi-disciplinary designer and artist who has worked across spectrums of art, architecture, interiors and furniture across the globe – in Milan, Athens, London, Istanbul, Yalta, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing and Shanghai. He has successfully cultivated a multi-faceted career stemming from his unique artistic spirit and belief, and has been entrusted to re-create The Regent Hotel (rebranded from the previous InterContinental Hotel), anticipated to open in 2022. Chi Wing’s prolific output has long been recognized internationally for its evocativeness in thought, gracefulness in form and meticulousness in every detail Thank you for giving me this very special honour, as I think that never before has there been such a pronounced way of addressing…

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journey to the past

Chongqing is a city in constant flux. But the Chaotianmen area, situated at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers, remains as a testimonial of the city’s centuriesold maritime heritage thanks to architecture that pays tribute to bygone days. Such is the case of the new InterContinental Chongqing Raffles City hotel, where the city’s nautical past is manifest from the inside out Chaotianmen, which refers to “the city gate facing the emperor”, harks back to the early Ming dynasty when the emperor constructed 17 city gates for local officials to receive the imperial decrees. The gate was the largest one facing towards the primary Ming capital, which is now Nanjing, hence the name Chaotianmen. In 1998, the 800,000-square-meter Chaotianmen Square resembling the bow of a ship was launched to honour…

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live the dream

“I’D SAY MY STYLE IS CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC BUT I LIKE TO FIND PIECES THAT ARE UNIQUE AND SPEAK OUT TO ME” It’s hard to imagine a home like this in Hong Kong exists. Boasting a majestic four-storey exterior, an even more impressive and intricately expressed interior, curated at every corner with thought and consideration, impactful artwork, a private lift, state of the art appliances, as well as an expansive exterior terrace, garden, lounge and dining areas and private pool, this really is the dream. Even more impressive is the sheer scale of it – all 10,000 square feet of pure luxury. This was the vision of the tasteful homeowner and lady of the house, who’s mission was to create the perfect residence for her family. They previously resided in a beautiful home…