Improve Your Health Issue 3

Providing positive, realistic and life-enhancing tips to ensure you're living your best naturally healthy life. With more than 30 years in print, Top Santé has always been dedicated to the health and wellbeing of women. That is why the editors have put together a series of special bookazines dedicated to the main topics on readers' minds. Whether it's how to get better sleep, the best way to manage the menopause, taking on a new walking hobby, or ensuring you're enjoying optimum health from top to toe, our 100-page specials provide positive, realistic and life-enhancing tips to ensure you're living your best naturally healthy life.

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let’s get walking!

What better way could there be to enjoy your exercise than stepping outside for a walk? Whether it’s a gentle 20-minute stroll in your lunch break or a day spent hiking through the mountains, walking is the most natural form of exercise you can do and offers a whole range of health and fitness benefits. By upping the tempo and using the right technique, you can take your walks from a stroll around the block, to a regular and progressive hobby that boosts your heart health, strengthens your bones and keeps you slim. We know our readers love walking too – in our recent survey a whopping 83 per cent of you said you love to walk as exercise. So with such a keen following, what better reason for us to…

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March on a Memory Walk The Alzheimer’s Society services, including the Dementia Connect line, have been used more than 3 million times in the past year, showing how crucial the charity is for those needing support with dementia. Thousands of people living with dementia have experienced a deterioration of symptoms due to reduced social contact and interruptions to essential care. You can help raise sponsorship money for the Society by signing up to one of The Alzheimer’s Society 13 or 26 mile Trek26 events, or by doing your own ‘Memory Walk’. Find out more at FRUIT TO FUEL YOU Although fruit leather might not sound too tasty, it’s an ideal lightweight and nutritious snack to keep in your walking bag. Follow Master Preserver Rosie Jameson’s recipe to make your own apple leather: • Core…

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from slow to speedy

WALKING IS ONE OF the most basic forms of exercise known to us. But it’s about much more than just getting from A to B. ‘We were born and built to walk; it’s movement our bodies were designed for,’ says fitness expert and personal trainer Caroline Sandry ( ‘Walking is a powerful tool to getting yourself fit – plus it doesn’t cost anything, you can do it any time, and it’s much more accessible – and less daunting – than heading out to the gym, or starting a new, complicated fitness regime.’ But it still has all the benefits! Just last month, a new study revealed that walking for at least 40 minutes, several times a week, leads to almost 25 per cent less risk of heart failure in post-menopausal women. ‘We know…

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upgrade your walk!

TAKE A BREATH – THEN DOUBLE IT Oxygen is energy when it comes to walking. ‘I like to really fill my lungs with air. I think of it as double breathing – I breathe twice as hard as usual,’ says Roger. ‘If I usually breathe in for three steps, or three seconds, then I’ll breathe out for three. And when I’m breathing out I make sure I empty my lungs which will expel stale toxins from my muscles and lungs,’ he adds. ‘It’s great if you’re starting to tire, as it gives you an extra burst of energy.’ RUN A CONDITION CHECK If you are really pushing yourself, part of your brain should focus on how you are feeling. ‘When I’m walking I remember to ask myself, “Are my feet landing properly? Are…

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walk to whittle your waist

AS WELL AS GIVING your overall mental and physical health a boost, walking the ideal way to keep a healthy weight. This means you can explore beautiful routes around the country (or world!) – either for some precious alone time or with family and friends – and see your waistline shrink without it even feeling like exercise! ‘Whether you want to drop a dress size, keep fit, or take on a new challenge, walking is for you,’ says Nina Barough, founder of breast cancer charity Walk the Walk ( ‘In just 2-3 weeks you’ll feel your whole body getting stronger. Personally I aim to keep a continual level of fitness through walking, which I’ll step up by focusing on speed, for example, if I have a particular challenge to meet,…

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soothe your mind

WE’VE established how good walking is for toning muscles and boosting your heart rate, but there’s also something intangible that a good yomp in the countryside does for your mood. As you’ll know if you’ve ever headed outside with a niggling question in your mind, there’s nothing that eases a frazzled brain like putting one foot in front of the other. ‘Our bodies are designed to move, and when we don’t do that, pent up energy gets stuck inside and creates more stress,’ says Jonathan Hoban, pioneer of walking therapy and author of Walk With Your Wolf: Reconnect with your Intuition, Confidence and Power. ‘We have a fundamental, primal need to walk – at least 40 minutes per day if possible. Time to walk helps reenergise your brain, calm adrenaline levels and…